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Joy de Vivre
Does anybody think it's weird that I have imaginary friends?
I have four imaginary friends. I have a lot more real friends, but I prefer my imaginary ones. My mom hates them because I talk to them more than I talk to her. Is this weird??? I'm actually perfectly normal, save for a panic disorder and a hint of depression.

Tired of the Crap~!
sure honey it is ok....really.

teri P
But they do have medicine for that!!!

I got over my imaginary friends stage at age 6. Maybe, you should talk to a therapist about this....

Well its definatly not normal but it takes all kinds

And if you actually SEE them then theres a problem

hope i helped :)

hahaha i find that VERY odd...how old are you 8 or somthing?? but like whatever floats your boat i guess..it might cause trouble in your future though:|

Sounds like you may also have Schizophrenia. Do you actually hear them talking to you. Schizophrenia has gotten a bad name. Many associated them with a crazy killer. This is far from true. Most are harmless people who only want to make the world better. There is treatment that can make the voices disappear or diminish. However I have heard some people say them miss them when they are gone. It is also important to note that some people at first have friendly voices that say nice things to them. After time these voices become unfriendly and say bad things. This does not happen in all affected but it does in some.


It is weird but not wrong. Whatever help you cope. Just dont let your imaginary friends take over your life and start making you do things that you know is isnt right. Then it would be weird and wrong.

nope thats not weird! i have imaginary friends too its all good ! if you like to talk to yours like i like to talk to mine then who cares what other people think its fun and somewhat supportive! (:

Uhmm, it's a bit weird if you have real friends whats the need for fake ones? and its and how old for u don't you think you shoudl have grown outta that faze?

Miss Independent
That's kinda weird.

It's kind of strange...but who am I to say.
Just as long as they don't tell you to do bad things.
If it makes you feel better...
However, perhaps you could talk to a therapist.

Lynne M
Really? Can you actually see them? Yes, that's kinda weird.

don't follow her because if you are lonely ,you can talk to them

♪ Nightmare ♫
What are you smoking?

help. :]
Your not weird.
haha, sometimes people don't understand certain things, such as having imaginary friends, and decide calling things like that weird, or unhealthy.

the depends... if youre under 8... no if you are 8-12 a little... if youre over 12... seek help

That's your birth right to imaginary friends.It's not weird but may lead to schizophrenia.

Mrs. Answers!

ususally people who have them dont notice they have them. nor do they talk about them often.

how old r u? if youre past 8 then its weird

Aka Zune
Kind of...not really. I talk out loud as if I'm talking to someone else when I'm alone, and my grandmother does it in the car under her breath XD I suppose it depends on how far you go with it, like giving names and stuff.

Da dream4
i wouldnt say because alot of people prefer imaginary friends than real onez because they understand them more and can tell them anything. ur not weird.

ohh girll don'tget me started on all of my imaginary friends:
and many more they're tehe best
don' t worry i even have one that i married

haha iloveyou

Not at all.

You are not as alone as you think.

The Diva
Most people then are ‘weird’! They hold conversations in their minds with people/friends real and imaginary to rehearse scenarios, develop tactics, practice social skills, and so on. Our imagination/fantasy is the convenient ‘drawing board’ we carry around in mind, to help us live life.

But you need to take care that this fascinating tool doesn’t become the means to escape from the “panic� and “depression� real life seems to trigger.

In fantasy, you’re in control, and friends, etc., don’t make you uncomfortable. There’s emotional satisfaction in playing out endlessly imaginary films in which you’re the producer/director/scriptwriter/actor... Daydreaming can become the major preoccupation to avoid life (as possibly your mother fears).

If social interactions make you a little over-anxious and under-confident, you need to deal with them, with help if necessary.

Just how old are you? Most people give up their imaginary friends at around age 5 or so. I think you need to work on your confidence more.

If they make you happy then its cool

It's only weird if your four friends answer you back.

No you aren't weird , your wonderful

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