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Suicidal thoughts........?
Is it normal to be depressed and not have suicidal thoughts.

yes just don't do anything u might regret

laugh... its good for you!!!!
dont be depressed.....snap out of it.....there is no reason to be depressed...dont worry be happy...Jesus loves u....and dont even think about suicidal...that is never the answer.....

max t

Definitely. Many people have been extremely depressed and not have any suicidal thoughts whatsoever.

It's actually less normal to have them while being depressed.

there are different types of depression.
and different levels.
be thankful you don't want to end your own life.


yes very normal. but you should talk to someone..... like a doctor who helps depressed pple

L♥VE 09
you feel down and crappy without having suicidal thoughts .

Love One Another...♥
yes it most certaintly is

I hope you get over your illness! I will be praying for you, because you're right depression is a serious thing. ( ; -hope you feel better!

It's not normal to be depressed, so I would seek treatment for that.

But it is common to be depressed without suicidal tendencies.

As a person on anti-depressants (for G.A.D) I must say that it is not normal to be depressed and not get the occasional suicidal thought.

Joseph the Carpenter
Yeah, depression isnt just having suicidal thoughts.

well if your not suicidal that's a great sign. however if the depression hangs around for a while or gets worse go see a doctor.

Yes it is. But its also normal to be depressed and have suicidal thoughts. Whatever the case may be, don't suffer alone and in silence. Reach out to someone (a professional preferably) and talk about your illness.

Occasional depression is normal. If it lasts more than two weeks, and you find that you are losing interest in things that once made you happy, I suggest seeing a doctor.

lili l
Not have or have?

indeed it is.

Life is too precious. Spend more time with the people and things you love. Nothing is worth suicide.

813 Chris


Souppper Grover
Yup.. how old are you anyway?

It happens to a lot of teens. Believe me, I know ;)

♥V¡cτoR¡Ä . ☼
I really dont know but i used to be depressed and all that because of alot of stuff going on in my life. . But I gave Jesus Christ my life and wow my life is fulfilled. . No im not talking about religion or some dude hanging on a cross. .no im talking about a real God in heaven who loved us so much that he died for us. . .no neeed for depression give him ur life...and you;ll have everlasting asssurance you'll make heaven your home :)

yeah. when im sad i never think about leaving because even if i do. i know ill miss out on alot of stuff because your to far away not even living here anymore with the people who loves you like your family maybe even some real friends if i have met them already,.

Aric T

Francisco A

The cake that was a Lie
Shouldn't you be happy that you don't have suicidal thoughts? lol I guess that just means you're not that depressed. Wait till you get into my shoes. :p

[email protected]
Sure. Just means your logical. :/ SOrry. I hope you get over your depression soon! I love you sir or mam. I love you! If you want to talk, feel free to message me to get my MSN... I'll send it to ya.

yess? lol youll be finne

Of course. Being depressed doesn't mean you have suicidal thoughts. It just means you're depressed. There was many kinds of depression. Do some research.

yes. be grateful you're just depressed

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