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 Can I get tested to see if I have Swine flu?
I am fed up, I have some swine flu symptoms and my GP says I have to stay in for 5-7 days till symptoms have gone and I have got Tamiflu - but I am not taking it unless I get worse. I would just ...

 Can you spread HIV through spitting/sneezing/coughing?
This hasn't happened to me but, I was wondering if it possible to contract it through these methods.
P.S Is it normal for blood to be in the saliva?...

 Symptoms of swine flu?
Does anyone know what the symptoms of swine flu are?...

 where can i buy a flu jab?
i can not get it given free, where can i buy it from and how much would it cost....

 I think I'm getting sick.........???
Ok my mom has 2 ear infections and broncideous. But i think im getting broncideous also. my throat is hurting and stuff. but i cant get sick. this weekend i have 3 birthday partys and my friends will ...

 I am terrified with the swine flu! I'm going to travel to Europe is it dangerous?
what can I do to protect my self in the plane and airports?...

 Is the swine flu because of pigs?
i know it is because of pigs as it is swine flu.
but i am not satisfied with this answer!
plzzz help me!...

 True or False? Antibiotics are bad for you, so it's best to stop taking them as soon as you feel better?
Please explain your answer

Thanks! ♥...

 Swine Flu , what are youre thoughts?
Okay I read about the swine flu and from the media, etc., i was extremely scared at first. But the swine flu looks JUST LIKE the normal flu. I had a sickness in January and it was just like all the ...

 How can you tell if you have shingles?

 chicken pox and flying?
my daughter has developed chicken pox she has had them for 3days and we are due to fly on friday which will be 8days in total can we fly??? they are not severe and she hasnt got hundreds so i am ...

 Why did the Native Americans get sick..?
while the Europeans apparantly didn't? How could deadly viruses (including but not limited to smallpox) fester in the old world while apparantly no serious diseases were present in the new world ...

 what are the symptons for swine flu?

 A friend of mine is feeling really sick, and needs to go to the emergency room but she can't afford to.?
I reading on my local hospital's website that a person can qualify for full coverage if you're under the 200% poverty range ($48,260 yearly/$4,021.67 monthly.) Three out of 5 family ...

 What are some home treatment for a sore throat?
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 Does Marilyn Manson really have swine flu??!?

 Can I drink with a mild case of mono?
I'm 19 years old and have not felt any effects of mono (fatigue, fever - I had a low-grade for like a day) other than a bad case of tonsillitis that I exacerbated smoking like a chimney. They ...

 Am I going to get lead poisoning?
I have a bad sinus infection and it always feels like I have to sneeze but the sneeze never comes. So lately I have been sticking mechanical pencil lead up my nose to induce sneezing. Last night I ...

 has the swine flu reached northern CA?
lol im rly scared

and were in texas is it?...

 Do I have strep throat? It's been about 3 days?
Since Friday, I had a fever, sore/achy throat, could barely cough, and kinda weak and dizzy. All of that went away by Sunday morning, except for the throat problems.

Today (monday) My ...

Johnny L
swine flu?????? im really scared?
is swine flu deadly, and is it going to be like i am legend im really scared i live in NY and there are already 8 cases will i get it is it curable is this a modern black plague? help

No. I am Legend is impossible any ways.

Q What are the symptoms of swine flu?

A: Similar to ordinary human flu – cough, sudden fever, headache, muscle pains. In severe cases, it may lead to pneumonia, multi-organ failure, and death. The incubation period for ordinary human flu is two to five days.

help me :(
swine flu is just short for avian/swine/bird/human and whatever else flu.
same type of virus (except a higher breed) from 1918 spanish influenza.
it is nothing like the black plague.
do not panic.
if we stay strong; we can fight back!

the link below well give you some precautions
make sure to read the "more info"
and inform everyone you know!

Its called H1N1!!!! it seems better controlled than all the other pandemics that have happened, it wont kill you if you get it and its unlikely you will. Yuo will be taken care of and the disease is susceptible to oseltamivir (Tamiflu) and zanamivir (Relenza) they will get rid of it if you got it. wash your hands and call a doctor if u feel unwell

Matt G

Jayden M
Umm i was just reading the yahoo article and I live in california it sounds pretty scary!

well in 1940's the same virus was going around. killed 50 million peolple word wide. does that answer your question?

H3N2 is its name and it may or may not have pandemic possibility. The good news is that they have drugs that fight and prevent flu viruses: Tamiflu Preventative, Relenza Fights the virus. The problem is Relenza seems to be understocked in the US and is availible by perscription only. Swine Flu may have pandemic possibility if you look at Influenza's past viral mutations the Spanish Flu which is said to have killed between 20 million to 100 million people the worst pandemic ever encountered by man. Can it kill us all? Maybe. Swine Flu is susceptible to Relenza and Tamiflu if used early on I believe.

Anna C
Fear will effectively do these:

@Keep you from rational thought which
@Keeps you from rational actions which
@Encourages you to panic which
@Allows you to NOT take responsibility for your health which
@leads to more fear.... thus
you literally either run around like a chicken with its head lopped off or give up and just lay down and die.

Now personally, I don't favor ANY of the above.

Watch where and what you eat (KNOW where your food is coming from or grow some of your own).

Take a good vitamin supplement and get some OxySilver which actually does kill a broad spectrum of viruses and bacteria.

Wash your hands often, exercises and fill up on green based foods. Cut down on sugar and white bread products.

Keep a positive, observant, self-responsible attitude,

Love yourself and give extra love to your family.

These are all positive, forward moving actions and fear has NO part in them.

PS....stop taking it as gospel everything the government controlled media tell you and watch less TV.

The government doesn't want you to know that it is. But yes. Our government is well prepared to dispose of millions of bodys.

no, it wont be like I am legend. its not going to wipe everyone out. it may kill alot of people, but it wont kill everyone. Just take standard precautions (wash your hands and stay away from sick people).

Swine flu is NOTHING compared to the black plague. Id rather get swine flu anyday than get the black plague.

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