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 I have caught a virus from my computer, and i can't stop sneezing?
I weas serfing the webb and my virus stopper flashed up saying there is a virus. i went to delete it and there was a flash from my mouse and i felt a tingle in my hands throat. and now i have ...

 Yesterday i had the stomach flu, and i feel much better today , but still feel weak,wats the best thing 2 do?
meaning whats the best thing to eat and physically do?...

 Now it's at stage 5...?
So now the pandemic threat of SIV is up to 5, are we all surely done for? Should I go with my friends to the mountains, where nobody goes? We are calling it 'Plan Run For The Hills' or PRFTH...


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 I just sneezed. Do you think I have swine flu????

 Is it safe to eat bernard matthews turkey ham??
i eaten it about a week ago.. can i get bird flu now???...

 Do you think the swine flu is man made?
I'm hearing in the media that this might be true. Any evidence out there?...

 I'm actually scared about swine flu!?
My friend's mum has diagnosed swine flu, but obviously my friend has had contact with her (my friend doesn't have swine flu) but I've been avoiding her just in case she does get it ...

 what is mono( please help!)?

 I have swollen tonsils, cold, sore throat and aching sinuses. Does anybody know what it could be?

 Swine Flu Shot?!??!?!?
So, are u getting it? What are the risks? What's with that nose thing that replaces a shot? Why can people under 18 take the real shots? Will I get sick after? Should you do it yourself or go to ...

 Should Bernard Matthews be prosecuted?
For allowing Bird Flu to infect his farms? He is well known for not keeping his animals in good conditions. I think this time he should be hauled up infront of a judge and sent to jail. What do you ...

 Are we all gonna die from pig flu?
I live in London and just wondered if we are all gonna die from Swine Flu?...

 Is swine flu going to kill everyone?
If so when?...

 should i worry about the second wave swine flu?
well should i? tell me why or why not....

 Does taking antibiotics have any affect on a cold virus?
I was told that antibiotics have no effect - and someone I know is arguing that antibiotics do help to get rid of colds.
As far as I know antibiotics only kill bacterial infections. Who is ...

 might be going to mexico in the summer, how much at risk am i for the "swine flu".?
i wanted to go to mexico with a couple of friends and family in the summer,around may through june, but i am scared of the swine flu..lol should i go or stay??...

 Can you get HIV from making out?
I made out with my boyfriend last year, and I got the Flu a week later. I'm pretty sure we didn't have blood to blood contact. I didn't have any open bleeding wounds in my gums, cheeks,...

 What is the real Threat for us in UK: a Taliban who lives thousands of miles away, or the Swine Flue?
It is true Taliban killed a lot of our soldiers, but they killed them there, in Afghanistan- Not British Colony - not on our land! While Swine Flue is attacking us in our homes and killing us in ...

swine flu??????? should i freak out????
should i freak out......... i live 3 hours away from mexico city and i was woundering if i should freak out and if it is possible that i get it.....

Of course you should. We are on the verge of a new Black Death.

yes, probably
go see ur doctor
and get tons of masks
and wash ur hands
and become really hygienic
and don't have anything to do with pigs
and pray a lot

♥ Im just saying..
You know i wasn't even worried about it until i came on YA..

i live in NY.

You may be right
that is scary, I would get a mask if I were you, start praying, only God can help us.

Pikachowz s
If you really are worried, go to your doctor for a checkup.

Oh yeah, Namaste, because those peoples lives were worthless and we should ignore it, right?

Dont freak out. Its the worst possible way to deal with things, and the stupiddest. Wear the mask your government is giving you, and wash your hands. Dont touch other people, and dont kiss anybody. You will be fine.

wear a mask wash your hands take care you will be fine remember its spreads like normal flu its not like a super flu that can teleport ect you will be fine

You are at risk so be careful. I live several hours from a few cases, and my daughter is have flu symptoms, so i am a little scared. The good thing is that i have the purchased meds before they ran out. I took her to the doctor today, but they were closed, ik. so i went to buy what ever anti-viral medication they had. The cool thing is that i can purchase without the doctors note in Mexico, but the supply could run low.

Stay indoors, at home until it passes. If you go to the store , ware a mask, and wash hands. If possible take a shower as soon as you hit home.

saw it on the news 5 mins ago but i reccomend buying a mask to wear

come on, they are always putting crap on the news to create panic. That's their control. I don't believe it. they lie so much.

Read this: http://www.capitalcentury.com/1976.html


⁵ϝ☉ʊℝ³ ʈʬɵ¹
Yes, by all means freak out, because if you freak out that means you won't get the disease.

Don't worry about it. Just stay away from anyone with a hacking cough and wash your hands regularly. It's spread in the same way as normal flu--sneezing, coughing, and germy hands. If you start to get sick go to the doctor; people with proper medical care have all recovered.

I don't know, but I'm kind of nervous about it though. 75 children in New York City got infected with Swine Flu recently, and they don't even live anywhere near Mexico, Texas, or California.

Ty ><
Don't freak out. Obviously, this is something you should be concerned about. But going crazy never helps. Just try not to go out too much. Wash your hands. Maybe get a mask, if you really want?
Relaxing will probably help too :)

dont freak out
yes, its possible
stay out of crowded areas, avoid hospitals (they are a big source of disease transmission), wash all your foods, wash your hands very often, and relax.

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