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 Why does when I try to put my contact in my eye really stings?? No mean comments please!?

 OMG is this weird?????
Ok sometimes when I try to look people in the eyes it burns a little and I just want to close my eyes. Is that weird? I don't wear contacts or glasses....

Sullivan :)
Contact lense problem :(?
i had my contact lense induction yday, i can get them in fine, but i had a bit of trouble taking them out at the induction, the guy said not to worry as i will get used to it..
then last night when i went to take them out, i just couldnt do it at all... i spent an hour and a half trying over and over again. eventually, one just seemed to pop out, the other, however remained to sit in my eye for another half an hour before my mum pinned me down and it popped out too...

i have to go back to specsavers next week to see how i got on, but im too scared to put them back in just incase it happens again...

is there an easy way of getting them out as the way i was shown really doesnt help me...

All I used to do is look up then look down and pinch the bottom of it, it would just come off.

But I can't wear contacts anymore, they ruined my eyes.

Diana K
Go to the bathroom and wet your index finger with solution. Look up towards the ceiling and take the moistened finger and touch it to the highest part of your eye. Pull down gently. Once you reach the bottom of your eye put your thumb and index finger together gently.

That should help. It is difficult at first to get the hang of touching your eye without it wanting to slam shut. By looking up you desensitize that part of your eye and the removal is much easier.

Good Luck! It just takes a little time and patience but, you'll be a pro in no time, trust me!

** Do not rub it! You can tear the contact lens and its hard to get the pieces out once that happens. Not only that, you can accidentally scratch the surface of your eye...and let me tell you from experience the pain is unbearable and the scratch inevitably gets infected.**

Living for Him <3
Look straight ahead, then take one hand and put your index finger on one side of the contact and your thumb on the opposite side. then move the two fingers slowly together. Good luck.

Put the pad of your thumb and index finger on the edge of the contacts, then gently move the 2 closer to each other, if you do it right this should "pinch" the lens between them. Things that can help is looking sideways/up/down while trying to grab the lens.
Don't worry if you can't get it out, try again in about 10 mins. If you keep failing just go see an optician and they'll help you.
I've slept in contacts even though they tell you not to, I think it's better to wait till the next day to get help instead of scratching your eyes out trying to get them out.

Allie B
I had the same problem. Just put your finger on the contact and roll it out. If you really just absolutely can not get them out then rub your eye fast and hard it will eventually come out

Ceryl W
You'll get used to it. Try sliding them a bit at the outer corner of your eyes before you try to slip them out, it loosens them and makes it easier. I had the same trouble but can flip them out without looking now.

well hold open ur eye as much as possible and move it around with one finger when you think its loose enough use two fingers to simply kinda pinch it out

If you have gas permeables (hard), open your eye really wide, pull the corner of your eye towards your hairline, and blink. It should pop out unless your eye isn't open enough.
If you have soft, pull your lower lid down with your middle finger, place your index finger right where the bottom of your iris is, and pull the contact down to where your bottom lid used to be, then look up. The contact should still be in place, but now out of your line of vision. Then, with your thumb, gently pinch against your index finger and it should come right out.

Emma P
Yes there is I had the same problem but it take a few days like 3 to get used to them so don't worry but if its still doing that then,,, do this, put one finger on your eye lash to keep it from getting on your contact and then squeeze the contact out! that's how i always and still do it!

I just wash my hands and use my pointer finger and drag it down and it slides out. It might also help to put rewetting drops in before you try to take them out. Trust me, it just takes time to get use to it. I use to have a hard time putting them in and taking them out, I would have to get up extra early to get ready so that I had enough time to get them on but now I put them on and take them off w/out a mirror lol.

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