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Thank You
Whats the best thing to do to TREAT A SPRANGED ANKLE?

una s
you can put ice on it and try not to walk on it for a few days in give it time to heal or if ice makes it hurt more get a heating pad in put it on there there also a cream out thats called flex all it works really good to take the pain away for a little bite but i would also say hun u might want to go get it checked out in c what they tell you today

elevate it up on a pillow stay off it for a week ice it 10 min on 10 min off 10 min on sprained is one thing popped tendons or twisted is longer to heal support strap and a crutch if u need to go to work.. stay off it for 2 days tho..anti swelling pills help like water pills.. and motrin

Keep it elevated above your heart. This reduces throbbing.

City hunter
I want to find this out too. I spranged my ankle in a basketball game. After that I lost my explosition in jumping and running. I went to see doctor and she said she couldn't see anything. I was like WTF. As other said, better use ice asap right after u injured it. Otherwise, it will be bad if u try to fix it later. ... =*(

well...i think you should ice it and massage it....but not to hard !

~*[{BasKeT CasE}]*~
first, get some ice on it, asap. second, call a doctor to see if it is only sprained, not broken, and if it is outside business hours, go to the emercency room at your local hospital. they will tell you what to do. and last, try and walk on it if its not too painfull, as it will get stiff if you dont.

depending in the sprain....ice is good for a started, but bet get it checked out by a Dr. or Med Tec.

Wrap it up, keep ice on and off of in about 20 min. intervals, try to keep it elevated

Ice. And go to a doctor please.

anonymous 27
ice for 15 mins will do it........but remember it takes a while to heal a sprained ankle.....like a few weeks

Nurse in Ohio
Apply ice for 15 minutes. Wrap it in an ace bandage. Elevate the ankle. Take advil to help with pain and/or swelling.

ice it for 15 minutes at a time every few hours and keep it elevated as much as possible. Try to stay off the foot for a few days.

ice, elevation, ace bandage. See a doctor to be sure that there is no other damage.

ice. putting a bandage (cast) on it. resting it. putting medicine. doctor. sleeping with medicine on it. but i prefer you go to the doctors just in case it is broken. i have had to sprained arms. not legs, arms. so i know how its supposed to feel.

my two cents
What is a SPRANGED ankle?...sounds serious. That is probably more serious than a SPRAINED ankle, huh?


that's "SPRAINED" ok I'll try to be patient. Anyway, wrap it in ice to keep the swelling down. Lay down in such a way as to elevate the ankle to keep the blood flowing down from the ankle. DON'T WALK ON IT!!! Wrap it good with ace bandage and don't walk on it for at least a day. continue with the ice... then try a hot bath too soothe it. Only time will heal it.

Wrap that **** up with some ace bandage, keep it as still as possible and elevated at night

Lay down and sleep for a week. Lol, just kidding, but you might want to rent or buy some crutchs to use for while. Put ice where the swelling is and when the swelling goes down remove the ice, you don't want to freeze to death! Then put a heat pack on it to soothe the skin from the ice. Crutchs hurt though so try to schedule a light week it you have work or even try to get off some days and just relax at home.

Mack n' Cheese
Elevate it and switch heat and cold. DONT PUT WEIGHT ON IT.
Wrap it kinda of tight but not so its really uncomfortable. If it still hurts{or doesn't get better} in a week see the doctor.

Are you sure its just sprained? ice and rest.



see the doctor

Keep it elevated. Alternate heat and ice. Ibuprophen (or Tylenol) and use crutches.

Buzz s
Acute and you are away from home
Put your foot in the toilet and when the water gets cold, flush and continue to soak it.
Ice packs work almost as well.

Rest, Ice Compression and elevation with pain relivers as needed.

Use warm packs on them to stimulate blood flow and healing in the area.

Ice and keep the ankle up on a foot stool or coffe table.Stay of the ankle.See a doctor if pain persists.

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