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 How can I shake this off I don't know what's wrong with me?
This is not like me I'm feeling very down tonight I don't know why nothing has happened to me I feel like I could burst into tears but there's no reason for it. I suppose everyone has ...

 Depressed and I want to die. Can anything help?
I take Wellbutrin SR. My children don't want to be around me and I understand thant. I have taken just about every antidepressant made. I really am tired of living. It is getting too hard....

 My grandma calls me fat?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
I have been dealing with eating disorders for nearly 6 years and i am 14. At the moment i am in hospital, and feel like ****. My grandma came to see me and went '"well your gaining weight ...

 I get scared when I look in the mirror?
When I look in the mirror I dont feel like its me. I almost feel scared to look in the mirror, like its not really my body im looking at... like its someone else im looking at. Im 19. Has anyone ...

i've been self harming for 4 years (i'm 16). i managed to stop it for about a few months. but because i'm so stressed out, i'm tempted on harming myself again. i am punching ...

 what does this say about a person?
that a person idolizes people who are criminals, psychopaths, or villans from movies??

if someone classed them as their 'heroes' or said they idolized them, what would this say ...

 why are you not in bed?

 I don't want to live Please help me.?
I have every thing of life. Thx to God. But no feeling of living good life. Every time try to away from people.
Quite. No response when i get good news. I just hat every thing but only for my ...

 i want to commit suicide ?
im 12 1/2
am abused
parents divorced
have no friends
my therapist makes fun of me
no one takes me seriously

what do i do!!!!!

 Help, my psychiatrist was off sick?
My meds run out in three days. What should I do?...

 kinda sad does any one want to talk to me?
hitting head on wall and just want to talk to some ...

 is this bipolar ???????????
Im 19 years old and i think my boyfriend of a year might be bipolar. Ive noticed it alot recently one minute hes super happy n then next hes all grumpy. Yesterday we went to a concert and i had the ...

 Need sugestions so i can try to stop cutting,?
So i told my friend the other day that i was a cutter and she took it much better than i thought. I also told her i would try to stop. So i made it 2 days without cutting then this afternoon i gave ...

 Does hanging around depressed people make you depressed ?
Does hanging around depressed/ negative people make you depressed even when your generally positive person ?...

 I'm stuck..Physically stuck.?
Yesterday I caught my eye lashes in my zip, it's difficult to blink, I was unable to attend college today as a result, and my eyes are getting really heavy and watering profusely. I have ...

 Do you believe in Tom Cruise's theory that a person can cope with depression without medication?
I believe that there are way too many medications on the market nowadays. There is something out there for every little thing that ails you. If you pass gas, medication; If your legs move in your ...

 if i told my therapist that i was suicidal...?
if i told my therapist that i was suicidal, and wanted to kill myself, and even have a plan-would he just try to talk to me, refer me to a psychiatrist, or put me in a psych ward, or would he not ...

 Which is best for depression.Diazapam or Prozac?

 How come when i sleep ?
When i sleep for about 4-7 hours im not rly tired but when i sleep like about 10+ hours im still really tired?...

 whats the best way to control anger?
its really tough to handle yourself when you are angered...what do u do to control your anger at that moment?...

New Attitude
Are u happy or sad today, and why?
I am neither, I am in the middle, I am trying to cope with issues that are beyond my control.

Alexandrite Min
indifferent, I try not to get too happy or too sad I stay in the middle because my brain functions better that way

I am happy today. My boyfriend just got an interview with a new job with great pay and full health benefits. I hope he gets it!

diz chick here
i feel....tired and crappy crappy cause i have a red eye and tired cause i have insomnia

Tin Foil Cat
Mostly happy, as I have no reason to be feeling sad.

Feeling a bit lazy though, really have to clean up some.

I feel EXACTLY the way you do....
I'm feeling kind of in between, but I wish I were home instead of at work, so I could be medicating (wink wink)
too much b/s going on that is really beyond my control.
it sux, but what can we do

I'm blue.
and I dont know why

Purple Sarcasm
Happy, im about to go visit a friend.

Happy. This is a rare thing for me... so I'll try to make the most of it.

I'm sorry about whatever it is you're coping with. I sincerely hope things get better <33

Yousif R
I'm Alive... I have my own place... a job... and an internet connection...

Therefore, the better choice would be to be happy...

I am happy. This is a low stress day.

I don't really feel much of anything unless it's to one extreme or another. Right now, I don't feel "extremely" anything, so I would say I'm okay. Thanks for asking! :) I hope your problems get sorted out.


I am getting a new phone!

Well, I'm neither happy or sad since it's just another day. I'll probbaly be sad later though

Im actually in a really good mood, for absolutely no reason, I just woke up in a good mood, but now its getting worse because im getting a headache. =/

The Dude
I am very happy. I finally found a job and in Detroit that's a big deal right now.

∂ιησѕтєρн » яαωяѕ αт уσυ

Carl S
just not a happy day

wow. i couldnt have said it better. thats exactly how i feel 99 percent of the time.
cheer up!

I am happy because it's half way through the week which means a day closer to pay day and one day closer to seeing him..


Da Rich 1
Happy because I got a new video game.
Sad because my cousin is going through his eye surgery

neither, I am just plain MAD as HELL and I am not going to take it anymore.


in the middle as well..
tons of problems
but nothing i can do about it
right now..

I'm relatively happy, and considering my day that's saying something. I just got my teeth pulled, but I'm all jacked up on pain meds, so I'm feelin' fine!


Hopefully Helpful
Right now I'm feeling OK. I am distracting myself here on Yahoo Mental Health. This helps keep me from thinking about myself. It makes me feel good to try to help others. I hope things will work out for you. Good Luck.

happy because of GOD <3 :)

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