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 should eye tests be free of charge?
right given that we have the nhs, why should we have to pay for the tests on the high street?

views tvm....

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I've always wondered that question ( dont ask y)...lolzz.

Well if u no then do ...

 Contact lense problem :(?
i had my contact lense induction yday, i can get them in fine, but i had a bit of trouble taking them out at the induction, the guy said not to worry as i will get used to it..
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will it make the eyesight worse like if i take the contacts off?
thanks x]...

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 Why do peoples eyes change color?
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 My left eye looks smaller?
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 why did my eye hurt really bad when I put my contact in?
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 Is there any way to improve one's vision???
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 i just got contacts and my eye is red?
im not sure if it because of the contacts,i got them two weeks ago, i was rubbing my eye so it came out, and i didnt know wat to do so i put it back in and it burned and my eye was like,gushing tears ...

 Why does my top eye lash always get stuck to the bottom ones when I blink?

 how long can you wear contacts?
I heard from someone that you can only wear contacts up to 8 hours per day... is that true? I have soft lenses from O2 optix that are 2 week dispensables. I wear them for like 14 hours a day. Is that ...

 Hey, How do I look in my new glasses. They have wide temples and rimless lenses?

 Whats wrong with my eye?
My left eye feels heavier than my right. I had a accident involing my eye almost 3 years ago, and I dont know if that has anything to do with it. My left eye just feels really heavy! I'm ...

Eyes changing colours? Can someone explain please?
Hi, for the past year or so I've been noticing that my eyes seem to change colour a lot, depending on conditions, like whether I'm crying, whether I'm outside or inside etc. They're green when I wake up but when I go outside in the sun they turn like aqua with yellow in them. My mom has blue eyes and my dad has brown, but both my older sisters have brown so I can't really check with them, nor can I with my mom.. Is this normal? Does it happen to people with all eye colours, or just the "light eyes" of the world?

I also have three brown spots in my right eye, is that a case of sectoral heterochromia? or just "sun freckles"? Thanks a bunch!


Missouri M
Editing on photobucket.

Bobbie girl
i think you need to go see a doctor.

Don't worry about it. It happens to me. Normally my eyes are a mushy kind of browny green. If I get really mad they go blue. In my dim and distant past overindulgence has made them turn washing up liquid green.

Mrs. Bradbury
I have hazel eyes or like multi colored eyes and sometimes they change colors depending on the mood i'm in, if I'm stressed, crying, happy, whatever. My eyes have blue, green and some brown in them. I noticed once when I was crying they turned light blue and then a little while after I calmed down they went back to the normal shade. My mom has brown eyes and my dad has blue eyes, my brothers also have brown eyes. It seems normal to me. I don't know anything about the brown spots in your right eye though, you may want to see an eye doctor just to be sure.

my sister gets the same thing. So do I. It's just to represent a change in emotion. Sometimes my eyes are brown and sometimes they're hazel.

Nice window there. I love your eyes. The clearer "outside" one looks much better, the other one is hard to ascertain the coloring of your eyes accurately when it is compared to the other one.

However, I would chalk up the changing of your eye colors to lighting. Natural -vs- artificial, dark -vs- light.

As for the brown spots in the one eye (you have more than three), maybe "dead pixels"?

. x♥x . Angharad . x♥x .
my eyes are different shades of brown, one's dark, the other light, and I didn't even notice until someone told me when I was 12. It's a bit annoying, because when I look in the mirror, one eye is brighter than the other. I don''t know about changing colours, or what sectoral hetterochromia is...

I dont think they actually change colors. I thnk it seems as they do bc of the color of clothes u are wearing or the light. My cousin is like that too and thats what he told me.

kinda looks like it's just the lighting. very pretty eyes though. like a mix of blue and brown. but, i have known people whose eyes look slightly different from time to time. mine are green and brown sometimes they look one or the other.

just get contact lenses, then you can have any colour eyes lol


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