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I need help with an injury???????PLEASE ANSWER!!! I NEED URGENT HELP it's an easy question?
Ok well i might have broken my toe but my parents don't think it's broken so they wont take me to the hospital. But I CAN"T EVEN WALK!!! how can I convince them to take me to the hospital I have to walk on my heel my toe is black, red, blue and it was completly bloody. Please how do I convinc ethem...

Broken toes heal on their own...you wont get a cast or even a bandage...I broke two toes dancing and was told this by a doctor.

Well if it is your toe, then there really isnt anything that can be done. I have done this several times and the only you can do is to put ice on it for 15-20 mins then take it off for about 20 mins. Repeat this process for a few hours. This will help with the swelling. Take some Advil/Motrin/IbProfen for the pain (no more than directed by label). You can try taping the toe to the toe next to it once the swelling goes down to stabilize it.

I know how bad that hurts, try to keep it elevated as much as possible, it is just one of those things that you can not really do a whole lot about.

Miss J
say it really hurts mom show her and say please let me go to the hospital for not put sum ice on it and let itt cool

Katherine Smith
cry and say when im old and im still having problems with my toe i know who to blame

broken toes don't hurt that much, sprains hurt more. so just ice it and take some advil

Broken toes are nothing special. I break them all the time. Just ignore it and wait for it to get better.

Drop a heavy object on their toe. When it swells up and turns black, red, and blue, ask them if you can go to the doctor now.

well if it's a broken toe they can't do anything for it anyways honestly other than crutches or something........but maybe call and talk to a doctor about it. take some pain killers as well.

scream in serious pain and say you'll call 911 for an ambulence it they don't take you

Actually there is a special type of shoe that you can wear for broken toes, my brother had one when he broke his toe, sorry I can really tell you how to convince your parents.

You could twist in some unusual way, some way that you can only do if its broken, this would be veeery painful probably so I dont suggest.

I don't know how old you are. How about asking one of your friends parents what they think or you could call 911 if you really think its that bad but I don't suggest that.

they should take you. tell them it hurts alot and you cant walk. tell them anything that will make them take you. i know doctors and w/ what they have told me i think it is broken. ): im sorry.

just wondering
Sorry to hear about you toe. I broke mine a few years back and there is really nothing the doctors can do for a broken toe. Are you in school still you could always go to the nurse. In the mean time what helped me was to wrap it really good with gauze and tape it to the toe next to it to stabilize it.

Jess F
well first. you can't do anything about a broken toe. just wrap it up. if u cant walk sit down and rest it put ice on it.

Hmmm. I don't know of any parents who would see that on their child and not take them to the hospital or doctor.

I would ask them to please take you again, even if it means showing them what you just posted.

Can you get them to take you to the doctor? If not, then maybe tell a friend's parent or talk to your school nurse first thing and let them know what pain you are in.

When another adult knows, chances are, you will get the help you need.

I am sorry no one is doing anything about your pain. I hope you get the quick help you need.

Take care and be well :)

get really faint and then scream saying HOSPITAL! HOSPITAL!
?idk will it work

hey demma, demma dilemma<3
Show them your mutilated toe and tell them that if they won't drive you up to the hospital, that you'll call up an aunt/neighbor/driving friend to bring you up there. Also, just start screaming and crying from the pain and fall to the ground. They'll come running :D
Haha, just kidding about that last part.
Good luck, hun!

wow. ive broken my toe, but it never changed color. this is way more serious. tell that to your parents. tell them that if it turns black, red, or blue, then it's more than just broken. and if they wont take you to the hospital, have them at least get it checked out by a podiatrist. (foot doctor)

You should tell your parents how much pain you are in and ask them if they could -at least- call a doctor and ask for some help.

quite honestly they can't do anything for a broken toe. Get an ACE bandage and wrap your foot snugly up to your ankle. it will take a few weeks but it will get better....Happened to me and OW!!

They won't take you because there isn't much to do when you break a toe. The best thing is to buy surgical tape and tape the broken to the toe next to it.

Jane W
even if it is broken the doctors will not due much to it. most likely all they will say is tape it up and try not to walk to much on it.
if you still want to see a doctor though show your parents what has happened to your toe and explain how much it hurts you. if they still dont do anything clean it real good and tape it up.

Calvin Hartwig
dont just go to a hospital

Do this:
First to make sure your toe is broken move it no matter how it hurts you gotta do it if it clicks or something like it go run (it's gonna hurt too) and tell them that your foot is broken and that if they don't take you you'll walk or tell someone to take you there... Once you're there they have to be with you and help anyways because you'll prove that is freaggging broke... If it doesn't click just putt ice a lot of ice..

PS Your parents don't care about you b/c if i broke my foot right now they'll be flying and doing everything to help me (That's what a responsible parent does)

just put some ice on it. need to give your body time to see if it can heal itself - if you cant bend it in a couple of days then go to doc.

well you can start crying and pretend to fall down the stairs or something(while they are there)

the only thing a doctor can do is tape them together, they can cast a toe. there is nothing they can do. you dont need a doctor.

Even if you do go to the hospital they won't do anything much with it. There isn't really a toe brace.

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