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Joshua T
Do I have any problems with my eyes?
Hi, I've been having this wried thing happening since I could remember, when I look at something in a normal distance, I see to images of the same object, it happens to almost everything I see. I have to concentrate on the object just to keep it from seeing two.Do any of you have an explanation for this?

I think its called down syndrome.

i sumtimes get dat!!
i dnt really kno wat it is but my parents always tell me,"u need more vitamins."

natalove :]
the only one that can tell u if u have somthing wrong with ur eyes is an eyedoctoe-docetor not random ppl that cant c u

That's called double-vision, and a lot of things can cause it. You need to see a doctor about this ASAP, as this could be something as minor as needing glasses or contacts to as serious as a heart or brain problem Why take the chance? See an eye doctor ASAP.

It sounds to me like you are just short sighted and need either glasses or contacts. Don't stress:)

my eyes do the same thing,

and i get them checked out all the time, so, i think your eyes will be fine

You have a lazy eye, i had the same thing a few years ago. All it is is than you look at something you see twins kinda like double team" this happens when one eye is less active then the other. If you want to solve this just go see an eye doctor and get glasses or you can have surrey done on it to fix it.

Hope this helped

Bandaloop Doctor
double vision?
your eye might be slightly lazy.
a simple contact could do the trick.
def. go to your optical whatever.
re-focusing your eye all the time is bad for it and it will wear out your lense, you might have to get glasses sooner in life.

Dragons Rule-Trolls Shall Die!!!
ask someone

Dave D
I actually have the same thing.
It is weak eye control muscles behind the eye in one eye.

Thus far, the prescription for glasses that the eye doctor gave me has worked(for 20 years now), but if they stop working, I will need surgery.

Get an eye exam

it sounds like you are having focusing problems.I would cll an optician,or go to one of those places at the mall and get an eye exam.Good glasses would probably help.GODbless

ASK a optician

go to an eye doctor and that is NOT normal

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