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 My eyes burn when I make eye contact with people?
Or when I'm looking at one thing specifically. I have to look away or I'll get teary eyed. Do you know why? How to help it? People get weirded out when I move my eyes around and don'tl ...

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 If you wear your glasses from morning to bedtime is it bad for your eyes?

 Why can't I wear my contacts?
For the past 2 weeks I have had trouble getting my contacts in. They are dry and I sneeze all the time. Does anyone know of anything around the house that I can use so I can wear my contacts. My ...

 I'm squinting to read on the computer, but I see fine. Do I need glasses?
My vision is technically 20/20, so I don't know why I squint. Should I go to a lenscrafters? Or should I maybe see an optomologist?

Or does everyone squint at computer screens?...

 can i leave my contacts in over night?
my allergies are really bad today and my eyes are hurting, itching, watery and red and i can't get my contacts out

i've only had them since saturday

but is it okay if ...

 Question on Lasik Eye Surgery?
Im 19 and my vision is BADDD, Im maybe thinking of getting a lasik surgery in the future.. I dont know because ive seen the videos of the process and i am also aware you can go blind but my question ...

 Recently my eyes have started straining when I use the computer?
Unfortunately my full time job involves 8 hours of non-stop computer work - what can I do to keep my eyes in good condition, without having to go to an ophthalmologist for treatment?...

 does computers ruin your eyes?
my eyes get kinda blurry when i look at the computer screen.and could that be the reason why my eyes have been seeing really blotchy things lately?like i see stuff floating around sometimes,then my ...

 What are contact lenses used for?

 whats my eye color can YOU GUYS HELP ME!!!?
i have light brow eyes and when on light they have a green on it but when im am not on light they just look light brown the green doesnt show only when there is light and they look yellowish so ...

 Glasses??????? updated? hurt my eyeeees?
ok so i had my old glasses, and they've been changed to a higher level, i dnt usually wear them that often cuz i hate them,
but my new ones hurt my eyes, they feel so strong, but its ...

 Are there any eye excersices for the eyes to improve vision?
I'm 16. My vision isn't that bad, pretty minor problems...I just don't see as sharpely as I used to...maybe dry eye because of the computer? I don't know. But I don't want to ...

 Does Masterbaiting cause dizzyness and drowsy eyes?
Because lately I been feeling very I been Feeling dizzy and weird and im not sure if its because of masterbating to much or not, but every time I do masterbait I get that dizzy feeling right away

 Eye exercises to help improve my vision?
I've heard that there are eye exercises that people can do to improve their vision.
I am nearsighted, and have 20/40 vision. I hate taking out my glasses every time I have to read something ...

 How much does lasik cost?

 What's wrong with my eyes?
For a while now (like months) my eyes have been red. I thought nothing of it because they don't hurt or anything and when i apply eye drops it'll go away but it always returns But lately ...

 What Color Are My Eyes?
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 is it possible to sleep with your eyes open?

 I have been seeing a black dot in my left eye for almost 3 months now. Its motionless, what is it?
I have been seeing this black dot in the center of vision of my left eye for almost 3 months. Its motionless, as in, it doesnt float around my eye and is always in the same spot no matter which ...

Whats My Name
10 Pts. for best answer!! Answer while you can!!?
I'm only 11 and i have glasses with the eye number of 1.25. Is it possible to some how improve my eyesight by the age of 13 so i don't have to wear glasses!! IF YES PLEASE TELL ME SOME EYE EXERCISES THAT IMPROVE EYE SIGHT!!

You can generally improve your eyesight by pouring bleach directly onto your eyes.

What ever you do don't listen to the Idiot who said to pour bleach in your eyes you need lasic

Laser Eye Surgery. My mom got it a few years ago. It's pretty expencive and I doubt you'll get it so you don't need glasses for middle school, which I expect is why you don't want them. Ask your parents about contacts though.

well unfortunately there isnt anything to impove your eyesight. you can surgery or contacts

eye surgery

eat ALOT of carrots. Thats what my mother always used to say too me when i was a child.

as you get olderrrrrrrrrrrrrr..you're vision constantly changes. they could get better. try not to do anything to worsen them

Eat carrots and dont watch tv or play video games so much. When reading use alot of light, and rest your eyes often.

Never read in the dim light, you will damage your eye sight even more.

Remember to eat your vitamins, and if you don't have any get some.

Lissy M
Unfortunately, I don't think so. The only chance you have of improving your vision is getting lasik surgery, or possibly growing out of your prescription. There aren't "exercises" you can do to improve your eyesight, it will change naturally. If you are considering lasik or another type of surgery, I would suggest waiting until you are older so your eyes don't chance after you've had it done. If not, you can always try contact lenses! Time will tell what your vision will do. Best of luck! xx

Two exercises to do with your glasses off (NOT LYING):

1)Go out into the forest, and look at the trees. Try to see all the leaves at the same time. Pay attention to the details and the different layers of depth. Just by being close to nature can help with the eyes.

2)Put a pinhole through a piece of paper, and look through it. As you practice doing that, eyesight can "recalibrate" and improve.

I also hear eating carrots are good for that too.

The danger with wearing glasses is the reinforced dependence on them. If you want to get off of them, you have to be prepared to take it seriously and stay off them.

Josh M
You cant even get eye surgery until your eyes are done developing which i believe is around earlier 20's

Lasers. you need Lasers.

What're you lookin at?
I don't know about not having to wear glasses or contacts but what you can do is take some lutein which is for eye health and billberry. Don't read in the dark, and don't stare to much at the computer screen or tv screen.

not possible hun. might wanna try eye surgery, or contacts..

Hannah C
get contacts plus spinich actually improves your eyesight the governmant only said that about carrots during world war 1 to make make the carrot manufactuers richer.

Not possible, im sorry...unless you get some type of surgery or contacts.

you should wear your eyeglasses..without them u will have troubles..
the number will increase and get fixed at the age of 18.dont waste your time and get in troubles..
my uncle broke his leg because he didnt wear the eyeglasses.
i want the 10 points :P
btw if u are a girl..i dont find it a problem.some girls look nice wearing eyeglasses.

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