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Anyone had laser eye surgery?
How did you find it? My eyes are terrible lately and so my other half is insisting i get it done. Bit dubious about it though. Need a little feedback thankyou.

Carson D
LASIK eye surgery is a medical procedure that can correct your vision by altering the physical properties of your eye. Unlike traditional surgical procedures that depend upon the skills and steadiness of the surgeon's hand, advanced LASIK eye surgery is computer controlled.

LASIK eye surgery can perform miracles - it can give you relief from wearing corrective lenses. It can cure nearsightedness, astigmatism and farsightedness. The procedure is quick and painless, offering almost immediate results. And due to advances in technology and the wide demand for this type of service, LASIK is quite economical.

LASIK eye surgery is now so common that millions of people have decided that it was time to abandon their corrective lenses, once and for all. There are so many LASIK clinics that you're likely to find one close by, no matter where you live.

There are a great many benefits to LASIK eye surgery -

* Clear vision
* Eliminate the need for corrective lenses
* Easier participation if recreational activities
* Better vision than when using corrective lenses
* Boost in self-confidence
* More career opportunities likely to be available
* Your appearance will be enhanced
* Eliminate infection risks associated with contact lenses
* Procedure is quick and painless
* Healing process happens fast
* No more contact lens discomfort
* Pass your driver's license test without glasses
* Glasses restriction removed from driver's license
* Newest technology precisely maps eye contour for near perfect results
* Overall vision, including peripheral vision improves
* Quick, almost immediate results
* Solves most vision problems - nearsightedness, farsightedness, astigmatism

In almost all cases, undesirable after effects are minimized with LASIK eye surgery. Follow your doctor's instructions and you'll be fast on the road to problem free recovery. The end result is that you can now see both near and far in proper focus. In almost all cases, you'll be able to say 'Good Bye' to those bothersome reading glasses!

Rosemary R
I had it and it is wonderful. My vision was approximately 20-300 on Friday afternoon and by Saturday afternoon it was 20-15 and not even blurry the day after the surgery! You'll need to see a ophthamologist - not an optomotrist - to see if you are a good candidate for this surgery. (It's quick and easy surgery, takes less than 30 minutes from the time you sit down in the chair.)

Kelly B
i had mine done 2 years ago and the only regret is not having it done even longer ago, i have better than 20-20 vision in both eyes i cannot express how satisified i am with it i am usually one of these people who is to scared to do anythin like this as im normally the 1 in 100000000000 thats somethin goes wrong on!!! so i was terrified of having it done but the whole process was simple and painless and i would deffinatly recommend it to anyone. go for it you will not regret it!


I'd reccomend that you have a look at the following website: www.lasik-eyes.co.uk It contains information on all the laser eye surgery providers in the UK as well as plenty of information from and for people like yourself who are about to engage in treatment.

If you do one thing, research your treatment very well. This is not a very well regulated industry nor is this 'like going to the dentist'. Once you have treatment done, you cannot reverse it.

Be weary of promises to improve your vision (this is not possible with laser) with various fancy sounding techniques (with the added increase in cost). Often you are quoted a particular price and treatment only for the surgeon to suggest a better/more suitable (and much more expensive) form of treatment 5 minutes before you are due to have laser.

You certainly want to have treatment done with the people/company that you trust the most. The above website has good information, read some of the forums about surgeons / companies etc and perhaps ask people on the site for further information about the particular individuals that are to carry out your treatment.

As with most things, if you want basic, low quality treatment and rubbish service you go to ASDA or ((Woolworths)) etc. Likewise with Laser eye surgery you get the 'conveyor belt, take a number' treatment at Optimax, Optical Express and Ultralase. Find yourself a smaller, independent specialist - they are often surprisingly cheaper besides being a whole heap better. Lasik-eyes will point you in the right direction. (£395 per eye - forget it. I've worked in these places, it doesn't exist. Known as the 'Bait and Switch' Tactic).

Hope this helps

PS: You are welcome to email me for more detailed information about various facets of the process / industry as you wish.

My dad had laser eye surgery (he had really bad eye sight). Now he can see really well and doesn't really need reading glasses (he's 50 yrs old). My dad did his research and found out about it. My dad was dubious about it too but he went thru with it and his opthamologist was FANTASTIC. He said it didn't hurt at all and he was amazed how well his eye-sight was repaired. He went home the same day of the surgery. The healing duration was painless and quick as well. It was an easy and painless procedure. I think you should go ahead and do it.
Best of Luck :)

Elaine W skittles
i had it done 4 yrs ago my husband kept nagging at me to have it done he never liked me wearing my glasses i wore contacts too so in the end i decided to look into it and i have to say i has to be one of the best things ive ever done it has so changed my life esp on hol when i couldnt see in the pool etc its not a painful procedure lasts about 15 mins and although blurry afterwards i could see straight away it was amazing the next morning seeing straight away not having to reach for my glasses i really cant reccomend it enough my eyes have been perfect since i had it done with optical express the aftercare was amazing check ups every month etc its money well spent!!!

Renee H
My mother got laser eye surgery and it worked great! She said it was painless and easy, and she even got to go home the day of the surgery. She became fully normal and functioning again after a day relaxing in bed. Ask your doctor about it, to make sure it would work for you.

No, I haven't however my mom and dad both have. They had glaucoma and the surgery has now reduced the dangerously high pressure in the eye that they were both suffering from. In fact the vision has improved, so much so they are not as dependant on spectacles, just using them for reading, close work and stuff like that.

They are both in their 80's. Not bad for elderly folk, don't you think.

I've wanted it done - i hate these bl**dy glasses.
But, i saw it was about £1500 an eye back then. So i saved and managed to raise the cash and was about to go and have it done but i found people writing bad comments on the net saying they wish they never had it done as they cant see in the dark now and other problems - so i held back from having them done - Which has been a good move as i've seen it fall from £1500 an eye to 1000, 950, 800, to 500.
I spoke to an optician about his view on having it carried out and what he said has proven to be correct 'it will fall in value over time' and just like everything it will improve overtime - i don't know if this is true yet but i intend to do more research into it before i have it done - I've definitely got enough cash now its just those bad reviews and comments wishing they never had it done that has held me back from having it done. Friends have told me of friends they know who've had it done and it went ok for them but those bad reviews have made me very cautious about having it done.

Some people get vouchers off ebay, this one seems like a good deal, and has a link to experiences too.


A friend had it done a while back, but just like glasses, it won't necessarily stay the same, so you can end up needing it repeated, or end up with glasses anyway.

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