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Hello Dave
Insomnia? I'm really suffering at the moment - any tips?
I can't manage to sleep for more that about 3 - 4 hours at the moment, no matter what time I go to bed. Falling asleep isn't the problem - it's staying asleep. I tend to wake up in the small hours and that's it for the rest of the night - and then I spend the rest of the day completely exhausted.

By the way, I really, really don't want to resort to sleeping pills, so does anyone have any practical tips?

Montgomery B
Try getting alot of exercise and drinking warm milk before bedtime. If that doesn't work go to the health shop for some herbal remades. Its best off trying natural solutions before going to the doctor for some pills. Those things will destroy your biorhythms.

I had the same thing early this year. Don't fret about it. Whatever you do, Don't go to bed early. Stay awake till about 1 or 1.30 then go to bed. Before that, read a book or watch TV. It generally works.

My husband had the same problem. Bought a book about the subject (sorry, can´t remember the author or title) but the "treatment" recommended worked really well:

The trick is to go to bed (really) late. Easier said than done, because you are so exhausted! Prolongue your bedtime every night by 15 minutes untill you manage to stay up until quite late (after midnight did the trick for my husband). I helped him by (inventing) things that had to be done, for example to help me fix something, to call someone or to look something up for me. Anything that keeps you busy and active and gets you to bed later. It´s tempting to watch a film or tv, laying on the sofa or in bed, but then you will probably doze off and that makes matters worse.

Anyway, when you manage to stay up later and later, you will find that you suddenly will sleep more hours and eventually will sleep through.
When you start noticing the effect, you will also notice that it will not bother you that much any more when you do wake up in the middle of the night: you realise that it is not a permanent feature anymore and it's easier to accept that occasionally you will have a shorter night.

Needless to say that short sleeps during the daytime or early evening are an absolute no-no and that drinking coffee or tea doesn´t help either.

We recommended the same trick to friends who had the problem, and it worked for them as well!

Hope it will work for you too!!

warm milk

That's horrible, I've just been through a stage like that. I kept waking up in the wee small hours and just couldn't "switch off", I had loads of stuff going round and round in my head. This sounds really silly (but it worked for me), I pictured a cold, dirty, empty house and then pictured myself lighting a fire, cleaning etc. until it was warm and bright and clean. I never completely finished the job because generally I'd fallen asleep, I guess it's like meditation! Conciously trying to slow your breathing can help if you think you're waking from anxiety. If you have lists going round in your head write stuff down before bed, you can't sort anything out at 3am!. I've just re-read my answer and I sound crazy! Anyway, I hope it helps - Good Luck, hope you have a decent nights sleep tonite!

i have same prob!
walk around the block or read a book.

John H
Cannabis works and so does listening to Beethtovens piano concerto's. Also get rid of any electrical equipment in your room as the magnetic fields they create can disturb brainwaves especially the electirc alarm clocks with the bright red lights.

If this fails try going for a long exhausting job at night to tire yourself out.

I am a sleep tech. When people can't stay asleep, it's is usually because of an underlying problem. You should talk to you family doctor about having a sleep study done. It's when you have your sleep stages and breathing patterns monitored to see if there's something going on that causes you to wake up. Many people have sleep disorders and don't know it until they have a sleep study done. If it is determined that you do indeed have a sleep disorder, there are different forms of treatment to help you get back to receiving your full night of quality sleep. Email me if you have any more specific questions. [email protected]

Mad Roy
5-HTP, GABA, Melatonin, and Valerian are all natural sleep aids that should help. Use as directed on the containers. A high potency vitamin-mineral and calcium-magnesium-zinc tablets with each meal should help calm your nervous system too. Good luck!

I had this problem earlier and now I have some relief by doing yoga in the morning(may be any exercise) and have moderate drink in the night. TRY not to sleep in the day by keepng busy with any activity. it is intially dificult, but I have achieved 80% sucess. I am confident, I will be able to overcome this problem soon.So, you will!
good luck

Put an amethyst crystal under your pillow or hold it in your hand.
It changes the balances in your energy.
I put one between my busoms!!!! (it stays there all night)
Also lavendar oil can produce a VERY deep sleep.

You should see your Dr, he will talk about a concept called "sleep hygiene" which means you have to take a serious look at all the things you might be doing to aid the insomnia without being aware. Things like your Tea and Coffee consumption, food and drug products which contain caffiene, your bedding, your pre-bed routine etc. Also you need to seriously look at the stressors in your life, difficult events, jobs or people and think of ways of managing them that are not going to keep you awake at night.
Not all sleeping tablets are bad news and habit forming. Don't have benzodiazipines, bad, bad news! These are the likes of Diazepam or Temazepam.
Drugs like Propranolol to aid anxiety or Zopiclone to aid sleep may help say every other night. They are prescription only however but not habit forming. Some non-herbal nytol from over the counter may help every other night. The more you get worried about not sleeping well the more it continues, I know how awful it is trust me! Do not lie in bed getting frustrated, get up and do something boring like ironing, reading something really, really boring.
A good exercise routine every night which get's you breathless may help, as does a bit of slap and tickle on a fun note! Good Luck.

Early morning wakening can be a syptom of depression.

Perhaps you should consult a doctor.

Eoin B
Exercise for defo works. Really go for it, wipe yourself out. Its your bodys natural need to be physically active so if youre not it'll react by making you restless. Cut back on sugar aswell coz this will unbalance your blood sugar levels which will disturb your sleep. Try avoiding sleeping pills coz you'll come to depend on them which is not a good thing

Steve W
Sort out whats going on in your head... Worry is the thing that wakes you up....

I have the same problem. This is probably why we're both here on Yahoo! Answers.

I also will not resort to taking sleeping pills.

The problem with this question is simply that the ideal people to answer it are sleeping right now.

simon m
warm bath, relax, warm drink ie milk etc not tea or coffee. Get in to a routine and you'll be fine. listen to relaxing music like waves, dolphins etc

try going to a herbalist that helped me i had a problem are you stressed that also could be a trigger?

turn your bed round it works

Nytol, just a bit of it makes you drowsy and you go off to sleep.

I know what most men do though......

I actually had the same problem wile I was preganat with my son. Since I couldnt take sleeping pills, I went to a health food store and asked around. They then told me about the properties of hops.
I bought some hops tea, brewed myself a strong cup, drank it, and slept like a baby. I hope it helps you.......zzzzzzzzz

The herb Valerian is very good for insomnia, available in tablets or tincture from health shops. Also Tranquillity tea- my mum swears by it.

I had this problem a few years ago. Buy some "Opium" incense sticks and light one as you go to bed and put it at the side of your bed. I found it worked well for me. They are only incense sticks, not the real deal so they don't "drug" you! Better than sleeping pills any day.

Same problem as you,up and down up and down,clock watching
So far the answers given to you are useless,please give sufferers good advice.

If you have things on your mind you will find it hard to sleep, try talking to someone about them and release your mind. Also try ovaltine or horlicks before bed. Reading a good book before bed helps aswell.

I am sorry but alcohol will increase the problem.

I have similar problems but it helps me to write everything down that I'm feeling and thinking.

Obviously you have things playing on your mind so do what I do - Keep a pen and notepad by your bed and when you awake, with thoughts flooding your mind, you can write it all down and then get back to sleep.

Hope this helps, sleep deprivation is the worst.

Greetings Insomnia:

A few things:

1) r you stressed--either situationally or long-standing? Stress is about hormones such as cortisol and nor-epinephrine. When these hormones seep into blood and tissues they can linger and disrupt your body's housekeeping chores--including sleep. If u r stressed then u can learn methods for unstressing and for flushing hormones out of your system

2) r u drinking caffeine big time? If so limit it to at least 8 hours before u go to bed.

3) don't take prescription sleep aids. you can try a good calcium/magnesium supplement. this relaxes your autonomic nervous system so sleep is better preserved. u can take it even when you wake up after 3 hrs--it will help u get back to sleep and stay there

4) r u in the midst of a life transition? sometimes what's going on in our lives needs to be tended to properly and trouble sleeping can result if we don't do that.

Best of luck to you...Dr. Jim M. Mesics Fitness

jean m
I have suffered from the same problem since I lost my son. I go to sleep but I wake up every couple of hours. As soon as I wake up I put the radio on, I have it tuned to a chat station, and I listen to all these people ringing in talking rubbish. I find it helps me to go back to sleep, because if I dont listen to the radio my mind starts going over everything thats worrying me and its impossible to relax.

No alcohol.
Take a warm shower.
Make the room comfortably dark, not pitch black.
Eat carbohydrates before, and plain yoghurt. Both make you sleepy.
Clear your mind of any problems or worries - you'll have to think about them in the morning anyway.
Have a light duvet, and a comfortable pillow.
Try not to take pills-they will only upset your sleep pattern.

Hope this helps - works on me

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