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 Do blokes get Bird Flu or is it just women?

 oh hi my dad says that everybody is getting swine flu because i got a D on my math test is this true?
i feel so ...

 What's the best kind of medicine for a sore throat?
Or any home remedy for that matter, and what can I do to keep it from getting any worse?

It's only a head cold, but my glands are swollen and my throat is really bothering me....

 Do I have the Swine Flu, If not what do I have?
here are my symptoms.
Bad cough
sore throat
head ache
stomach ache
weakness in the legs
hot/cold sensations
rash forming around my mouth.
But ...

 How to strengthen your immune system? ?
Any suggestions on maintaining a strong immune system?...

 Swine Flu Strikes, but is it all a cover up for something dark?
I was thinking of the Swine Flu that has hit, its hit Britain and near about everywhere, but is there a deeper, darker reason for this, maybe a distraction away from the recession or something more ...

 Will the swine flu outbreak ever "go away"?
Like will it ever be gone so that not many people get it?...

 Do I have the Swine Flu virus?

 Paranoid about the Swine Flu!?

Can anyone explain this to me, and what are the chances of it reaching the U.S and killing people?...

 what drink is best to avoid vomiting, ginger ale, Sprite or water?
I'm feeling discomfort in my belly and would like to know a quick remedy for it. How can one tell the difference between stomach upset and nausea? Are they the same?...

 Have you had the swine flu vaccine?
I have been invited to have the swine flu vaccine next week and I was wondering about side effects.
Have you had the vaccine? and how did you feel after it? I am in my 60's with a low ...

 The thumb nail on my foot, has changed color and has become dry & britle. Any idea what this is, if so any rem

 Are you worried about the Swine Flu?

 Why do some people believe that AIDS doesn't exist?

 puss from my ear. What to do?
I got my second hole in my ear pierced in october and i have been changing them since like december but every time i change them there is dried up puss on the back of my ear. When i push on the hole ...

 kissing question??????????
how can you stop the diseases from ...

 my 12 yr old has a temperature of 39.47?
He feels cold, but is very hot. What should i do, I'ts boxing day... and a sunday ??...

 will the swineflu ever end?
just asking im ...

 Sever strep throat!!?
I have very sever strep throat. I haven't ate anything in two days. I've tried soup, popsicles, tea and lots of other liquids but its just to painfully to eat anything. What should i eat?...

 what causes swine flu?
how did it outbreak?...

ugh my computer keeps saying i have infections..how do i fix this wihout paying?
i need help and fast before my computer crashes....what do i do~!!!!!

stop surfing web sites that pop up such lame fake errors

Don 007
Run like a virus scan.. I guess you will have to pay unless u r a PC genuis !

The good guy
get free anti virus such as AVG,
or make a back up disc and re install.

If your PC is telling you this, maybe you should try showering?

Hey, you entered your question in health. What do you expect?

Debbie C
If your PC keeps telling you that you have infections yet you don't have anti virus software then it sounds like malicious spyware has installed itself onto your computer. It happens very easily unless you have anti virus software.

For starters what you should do is search online for free anit spyware applications - but make sure you check that they are respected software first. Then you can do a scan to find any malicious spyware on your computer and remove it.

But you do need to get some sort of anti virus software and there are no free types available. However, there's software called Shield Deluxe which is pretty reasonably priced (around £25) and allows you to install it on 3 computers.

Good luck.

employee of the month
You cannot fix without paying. The reason is that you're already paying in terms of amount of time spent on fixing it; time is money. If you're lucky, you'll be able to download a free antivirus program and install it.

I used Dell PC Tune-up the other day.. it was free for 30days.. it fixed tons of problems I had.

Dell PC TuneUp 2.0.0 descriptionDell PC TuneUp automatically fixes and tunes your computer to keep it operating fast and problem-free. All PCs slow down with normal use as their hard drives fill with errors and junk files. Dell PC TuneUp cleans out clutter, repairs system errors.

koog g
start burning cd's with the shït you want to save and then re install windows...

Miz Lamb
http://www.housecall.trendmicro.com and go to the free scan.


Jack X
99% likely that it's Anti-Virus 2008/9...

Go to http://www.malwarebytes.org/mbam.php

Click download, then run the file to remove the fake antivirus warnings.

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