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How can i stop being depressed ...

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 what does this say about a person?
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 why are you not in bed?

 I don't want to live Please help me.?
I have every thing of life. Thx to God. But no feeling of living good life. Every time try to away from people.
Quite. No response when i get good news. I just hat every thing but only for my ...

 i want to commit suicide ?
im 12 1/2
am abused
parents divorced
have no friends
my therapist makes fun of me
no one takes me seriously

what do i do!!!!!

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 is this bipolar ???????????
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Does hanging around depressed/ negative people make you depressed even when your generally positive person ?...

 I'm stuck..Physically stuck.?
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 Do you believe in Tom Cruise's theory that a person can cope with depression without medication?
I believe that there are way too many medications on the market nowadays. There is something out there for every little thing that ails you. If you pass gas, medication; If your legs move in your ...

 if i told my therapist that i was suicidal...?
if i told my therapist that i was suicidal, and wanted to kill myself, and even have a plan-would he just try to talk to me, refer me to a psychiatrist, or put me in a psych ward, or would he not ...

Ʈђі§ʈƖє™ ♥ First Ascent
What's the least stressful way to tell someone its over........?

I have found that 'I think our relationship has run its course' , to be the best approach. At least this way no one is at fault.

Move far far far away...

Get him a new partner.

Just say the two words: ITS.OVER. or txt it

Then just walk way as far as ya can. :)

Um, stop talking to them and just act like it's over, get away from them, and when they start bothering you incessantly, say it's their fault it's over because of their needy behavior, it's so easy to do, and will work every time!

The best way to let someone down easy is to put the blame on yourself in some way. You come up with something like, I'm just not as ready for a relationship as I thought. Or I can see I'm holding you back... just not the right person for you and I care to much to keep holding you back. Or, I have to go find out what I am really about right now and it isn't fair to you for you to have to wait on me to get it together. You know, anything that makes it seem like it is your doing. Be kind but be firm. If they try to convince you to stay you just say calmly... my mind was made up a while ago, I just didn't have the strength to tell you. And NO don't do it by text message. That just creates drama you don't want.

There's really no painless way to do it, just ways to make sure no unneeded pain is added. If there's a whole lot you want to say, write a letter (DON'T text, no one likes being broken up with that way) but if it's brief, say it in person or over the phone. Tell them whatever issues you've been having and that you need to call it off so that things don't get worse...say nice things about them and don't make it feel like it's their fault. After that I recommend spending some time away from each other so you can deal with the pain as well as adapt to life without each other.

Levi Witt
Get one of your friends that know him/her to do it for you and also get them to tell the reason

Really fast. Like ripping off a bandaid. Get it over and done with quickly.

Do NOT do it in person. Take all the emotion out of it and make a simple phone call. Be upfront and don't let the conversation linger. Give that person the respect...if they deserve it...and be kind but quick. Easier said than done but it should do the trick. Good luck!!

Sparky Joe
Make sure you are on a different continent first ....

Tell him on his face if done nothing wrong

theres never really i would say easy way to say its over.
But just tell them how you really feel about it all.

Tell them straight- right away

Then slowly drift away

Relative ease
While having s ex.....

Layla Smith
make sure noone is around and tell them tht it just aint workin and they will find someone betta
hope it help thts wat i would like someone to say to me if i broke up wiv them
:) x

Just say it! The more you think about HOW to say it, the more stressed you get! Believe me, after you've said it, you'll feel a lot better with yourself! Unless that person was nice to you and staff and you can't do it to him/her like that! Or if he/she is crazy and will kill you (or do something really stupid anyway) after hearing that! Anyway to don't ramble on and on about this! Just be straight to him/her and it doesn't matter what way of telling him/her you use (sms, over the phone, face to face, etc) just say it and don't worry about it! Don't make excuses and staff, that will lead to a much more stressful situation for the both of you! If he/she is a reasonable person then problem solved, if not, then when breaking up, buy that person something they really wanted and break the news then!

The Elements
Point blank as there's nothing ever "easy" about doing what's right.

liberals sequestered from truth
In a public place

do something gross to make them not want to date you anymore..!!

There is no stress free way but the sooner it's done the less stress. It just hard to think someone else is going to get hurt but if it was me I would rather know than it be drawn out. xx

There isn't one.

Barbara Doll to you
A bolt out of the blue is never good. At least start showing signs you are going cold, before you drop the clanger. Maybe seeing them more seldom

Lovely Katy Klunge
Face to face. Deep breath. Don`t bottle it. There will be immense stress whatever happens though ....

the least stressful way i can think of is to tell them straight to their faces, just don't draw it out telling them the truth about the way you feel.

Dizzy dog
some times just a letter .. if you cant face them.. every situation is different lv..

C Man
Find a gay male friend, and introduce him as your husband who has just come out of a coma!!

Ally's Sound of Silence
Point blank. When it's over, it's over, no sense in prolonging the agony

Miss Φedora
........... there's NO such a way.......

What would make me really mad though, is when they tell you "It's not your fault, it's mine!!" and they play it miserable..... grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr :P

Steve Uk
Straight to their face in my opinion

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