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 Can anyone interprete my eye prescription?
R: Sph: -0.75, Cyl: -0.50, Axis: 115
L Sph: -1.00, Cyl: -0.25, Axis: 90

How bad is my eye sight? Is it common for the cyl and axis values to be imperfect, even in normal eyesight? W...

 Contact piece stuck in my eye?
I took out a contact because it was bothering me at school, and only about 2/3 of it came out. The last piece is somewhere in my eye. I can feel it occasionally, and it's like on top of my eye, ...

 During laser eye surgery are you allowed to blink?
I have a really hard time staring or keeping my eyes open for more than half a minute. Would laser eye surgery be good for me if this is the case?...

 Best eye color in your oppinion?
What's the best eye color in your oppinion? I have never seen anyone with mine, it's dark green with gold flecks around the pupil....

 Can I leave my contacts in for 9 hours straight?
Hey I was just wondering, since im trying contacts again. I was wondering how long you can leave your contact lenses in your eyes? because im going to ware them at school, and ill probably put them ...

 Why does when I try to put my contact in my eye really stings?? No mean comments please!?

 OMG is this weird?????
Ok sometimes when I try to look people in the eyes it burns a little and I just want to close my eyes. Is that weird? I don't wear contacts or glasses....

 Anyone had laser eye surgery?
How did you find it? My eyes are terrible lately and so my other half is insisting i get it done. Bit dubious about it though. Need a little feedback thankyou....

 Is 20/20 vision good?
is 20/20 vision good????...

 Is it bad to keep your contacts in while you sleep?
I have had contact lenses for 3 years and the first year i took them out when i showered and slept because my doctor said so, but then my friend that has had them for a long time said that she doesn&#...

 Are these symptoms of dry eyes?
For the past two months I've been waking up with a clear gritty discharge around my eyes, and they get very watery as soon as I turn on the light. Going outside in the sun also bothers me and my ...

 My mom's eyes change from green to blue, like mood swing eyes. Is this normal?

 do i need to wear glasses 24 x 7 ?
im going to the doctor to get my eyesight checkup and i dont know what hes going to say but i wqas just thinking that i might have to wear glasses for the rest of my life!!! ah!! okay so i want to ...

 Would I need glasses for this?
My eyes have been hurting when I read (books and online). Sometimes it feels like my eyes are being pulled to the middle, like when you go cross-eyed. I don't have any real vision problems, ...

 what is wrong with my eye?
ok so my eye has been really hurting lately the side where it meets my temple it is puffy and soar do you have any idea what this is ? ive had this for a couple of days now maybe more....

 Contact lenses prescription?
Do you think that -1.00 versus -0.75 would be a huge difference in my lenses?? My prescription has changed that much. Does it just mean that the -0.75 lenses are weaker??...

 I really dont want glasses..help?
I have 20/40 vision and im 14. My mom said shes gonna take me to some eye place soon to maybe get glasses or contacts. And my vision is fine to me. I mean it doesnt bother me really, but can i ...


 I had to get glasses today!!!?
Today my glasses came in the mail. Here is a picture of the ones I chose:
I have to wear these all the time. How can I make the most of it? I...

 What would happen if I use non-Astigmatism lenses?
I started wearing contacts and I am going to order my second time. My doctor said I had a slight Astigmatism, so he said I should get toric lenses, so I did. But this is at Americans Best and they ...

kelly w
Hey, How do I look in my new glasses. They have wide temples and rimless lenses?

Legs M
shave the mustache

they dont suit you. but its not your fault its the opticians fault! as an optician i would never sell anyone glasses that didnt suit them and its just poor dispensing on there part. you should have a small frame with thinner temples as they dont suit your face structure.

Since you put it on here I think you want honesty. The glasses look great but dude... you really have to get rid of that mustache, would love a follow up if you do!

Temp H
female fashion?

We are all screwed
they don't really suit you. the sides are weird


Uh.... super? Maybe you should try something more... uh.... different.

I have posted answers to your questions on this topic before and you never seem to pick glasses that go well with your face.

here today, gone to maui ★
Like a dork.

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