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 I have a lazy eye. How do I turn down 3D movies when my friends invite me?
I have a lazy eye (or strabismus) so my eyes are always crossed even with my glasses on. Its very noticeable so its not a secret.

But I still get invited to see 3D movies with friends. I ...

 Why don't they invent cigarettes that are good for you?
If people find it so hard to quit my aren't there such cigarettes that are good for you?
Still keep them addictive just not harmful....

 I just got new eyeglasses; Are they appropriate for wearing at office or are they too glamorous? Please help?

 what is my eye colour?
i dont know whether they are green or hazel, because someone told me hazel is darker brown but mine have only a hint of brown. They look a bit darker in real life and they look bluey green sometimes ...

 Am I the only one who thinks that.....?
contact lenses are a total nightmare? I have spent 3 hours trying to get them in and apparantly getting them out is even harder! It is so uncomfortable.How long did it take you to put them in at ...

 what causes eye twitches?
all day yeasterday and now today my one eye is constantly twitching. my eyelid really is doing it. what causes it, why hasnt it stopped?...

 my eyes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!help?
ok i dont know how to explain this....
ok i have been wearing glasses since 2005, i am long-sighted
they are times when i wear my glasses and wear them for the whole day ounce i take them ...

 I'm starting to see black specks in my vision, what is it?
Is this is a bad sign? They started appearing last year. They are like floating specks in my vision.

Other than that my vision is very good and I don't require glasses of any kind....

 Can anyone interprete my eye prescription?
R: Sph: -0.75, Cyl: -0.50, Axis: 115
L Sph: -1.00, Cyl: -0.25, Axis: 90

How bad is my eye sight? Is it common for the cyl and axis values to be imperfect, even in normal eyesight? W...

 Contact piece stuck in my eye?
I took out a contact because it was bothering me at school, and only about 2/3 of it came out. The last piece is somewhere in my eye. I can feel it occasionally, and it's like on top of my eye, ...

 During laser eye surgery are you allowed to blink?
I have a really hard time staring or keeping my eyes open for more than half a minute. Would laser eye surgery be good for me if this is the case?...

 Best eye color in your oppinion?
What's the best eye color in your oppinion? I have never seen anyone with mine, it's dark green with gold flecks around the pupil....

 Can I leave my contacts in for 9 hours straight?
Hey I was just wondering, since im trying contacts again. I was wondering how long you can leave your contact lenses in your eyes? because im going to ware them at school, and ill probably put them ...

 Why does when I try to put my contact in my eye really stings?? No mean comments please!?

 OMG is this weird?????
Ok sometimes when I try to look people in the eyes it burns a little and I just want to close my eyes. Is that weird? I don't wear contacts or glasses....

 Anyone had laser eye surgery?
How did you find it? My eyes are terrible lately and so my other half is insisting i get it done. Bit dubious about it though. Need a little feedback thankyou....

 Is 20/20 vision good?
is 20/20 vision good????...

 Is it bad to keep your contacts in while you sleep?
I have had contact lenses for 3 years and the first year i took them out when i showered and slept because my doctor said so, but then my friend that has had them for a long time said that she doesn&#...

 Are these symptoms of dry eyes?
For the past two months I've been waking up with a clear gritty discharge around my eyes, and they get very watery as soon as I turn on the light. Going outside in the sun also bothers me and my ...

 My mom's eyes change from green to blue, like mood swing eyes. Is this normal?

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Are coloured contacts safe to wear?

pretty sure they are
it depends on your eyes

i need help to

yes and no

depends if your allergic to the ingredients,
if not, it is 100% safe

They are safe if you follow directions. Don't sleep in them, don't wear them longer than the time alotted, wash your hands well before putting them in, other wise they are safe. I wore them for years. I wear clear contacts for vision everyday.

Emma B
Yes, if used properly. It is not a good idea to wear someone else's.

yes. if they're measured/fitted correctly, and you're not allergic to the materials.. this question gets asked so many times.. :(

before using cosmetic contact lenses you should see your eye care professional first because not everybody can wear one. They will examine your eyes if you are a good candidate to wear contact lenses and at the same time they can explain to you how to take care of your contact lenses. they can also explain the advantages and disadvantages of wearing contact lenses as well as the things that you must do and must not do when wearing one.

Of course just with the proper care and no sleeping . and the Doctors simple rules you would be perfectly okay with them. unless you have a reaction to pigment on the contact, btw if that occurs head to your doctor . that might not be the right brand for you.

Exactly the same as the clear ones.

But why would you want to have fake colored eyes?

Wouldn't you feel embarrassed having a person with real colored eyes see you and know they are fake (because you could tell)

Love yourself for who you are,

I have the most beautiful Big Brown Eyes, and I always get compliments on my eyes, even though they are brown

About as safe as regular contacts. Just follow the same procedures and you'll be fine.

And actually, Brian C, coloured contacts also come in prescription varieties as well.

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