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 If swine flu isn't as bad,,why is everyone so concerned like there are scanners in the airport!!!!!?

im really freaked out cuz they were saying that the swine flu is in the bay area now, and i live in the bay area!! if u dont know where the bay area is its in california near the coast.
should i ...

 Should I take the Swine Flu Vaccine?
I'm really scared about the swine flu vaccine. I'm also not very sure I should take it. My mom got a piece of paper indicating about the Swine Flu Vaccine and it was said I should go to ...

 Very sick.. Please what are my symptoms showing?
Im sooo cold, im shivering but I have a fever of 101. I have a very soar throat, and bad cough. My chest is killing me from choughing so much. I ache so badly ever where and me head hurts very badly. ...

 i think i have the swine flu i got back from mexico a couple of days ago, am i going to die :( ?

 Did I get Swine Flu While I was in Washington, DC?!?!?!?
I just came back from my trip to Washington DC and unfortunately my friends and I had to walk in the rain without any warm jackets. The next day I got a runny nose and a slight cough/sore throat. I ...

 I'm so sick what is wrong with me?
I have a fever,headache, bodyaches,runny nose, cough, my throat feels bruised, having hard time talking,vomiting bile and have diahrrea....

 what do u think of swine flu ?
and did u know that in Ireland they plan to vaccinate every one by Autumn ?...

 can anything stop you getting the flu bug,thats going around?
especially when you have been around people that have it....

 Do anyone know if you can get hiv through saliva?
can you get hiv from smoking (cigarettes) after someone?...

 Other than, HIV,hep b, & hep c what othe illnesses caan be caused through drug abuse?

do you think that there will be loads of deaths?
what do you think?...

 what are the symptoms of swine flu?

 Ok, now that it's that time of year.... Why do we get sick more easily in the winter?
I know that one reason is because we're inside more, and therefore around people more so some diseases spread more easily. However, it seems being out in the cold leads to me being sick as well....

 Can you go back to school after having the flu for 4 days?
I feel all better, and tomorrow it would be 48 hours from having my fever. DO you think thats ok? Will I still be contagious even if I'm not coughing to sneezing or don't have any symptoms? ...

 is by donation of blood hiv not spread?

 could it be the flu or just really bad cold pleasee answer !?
A few days ago I was really stuffed up but I felt fine otherwise but then yesterday morning when I got up I felt really achy and when I got up dizzy and stuffed up throughout the whole day until ...

 bladder infection?[i am a girl]?
ik that my picture shows a guy, but i am indeed a girl, who happens to love the name Jimmy.[notice the name to go with my guy pic] anyway, about two days ago, i recently began noticing that it hurt ...

 PLEASE HELP ME !!!!!!!!!!!! I MIGHT DIE/GET SWINE FLU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
I went to the gas station, I touched the handle to open the door and went out. When i got home i just splashed my hands in some water and wiped it on a towel. Then i walked away then an hour later i ...

 What are the Swine Flu symptoms?
I have felt horrid the past couple of days, I think its just pollen making me like this, but I cant be sure. I mean, usually I can go to class when I'm sick, but so far me going to summer ...

might be going to mexico in the summer, how much at risk am i for the "swine flu".?
i wanted to go to mexico with a couple of friends and family in the summer,around may through june, but i am scared of the swine flu..lol should i go or stay??

i hope they serve pudding (RA)
You should definently stay.

Aidan C
As far as I am concerned, the US government has asked all flights to Mexico D.F. be cancelled and the border is essentially closed. It's not a nobody goes in or goes out thing but I believe you can only go in if you really really must and you can leave if you get tested and prove negative. Once that restriction is gone then that must mean they've made progress on how to protect you. So I don't think you're getting much choice here.

If I were you, I would stay. The risks are very high. Or, you could wear a surgical mask, gloves, and a Hazmat suit.

YOU know you WANT to do me HARD!
you'd be committing suicide by going there.

you are at very risk if you go. Mexico is where the swine flu appeared first i would suggest not to go to Mexico.

dude, I HAVE to go next week!!!!!!!!! im so scared! The disese might be over by then...

don't be afraid of it, by then the flu will wine down and it will not be as common, if I were you I wouldn't be worried, just go have fun

carmen elektra
What are u thinking!!!!???? DONT go to MEXICO...even me that i was born in mexico, ITS THE LEAST PLACE I WANT TO BE AT..i recommend u don't go..if you GO don't come back, because i don't want to get the swine flu.

i would be scared if i were you. my school had to be shut down for a while because of it, what does that tell you

dani.ox ♥
definitely stay. no question. doctors suspect that at lest 100 people have died from the swine flu in mexico and you would be insane to go now. this will only worsen before it improves.

Stay clear until this mess is under control. That what most world governments are recommending. My recommendation is not to panic, but until a vaccine is developed or it is under control in some other way to limit your sojourns outside to a minimum and frequently wash your hands after touching anything.


AmOr ImpOsiibLee
Honey stay home fi you really appreciate your life=] LMaooo

Olivia B
140 vs.109,955,400
You do the math.

Stupid Hypochondriacs

☮ kayla kaulitz.
Just keep checking the news until things clear up over there, and if things do you should be okay.

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