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my 12 year old has a sore swollen throat and a low grade fever 100.8. Any home remedies? ?
Her doctor is usually open on Saturdays but not today. I want to avoid the emergency room. Thanks!

sleep, maybe a low does of night quill

you don't wanna use home remedies you should go to a doctor and get a antibiotic for the throat and the fever some Tylenol and keep in a room with a A/C

chicken noodle soup or tea with some honey! warm things really help with the sore throat. have her take a nice, relaxing bath too. for the fever, i've always taken a slightly cold wash cloth and put it on my forehead to kind of cool me down a bit. fevers are trickey though because sometimes your cold, and sometimes your hot.

ღ semz
honey & lemon tea.
also, gargling salt water should help.
goodluck :(

go to the chemist and ask there...there's usually one actual chemist among all the hairbrush and perfume salespeople... so try to spot that person and ask them for their opinion.

My grandmother has been doing this for years.
It's an ancient peruvian remedy for sore throats.

--This is better to do on an empty stomach before meals.
--This also provides immediate results, faster than any medication.
-- You should repeat about 2-3 times a day as needed to take care of pain in the throat, (also reduces fever)
--Why it works, Honey is a natural cure and antibiotic, it also sticks well to bacteria and viruses.

First, get your kid to gargle lime and salt water (luke warm water)
Then get a chopstick and put cotton around one end of it (as if to make half of a huge Q-tip)
Then, get warm honey, and dip the cotton in the honey.
This is where it proceeds to get a little messy.
They need to sit by the toilet, and gargle salt water in between treatments.

You need to get the q-tip dipped in honey, and gently maneuver it around the affected area's inside the throat, this will make them gag but tell them to just hold in there for a couple more seconds.
After collecting most of the phlegm, repeat about 2 or 3 times till the throat looks more clear of the phlegm.
They should feel about 15x better than before.
Works every time. I know it sounds a little unusual, but it's ancient, and really works.

Plenty of rest, chicken soup, and NO VIDEO GAMES, rest means rest. He/She maybe upset that they can't use the computer or video games but they really need to get some rest.

shanicee :)
Try Honey And Lemon In Boiling Water With A Little Bit Of Sugar, Basically Like A Tae.
Works Well For The Throat .


the girl next d00r
tell her to gargle salted water. and just let her rest till the doctors are open!

Idk just take good care of her maybe try giving her tylenol and let her sleep for a while..

Andrew S
it may sound a bit off the wall, but it always worked for me when my grandma did it. put a teaspoon of whiskey and a squirt of honey in a cup of tea and have them drink it. The whiskey will help burn up some of the germs and it's such a small amount it's not going to have any negative effects on your kid. good luck

aspirin to bring down the fever.

I can not advise you on the throat though as I don't know why it is inflamed. could be bacterial, viral,swollen lymph nodes, ect..

is there like an urgent care center near by? they are same day treatment centers that are way cheaper than hospitals. I would look into one of those and get her in asap to make sure she's alright.
just make her comfortable and give her fluids (mostly water but sometimes juice thats high in vitamin C) and popsicles, honey is also good for sore throats, just a little bit tho like a teaspoon. don't give her fever reducers because they suppress the immune system and make it have to work harder, which prolongs the illness and symptoms.

ouch that hurtz

For the fever, keep her out from under the blankets and with a wet wash cloth or towel on her forehead. For the swollen throat, try gargling with salt water and vinegar, or have her drink some tea with honey. Hope she feels better!

we tv
pure honey and lemon for throat and cold sit baths for the light fever or a cold damp rag pat on the forehead chest neck and underarms
you could also give her natural freezer pops(ices) to rid her of her fever (lot and lot of ices) kids love them they'll think of if as a treat and as a medicine or remedy.

i don't like to give my kids over the counter drugs either.... your a good mom,no better a great mom thanks for asking this question, hope this help!!!

Tea and aspirin w/honey.

Lucky L
I have had that honey and tea works or gargle salt water works good! *good luck*

momma of two
gargle warm salt water and just lay down with a cool rag on her forehead.

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