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Samantha Spears
Could I go blind from this?

Do you think in 2-3 years we will know more information about this?!

[[jus me‚ô•]]
its safee
i dont think you'l go blind since it doesnt cover up thee pupil, just the color part. but yahh maybe we will kno more about it in a few years

This is a proceedure done in a 3rd world contry. It is not even safe enough for the FDA to do trials here in the US. I doubt that you will hear any thing about this here in the US soon.

rawr! im a dinosaur [email protected]#$
Yea, they wouldn't sell it if it made U blind.

nothings completely safe, theres always that chance. and i think seeing is a great gift and eyes are so unpredictable,and define somewhat of who you are,I mean really do you want to cover your eyes and ask the man your totally in love with if he knows your color,does he really know you,its in the eye of the beholder.2-3 yrs well thats a little short but i think they'll come up w/something, it'll never be completely safe there will be failers,im totally not willing to take the chance to never see again,theres to much to enjoy.and all they really do is put drops wich only lasts 6hrs. or an artificial lens in your cornia so it really doesn't change your real color.everythings always a quick fix but everything wears out eventually even fake brests they wear out just like tires.l.o.l. it's true... oh yea and they would sell it even if it made you blind just like they sell ciggaretes even though they cause cancer,its all in what a person will pay for, in the end its your decision,your life ,your body...

Kat V
Hm. Personally, I've never heard of it. If you want to get it done, I suggest waiting a year and doing research on it before you get it done. I think we will be more familiar with it in 2-3 years as you said. But like I said, I've never heard of it, and if it isn't anywhere else, I'd try reading on it on a few other sites before getting it done. I don't think you could get blind from it or else I'm pretty sure they wouldn't let people get it done. But still, do some research. Good luck!

i would never use anything like that on my eyes its crazy in my opinion. You will never be able to get a new pair of eyes if you wreck your own for the sake of changing the colour of them.

Yahoo! answers CEO
I read about this.

it's a new type of surgical procedure so it's not definite

I agree with Gina w wait for the health department to inspect it or somthing.

i would wait a few years till doctors and ppl get this down better.

I don';t think you'll do blind, it sounds similar to what is done when someone has cataract surgery. However, those people still have creepy devil eyes because you can't see their pupils dilating since the pupil will be behind the implant. What happens if in the future you don't want to look like a spawn of Satan anymore, can you get them removed easily and affordably.

gina w
I'm not sure. Don't get them yet, wait to read the reviews.
DOn't risk it, your eyes are everything.

why dont u just put on color contacts.

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