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I got a huge bruise from my shoulder bag
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he bity wrist and there is a bite mark on the top and bottom, they are pretty drop but not bleeding, my arm is kinda numb and hurts when I move it, it was by a pretty small dog
what should I ...

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I fell on my right wrist twice in football, and now, it has less mobility than my left wrist. I don't want to go to a doctor just yet, but besides icing it, is there anything else I should do?...

In 10 minutes i have to go get a injecton from the hospital.
The problem is i self harm and they are gonna see my scars! My mums coming to and im dead if she sees.
I dont want people ...

 what wrong with my knuckle?
okay, so today i was major-ly p*ssed off & ending up punching a wall....twice. it just went a bit red at 1st so i thought nothing of it, except 10mins later i noticed it was turning purple. now ...

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w? what should i do? what do u guys recommend?...

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 If I take my tongue ring out will it make the swelling go down?
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 What are the signs of sever internal bleeding?
I fell of a chair about 30 hours ago and basically impaled myslef.. the bruise has grown about 5 times the size since this morning.. I went to the doctor and he said it was just a bruise but... its ...

 I accidentally sliced open my jugular and now it’s spraying blood everywhere. What should I do?

 how can i break my foot (don't ask)?

 Bleeding cut...Help Fastt!?
My friend cuts herself...and she just told me that she cut herself pretty bad, and that the cut has been bleeding a lot for over an hour. what should she do?! Please helpp....

I have a black eye, but I have to do something important tomorrow How do I get it away by tomorrow. ?
Please help!

I Say, Old Chap!
Im sorry but if the bruising has already developed there is nothing that will have it gone by tomorrow, the only thing you can do is cover it with a thick concealer.

try putting on makeup to fade it in with your skin colour. but the wound is still there it just looks better

There is no way of getting rid of it unless you have ARNICA. It's a special type of oil that takes away bruising. (limits the bruising)

...I'd get some cover-up my friend, the only thing you can do is disguise it, it's a bruise and you can't "cure" a bruise with anything but time.

Try cold ice and some flesh colored makeup.


sorry, but you don't. it's a bruise, and only time will remove a bruise.

i think ur a guy if not sry...but go to the store and buy sokme foundation...i kno guys dont war makeup but it works great there is kno way to heal it that fast

Karen B
Try putting ice on it, Then buy some concealer to hide it.

Jarod C
You can't, it's a bruise. Makeup is your best option, or you better have a good excuse, real or not, on why it's there. I would say I bumped into a door that was half closed or something.

sadly you can't.
Just cover it with some foundation.

make up. buy the kind thats green on one side and skin colored on the other, it works real good.

a black eye is a bruise. a bruise is a build up of blood uner the skin. broken blood vessels. the only thing i can say is try make up

I say use cover up, because cover up will make it your skin color kindof, but not all the way cleared. it will have a little bit of the bruise left

It is not going to magically disappear, but you may be able to use make up to cover it. Good luck! =)

Ice to get the swelling down the best you can... but unfortunately you may have to cover it with make-up. It will not go away quickly. Or don't cover it and come up with a good story.

try alternating warm and cool compresses.

Your best bet is make-up, concealer works wonders

jelly bean
not possible, sorry. you could always put a little powder on to make it less noticeable. (even if u r a guy, nobody will notice if its just a little bit to make it less obvious) however, it will still be noticeable and the manly thing to do (or womanly, whatever you are; i cant tell cuz theres no pic) would be just deal w/ it. dont try 2 hide it.

wish she felt the same way =/
omg that happen to me i got a black and blue playing a game and i had to take pictures the next day (i cried)

This is what you do ice it then the color won't darken then apply heat so the color would turn a bit red then apply the make up but not so much cause it will be noticble just enough to hide the black eye

you don't sorry. and i think makeup makes a black eye look worse cuz ppl can always tell. Were you in a fight?

some kind of makeup will cover it up but not completely hide it

Bruises take a while to heal. After a week, it will be gone if not fading.

Make up is the solution.

If your a man and have objections to wearing make-up then sorry, you will just have to leave it...

The wonders of make-up!

*hint hint*

It isn't gay, if it is so important you'd hold your head high and look decent. Don't make it too noticable though...

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