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would you get sick if???
if you drinked pee?? i mean it's made of waste....so if you drink it will you pee again???.........im weird.......

This question has a lot to do with who's urine your drinking. chlamidia and other std's can be detected in urine not to mention bloodborne pathogens. yes you could possibly get sick. i work in a medical laboratory and i would never suggest drinking urine. If you must drink it i suggest you get it tested first.

its safe go 4 it

no you won't get sick. in the 1800's though some people drank urine to clean their teeth.

Monica m
There are no known side effects to drinking one's own urine or another person's urine, but I wouldn't do it.

no..actually some people drink it for medical purposes.. just dont see the connection. ;)

Yes, because it's a mental issue....not physical

Urine is the waste filtered out by kidneys. That waste does include toxins, so, yes, you would.

It is not exactly trut that urine is sterile. Catheterized urine is sterile. Just peeing into a cup does not give you streile urine because it comes into contact with bacteria and yeast on the way out.

Some women drink it as a beauty treatment.

The Apple Chick
You definately could. It has an extrememly high salt content, and could cause further dehydration.

I would not do it but you can

Some women drink it.... Its a beauty treatment :S

only if you had a urinary type of infection then YES you will get sick. If you are healthy NO you won't. URINE is sterile

No. pee is sterile, it's bacteria free.

hmmmm....I think so. Hope you're not considering...

OK, some answers here are correct, some are way off and others are partly correct...just think about this for a minute..the kidneys are the body's filter..why would our body need a filter?..to get rid of waste and toxins, therefore the urine must be a product of toxic waste. Many cultures do drink urine (from cows even). But then again, other cultures drink snake venom and play with deadly rattlesnakes to "prove" their faith in God...do u wanna try some rattlesnake venom?

you can survive off your own urine for a period of time, it will hydrate you at best, but it is waste, and it is also the main excrete of TOXINS that your body is getting rid of.

so it CAN get you very sick, and if you were to drink it often, it could kill you of malnurishment

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