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[Syphilis to retire]
Has anyone ever broke there finger(s) before?
If so, how did you do it & how long did it take to heal?
Does your finger feel different since healing?

Today i broke my index finger and sprained my middle finger :/

tiger one
Yes I broke my pinky finger while cleaning a Microwave. I think it only took a few weeks to heal. No it does not feel any different
I just broken my pinky toe 2 weeks ago, and it is still not healed.and still hurts a lot. Be glad it was a finger and keep it splinted.

Fr0otY l0oPZ
I havnt broken, sprained, or fractured anything.

make sure you have them both in a splint or they will grow back together crooked

nope but i broke a toe once and every once in a while it hurts.
there's nothing to really do.

a group of guy slammed a door on my hands went to the doctor healed in a month after they healed i kicked the group of guy asses and since then they have never messed with me XD

I've broken 6 this year. They probably took 8 weeks or more to heal because I was playing volleyball with them. They are a little more stiff since they've been broken.

★★★★★ answers
Cut one very badly... Sprained several... Never broken :D

I have broke my finger before. That is painful and I understand, unfortunately they will not fix it in the hospital. They might put a finger splint on it but will not set it. After a couple of weeks it will feel fine, but when the weather changes you will feel the pain in it, such as if it rains or snows you will know it once the weather comes in.

Kameryn!! Cheer!! Cheer!!
eghhhh i m sooo sorry i broke my thumb slammed it in a Jaguar door so it was really heavy pressure on it now its bigger than my other thumb not that much bigger though when it happened it took a few seconds then i started screaming you could hear the pop! but no it feels the same now i dont use it much lol except for texting and it feels fine it took about a month it was this ah--full purplish and blackish color for a while i guess but that's just me*(: get well soon!!!

You're dodging the aspens on the downhill and -- yikes -- you overshoot the turn, smacking your knuckles against an aspen as they grip the handlebar. (You should have invested in bar ends.)

The central portion of the extensor tendon is pinched over the middle knuckle (proximal interphalangeal joint or PIPJ), and tears apart. There's swelling and tenderness over the top of the joint, and it's painful to straighten the finger fully.

See the doctor for an injured finger if:
there's significant swelling or deformity
there's pain when the finger is resting (after the first hour)
you can't move the joint fully
there's severe pain with motion of the finger
there's numbness or weakness

Immediate care:
Rest, Ice, Compress, and Elevate. Immediately elevate the injured part and apply an ice bag. Go see the doctor for an x-ray.
Rest, Ice, Compress, and Elevate. Immediately elevate the injured part and apply an ice bag. Go to the doctor, unless you're absolutely certain that there isn't a significant injury.

After relocation of the joint, see the doctor for a dislocated finger if:
there's significant swelling or deformity
there's pain when the finger is resting (after the first hour)
you can't move the joint fully
there's severe pain with motion of the finger
there's numbness or weakness

Ongoing care:
For the first 48 hours, repeat ice and elevation 1/4 of the time (for example, 30 minutes of ice every two hours). Continue splinting for a few days. As the pain subsides, return to activities. Often you can protect the injured finger by "buddy taping," taping it to an adjacent bigger stronger finger. It will take about three weeks for the sprain to heal. As you resume sports, remember the rule: "If it hurts, don't do it." If the finger becomes increasingly swollen, or remains weak or painful in routine use, go to the doctor.

Finger rehab:
After the first few days of splinting, start range of motion exercises.
Range of motion: Warm the finger for 10 minutes (heating pad or sink of warm water). Gently bend the finger until it begins to feel uncomfortable, then hold the stretch for 30 seconds. Rest for a minute, then do it again. Repeat 10 times. Now straighten the finger and hold for 30 seconds, rest a minute, and repeat 10 times. If the finger has increased discomfort after the exercises, ice the wrist for 20 minutes after the exercises. Do the exercises twice a day.

Watch for:
If the injured area doesn't improve promptly, see the doctor.

I'll tell you that you should take an over the counter vitamin d and calcium supplement. to help it heal. Since i drink a lot of soda and did not do the above my fingers were broken for 6 months!!!!!!!!!! And no, it does really feel weird after.

Once i broke my thumb playing basketball. It healed after a month. For you it might take a month and a half. My finger feels the same but it cracks a lot. Other people are double jointed from breaking fingers though.

make sure you have them both in a splint or they will grow back together crooked.

Yes, Cheerleading Freshman year.

Busted the split mount. And fell landing on my hands with a claw form and broke my left index finger and my right thumb was swollen. Replaced me at the homecoming game. And then later on i quit.

Took me 2 weeks? Idk cant remember.

Yes, i can pop my thumb in and out. Disgusting but yeah.

I'm sorry about that Cam. /:

I haven't broken any fingers, but I did get my left pinky slammed really hard in a door once, and I lost a lot of blood!

I fell down the stairs once and landed on my index finger :(

Really Billy
I cracked the tip of my index finger playing softball last year.

It has healed nicely.

Playing football in 10th grade my left ring finger got caught in someones jersey and it was turned like 90 degrees at the second knuckle. Im pretty sure it was broken, and it didnt take long. Maybe 2-3 weeks.

↑Callum↑ [The Almighty]
I broke my pinky about a month or two ago....but I didn't do anything, i think it's healed now

VK's heart belong to him!
i broke my middle finger when i was in grade school playing volleyball.

it took awhile to heal, i kept taking the little cast thing they told me to leave on it and i kept re-injuring it.

i now have arthritis in that finger really bad, especially when it's cold outside.

Aww once again I'm so sorry love. No I've never broken any fingers although I have had my fingers jammed and ever banged against and whatnot. I hope for a speedy recovery for you. :-)

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