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 Contact lenses prescription?
Do you think that -1.00 versus -0.75 would be a huge difference in my lenses?? My prescription has changed that much. Does it just mean that the -0.75 lenses are weaker??...

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I have to wear these all the time. How can I make the most of it? I...

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I started wearing contacts and I am going to order my second time. My doctor said I had a slight Astigmatism, so he said I should get toric lenses, so I did. But this is at Americans Best and they ...

 COntact lense problems!! Please hep!?
My eye doctor said to wear my contact lenses for 2 hours on the first day cuz my eyes are still adjusting. And to keep on increasing the time each day. But i cant afford that, I have to wear them the ...

 What's healthier to wear... glasses or soft contact lenses? Why?

 how do you give an eye exam to an illitereate (someone who can't read)...or even to a foreigner?

 Can my eyesight?
I'm 13 and I go on the computer a lot. Especially in the summer. A few hours a day. My eyesight is 20/20 so I was wondering if my eyesight could get worse from that? I've been going on the ...

 can't find my contacts in my eyes is it dangerous?
I forgot and fell asleep with my contacts, completely forgot about them, it's been 5 days, what should I do?...

 i want eye contacts lences?
im sick of glasses and all the problems that come with it like losing them, scratching them and constantly cleaning it. i want contacts but i dont know anthing about it and how it works. could you ...

 I really want purple contacts!?
I'm 14 yrs old & I am going to the eye doctor April 25th.. I am interested contacts. I have CareSource Medical Insurance that will cover a normal eye exam and glasses if needed, but I want ...

 Eye doctor told me to wear contacts most of the time instead of glasses?
Currently, I wear my contacts 40% of the time and my glasses 60% of the time (because my insurance pays only for a six-month supply of contacts -- the second six months costs $175 out of pocket). I ...

 I saw a lightening bolt the past two times I blinked?
It was dark in the room with the TV on, and I blinked and when I opened my eyes it literally looked like a lightening bolt touched down in my room lol, and then it happened again. Kind of like when ...

 My eye doctor said this, what does it mean?
When I went to the eye doctor to get a stronger prescription, she said that the nerve in the back of my eye was very beautiful but it was shaped the way Hispanic nerves are, and I know and she knows ...

 I just got glasses, and my vision bends around the edges. Is this normal?
I've been wearing contact lenses for about nine months and I was just fitted for glasses about 3 weeks ago. Today they came in and when I put them on, I can see the edges and it feels strange. I...

 I don't have vision insurance but need to see an optometrist, I have a stye that isn't going away. How much...
How much would an appointment with an optometrist cost just so they could check out my eye? I live in the USA. I usually go to places in the mall like Lens Crafters....

 Why do my eyes get blurry while shopping?
I wear contacts....I know this sounds crazy...but whenever I go to walmart/target/mall. My eyes get blurry and I cant focus. I dont know if its my contacts, dryness or something in the stores. Any ...

 do contacts hurt at all?
I have glasses and have had them most of my life and i really hate wearing them so want i to get contacts so i was wondering if they are hard to put in and if they hurt at all?...


Can I leave my contacts in for 9 hours straight?
Hey I was just wondering, since im trying contacts again. I was wondering how long you can leave your contact lenses in your eyes? because im going to ware them at school, and ill probably put them in at 6:00am and take them out at 3:00pm.. is that ok to do??

Maddy K
they can actually ruin your eyes i you leave them in for longg so...
qwhen iwas younger i used to where them everydays like 8am-9pm and my eye cataracts were damaged so maybe you should ask an optomitrest

bring along your glasses and C.L. container filled with solution for stand-by no ones knows what will happen as some beginning or restart wearer need sometimes to adjust to long hrs of wearing likes first day 4 - 6 hrs and increase 2 hrs everyday up to 14 hrs
as you mentioned trying contact lens again really make me quite worried what happened to your eyes or C.L. before.
take care & best regards.

Fearless Income
That's just fine, I leave mine in just before bed.

Chloe M
that's fine! i keep mine in for much longer than that and i never have a problem, i wouldn't worry :)

Michael C
It matters if they're hard or soft lenses.
It should tell you on the leaflef you'll get with a packet of disposable soft ones. When I last used those it was a mas of 6 hours before a break.

i think if uve worn them before there wont be a problem with that. ur eyes might dry up quickly so i would bring ur solution

If you just got them, they usually say you should work up to wearing them that long. But after you've had them for a few days, that should be fine.

But after you get used to them, you should be able to wear them from the time you wake up until you go to bed.

Will T
you can wear your contacts for as long as you want. Just take them out at night.

Mary S
Well, it depends for what kind of contacts you have. Some can stay on for weeks, and others for only 14 hours.
Most can stay in for 9 hours though. If you have any doubts, call your eye doctor to clarify anything.

Hope this helps :) .

i keep mine in for 16 =]
and my eyes are still fine

My avatar has a mullet!
Yes, that's okay. I have 'accidentally' fallen asleep with them on and I'm fine..I think. Don't worry too much about it.

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