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Random Girl
I feel insane(literally)! Please help!?
Im only 14 years old, but i feel like im slipping into insanity. Im extremely paranoid im being watched and that im mom is going to die. If she doesnt answer my calls i worry she's been murdered. I've been extremely irritable for maybe a little under 2 years and i've been having some serious mood swings, and no its no while im on my period. For example, in the past hour, i've been happy- feeling fine then i felt really angry and aggressive THEN i felt like crying for no reason at all and now im back feeling normal. I've been treated for depression before, and its runs in my family but i've never felt so crazy before. I dont understand it, but i know most other teenage girls have much different issues.

What could be wrong with me? Any thoughts/Ideas are greatly appreciated!



you need to see your family doctor. if no one can or will take you go to the local hospital for help. or simply pick a phone and call 911.

Ms. Body Magic
You really need to get professional attention immediately. Please let your parents know right now!! This sounds really serious, especially since there is a history of family members experiencing the same things. You should also think about taking yoga or meditation. I know you are young but its never too early to try methods to help you calm yourself and relax. Exercising may also take your mind off things. Also get involoved in activities. You may just be bored and becoming anxious because you're dormant. Good luck!!

Depression, Anixety many things you should talk to someone who can help you! Doctor mother somebody asap!

You should tell your doctor about all you are experiencing. It could be as simple as your thyroid being too low or your blood sugar being too high.

chococat ♥
you should probably go into serious counciling or see your doctor. best of luck with everything.

Lilly ♥

uh that is really uh i dont even know a good word for what im tryna say. like thats crazy? you should see a doctor or something... maybe your brains damaged. i mean this cant come out of no where.

just go see a shrink, you probably have a bi polar thing.

You might be having anxiety and/or panic attacks. Do some research on it.

sounds more like anxiety issues than bipolar disorder, schizo, or depression, they make meds for it like ativan

Let it out.

Ok first try to talk to people a lot......and hang out with your friends a lot more..........and also dont get mixed up into the wrong groups.......dont do any drugs.....o yea get a hobby.........it really keeps my mind off things...hope i helped

I think its related to hormones and is just your age. Being a teenager is not easy

The irritability and depression can sometimes be symptoms of anger that is not being expressed, which is common at your age.

I wish I had the internet to help with this type of stuff when I was younger. I just had to deal with it alone.

it is impossible for you to be insane, if you feel insane then you know the diffrence (between insane & sane), if you know the diffrence then you are not insane. if did not know you were insane but acted insane then you would be insane.-blurey

please speak to your parents for a complete physical and mental health evaluation. the symptoms sound like you could possibly be bi-polar. make sure you speak to someone you are totally comfortable with and confident with their ability. I don't think you are insane, just in need need of proper medical attention. Good luck to you and God Bless.

P.S.: remember, utilize all of your resources (family, friends, school counselors, clergy), but don't give up.

take big poop that helps me all the time

I'm not a doctor, but in my honest opinion and from experience you are showing symptoms of a bipolar skizophrenic. What you just described (having severe moodswings and paranoia) proves it. I would seek help as soon as possible to get prescribed medication to treat this problem right away. You are at an early stage of it so get treated now before its too late and you have to be on medicine for the rest of your life.

You might want to even consider spending time in a hospital. You admit you need help so let others help you. There is nothing funny or light about this subject. It is a very serious condition. Plz listen to me and get help right away. The road is hard but don't give up!

You should talk to your doctor about how you are feeling and start taking an antipsycotic. They are very strong drugs with some sideaffects but they do the job and for a while you might need to be on them.

Besides whatever other things you may have going on, you've got a lot of hormones running through your body right now. It's not necessarily just while you're having your period. (All of us, male and female have that to some extent at that age especially). That could be part of what has been making the situation worse for the last couple of years.

I guess you know the best thing you could do is talk to a doctor about this - can you do that? Your mom and dad need to know about it first, but someone objective, with medical training may be able to really help you get a handle on what's going on. I know this might just seem like the obvious answer, but think about it.

You should try and stay off that medication, or if you have to take it make sure you don't miss a dose. What kind of medication have you taken?

stephanie anna :)
WELL, let'ss seee... Counseling is verryy good source to let things out, get things solved, and make you feel better, cost moneyy but i know it will workk. It could be that your homormones are going in rapid places in your body rightt noww.

I dont think you're insane......or this question would be a lot creepier looking or something

I've been through the stage you've gone through......emotions blinding me so much that i really cant remember the years that they occurred. And you've been treated before for depression? maybe you should talk to your mom.....ya know like let the discussion slip in sorta gradually. Before she leaves just say like, "i get scared when u dont answer my calls you know...."

I'm not an exert or anything but, well i dont really know enough about you......but it could be bipolar disorder...by a small chance.......

Hope u feel better.

hey oh,
sounds like you may need medication for bi polor or schizo.
maybe your going through your period.
any any case let me tell you this....
you may not be as phscho as you think.
we are all a little crazey.
in one way or the other.
some of us just know how to deal with it a little better than others.
life isn't fair...... at all.........
but we have to deal with it and just get by, the best we can.......
you can do it too!
just hang in
you will make it!!!!!
with a lot of help from God and your friends (good friends)
and please excuse my spelling! I'm so not perfect either.

Serious Shuck
OK yeah that's not depression... that's the opposite.

I believe you may also have anxiety. I have suffered thru it for years and I have very similar episodes at times. The best thing you can do is talk about. Start with your parents and the to a Psychologist or Psychiatrist. Do me a favor, don't be ashamed, just get the help you need to make your life better. Trust me it will get better you just need to work at it harder then some people. Good luck and take care of yourself.

☮ Simply me =] ☮
wow. i feel so bad for u. wow try going to a doctor or something i have a friend like that too but idk what she has. good luck

talk to a teacher or conselor if u cannot talk to your parents and they should help find help

Probably just a phase that comes with puberty.

Bonnie D
I'm EXACTLY the same way sweetie. Not a lot of people understand. You're not crazy, I promise.
You can e-mail me if you want to talk, I know exactly how you feel.

one word. PUBERTY!

relax- alot of girls your age go through this - i myself did and im 30 now and perfectly fine and perfectly sane- you have to realize that right now you have a ton of pressure on you and you are just adapting to it- this is how your body is reacting to the changes and stress that you are going through- youve just come through being a child - and now all of a sudden you could practically care for yourself if you needed to- you are realizing that emotions are very overwhelming- when we were kids things just werent that deep ya know- you just need to relax and know that everything is going to be ok- you really should try prayer- that is what got me through then and still gets me through tough times now- just go somewhere quiet and alone and talk to God- he will hear you and he will help you- you just need to ask for his help-God Bless

i have mood swings too it's normal. sometimes our family can affect us too i hav a big family and someone is constantly getting on my nerves, i participate in many after school activities and get prety stressed, i go through many moods each day, i'm pretty sure it's normal

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