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 I think i was electrocuted? what do i do?
i was unplugging my laptop and my finger came into contact with one of the three prongs and it jolted me a bit. Is there anything to worry about or is this common?...

 I think some one is poisoning me but i can't prove it?
I use to date this guy and then we broke up cause he started seeing some one else.now he has been breaking in to my home,messing with my car.one night i got up about 2 in the morning and my lights in ...

 Shoulder pain, what is it?
ok so I am playing my 4th season of volleyball right now. For the last month I have been having shoulder pain when ever I serve over hand, which is all the time. I didn't want to be a wimp so I ...

 Are you suppose to hold your head back when your nose bleeds.?
Me and my boyfriend keep arguing about this subject. My nose keeps bleeding due to the heat. I beleive you shouldnt hold your head back because the blood rushes to the back. And he of course thinks ...

 Best way to treat bruises?
I got a huge bruise from my shoulder bag
( it keeps hitting my leg, while i am walking from class to class! I swear that there is something pointy in there but, everytime I look there is ...

 Have you had your appendix out, did it leave a big scar?

 dog bit me, need help!?
he bity wrist and there is a bite mark on the top and bottom, they are pretty drop but not bleeding, my arm is kinda numb and hurts when I move it, it was by a pretty small dog
what should I ...

 i burned myself on the stove cover plate and i'm using ice but every time i take it off it hurts?

 I fell out of a tree?
I hit my head on a rock and blood started coming out of my ear. My leg also hurts and I can't put it down. My mom refused to take me to a hospital because she doesn't like going to the ...

 Why can't you sneeze with your eyes open?

 i pulled a muscle how can i get the pain to stop?
i pulled a muscle in the top of my leg.what can i do to make it stop hurting?...

 I swalloed my tounge ring.?
First I broke my bottem ball. So i threw the broken ball away and kept my tounge ring in. It kept falling out but I had to keep it in so it wouldn't close up. I forgot to take it out when I ...

 How can I tell if my wrist is broken or sprained?
I fell on my right wrist twice in football, and now, it has less mobility than my left wrist. I don't want to go to a doctor just yet, but besides icing it, is there anything else I should do?...

In 10 minutes i have to go get a injecton from the hospital.
The problem is i self harm and they are gonna see my scars! My mums coming to and im dead if she sees.
I dont want people ...

 what wrong with my knuckle?
okay, so today i was major-ly p*ssed off & ending up punching a wall....twice. it just went a bit red at 1st so i thought nothing of it, except 10mins later i noticed it was turning purple. now ...

 i took two slighty small hits of marijuana on friday n tommorow is thursday and i have a drug test will it sho?
w? what should i do? what do u guys recommend?...

 My mom's on the floor, and she can't use her legs. HELP!?
Last night my mom fell out of her wheelchair while transfering into bed, and we couldn't get her up. We have a Hoyer Lift, but I am 99% sure it WON'T work when she's on the floor. She ...

 If I take my tongue ring out will it make the swelling go down?
Okay so I got my tongue pierced on new years eve & around five weeks after wards my tongue swelled up again like it did when I'd first gotten it done (but it doesn't hurt at all) and it ...

 What are the signs of sever internal bleeding?
I fell of a chair about 30 hours ago and basically impaled myslef.. the bruise has grown about 5 times the size since this morning.. I went to the doctor and he said it was just a bruise but... its ...

 I accidentally sliced open my jugular and now it’s spraying blood everywhere. What should I do?

how can i make myself sleepy?

smoke a huge cannon and have a few drinks.. dont be active just sit and do nothing.. works 4 me

life is
get drunk

Count sheep.

valerie h
hang around boring people

Learn self-hypnosis. It will totally relax you and you will fall asleep easily. Search the web for techniques.

i problely take a sleeping pill or run around and makeyour self tired

warm milk and honey, the tryptophan in the milk will knock you out.

Drink milk or eat a bowl of cereal for some reason cereal tends to make you wanna go to bed.

count sheep, listening to boring music, licking elephants, etc.

stay up real late or get drunk

eat turkey


Muffin Ann
You should always make sure that You have eaten something and have a full stomach. Nothing spicy, and limit caffeine at least 2 to 3 hours before going to bed. Make sure Your bedroom is quite and your bedding clean. Don't do anything that would get Your heart rate up like getting on line, and getting upset over something, or exercising.

Reading does help, unless You really enjoy reading. Make sure that you block everything out of Your mind, and control Your breathing, making it slow and steady. Breathe in through Your nose, and out Your mouth. Like gently smelling a flower, and lightly blowing out a candle.

I have heard of a saying that You can say to help release the day. I lovingly release the day, and drift into peaceful sleep, knowing that tomorrow will take care of itself. Then every time something pops into Your mind, like a problem, clear Your mind again.

Now I have been known to count sleep....yes really. I picture a tall fence. Then I picture a beautiful very large sheep walking up to the fence v-e-r-y slowly, pausing, and then slowly jumping up and over, that is number one. Make everything slow, and easy.

Something else that is very important is that if You take medication that can keep You awake, like sinus medication, take it early in the morning.

I wish You many peaceful nights full of lots of good rest. You should get at least 8 hours of sleep a night, and when we do not, we begin to acquire a sleep deficit. Please try these things before taking sleep medicine.

God Bless and best wishes......

¡Free Love!
Zanex and wine.

Good luck!

warm water or milk

drink a warm glass of milk before bed get a over the counter sleep aid

watch television shows like PBS or TVLAND
or any boring tv show that is very boring to u.

I use simply sleep by tylenol, its over the counter, its non habit forming, and you really get sleepy, eyes get heavy and you will get good sleep!

read a boring book!!!

take 2 tylenol PM

Listen to chill out music while in bed.

I reccomend the album Chilled Euphoria vol.1 - works for me!

walk or hike

1 bag of camomile tea 3/4 ltr boiling water
pour water over bag in pot add five drops of lemon
turn on meditation music

Try exercising really hard, however, sometimes that hypes people up. You can take benadryl. That makes me sleepyy, but I am groggy for the next 24 hrs. The thing that works best for me is a tea called lavender lace, I get it @ a specialty tea shop. The grocery store have a decent one though from celestial seasonings, called sleepy time tea. Works pretty good.

I will read you the story of my life....that should do it.

read a book u r not interested in.

i take benedryl though - it's a guarantee

skip a days sleep the next night u'll be tired. Another method is to ask your grandfather to show you his slide collection on a retro projector. Make sure there is no sound playing just the drone of he and grandmas voice.

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