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 World's Most Deadliest Disease!!?
Hey Guys! its really urgent! i want to know about the world's deadliest and fast spreading disease with lots of pictures of it!! I want this by 30th may! Pls Help!!...... :)...

 I'm terrified about swine flu- can anybody reassure me?
i am seriously scared to go out my house
i was in church yesterday and there were people coughing and sneezing all around me and i got so paranoid
i really don't want to step out- i...

 is the swine flu something to really worry about somewhere as far north as michigan?
is it a ligit threat this far north?...

 my brother has herpes?
i have a nine yr old brother, we recently found out he has herpes simplex 1

we have no idea how he would get it, he doesnt share food with strangers, we doubt hes been going around kissing ...

 I think I have pink eye!! =( what do I do?!?
it's 2:30 AM here....I dunno what to do! both of my parents are asleep.

I don't know how I got this....I just woke up and couldn't open up my right eye. And now it's ...

is this a contagious disease.and how long before i can go back to school?...

 My 2 year old has staph?
Does anyone know of any way to heal Staph naturally for my 2 year old?

How can I boost his immune system?...

 can i get sickle cell by touching black people?

 What illnesses can rats and mice spread?

 Im a Canadian in Mexico while this swine flu is going around?
i know its not the best to be here but umm do you think they will ever close the borders? thats my only problem, other than that im staying inside and watching movies....

 how long does it take someone to die when they?
are dignosed with liver ...

 Is this swine flu pandemic anything to seriously worry about?

 Is it true that almost everyone who gets HIV/AIDS eventually dies from the disease?
Out of every 1000 people diagnosed with HIV/AIDS how many end up dying of the disease? When the disease first came out, it was said that it was always terminal, that medical help could only slow ...

 uk only too sick to get a sick note..?
my sister has flu and a temperature of 103 degrees and has been like this for a week. she needs a sick note for work as she is getting to the end of teh period where she can self certify but she is ...

 what things make the flu go away?
i have the flu, and its the worst. my head is throbbing , im hot im cold , my throat hurts & i have a bad cough. im sore everywhere and i can barey walk ... what are things to make me feel better?...

 My baby sister has a fever of 104.4!!!?
My 3 year old sister has a fever of 104.4! i have no idea what to do! do i go to the ER? medicine? ice? cold bath? what tell me!!! she's had fevers on and off for 2 months. she's been ...

 Oh No? Do I Have It? Swine Flu.?
I have coughing, sneezing, sore throat but no Fever. My roommate said he smelled death in the room last night? I have no health insurance so I can't go to the doctor. Do I have Swine Flu?...

 where did swine flu come from?
in class i am looking for the place it came from does anybody know where it came ...

 is the swine flu in ireland?

 should I get my h1n1 shot?
my school is giving out free h1n1 shots and my mom is making me get it done. I'm so scared because I heard of alot of bad things about the hot especially Desiree Jennings! I don't know what ...

B.S.Hamsini P
where did swine flu start?


It started about 24 weeks ago in the Mexican province of San Luis Potosi. The first affected human being by the H1N1 virus was a six month baby (cured and alive). It has spread over 122 countries and it's still spreading. The worst hit countries have been the USA, Argentina, Brazil, Mexico, Chile, Australia, Thailand, Canada, UK and Peru.

reject_boy {jordan}
mexico is where swine flu is believed to have first become transmittable from pig to human but also from human to human.

and then the media went crazy.

MEXICO.Just next to north America.

Mexico...Just beside South america

Mexico, just beside West America


jay h
From Mexico and then it spread world wide.

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