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Kell-Bells >:)
is the swine flu man made??????
i think it is. isnt it kinda weird how it has spread so rapidly?? when you think about it, its not really flu season, and it sounds really fishy to me.

i think it has somethig to do with pigs

i wouldn't say "man made" but it might be because of what people were doing to the environment or something. it could have been evoked by people but i don't think flus are man made.

Grace T
yeah you can get it by eating pigs or even maybe touching it and if someone has it then it can be passed from person to person so you better watch out all those people that live in New York, Mexico, Texas, & California

Is the SWINE flu MAN made....

From what I have read on the internet, this swine flu is a virus that combines bird, swine and human virus….or something to that effect. Isn’t that virtually impossible?! I mean, species don’t intermix in this kind of way, right? If I am correct, then this has to be man made. Naturally, this does not exist!!


It has to do with people eating sick pigs. Think about it. It's not about the environment per say, but the way people grow and handle their food. Pigs are packed into shipping yards and fed who knows what. They wallow in the nastiness of the whole pig pile, then they're fed antibiotics to fend off the diseases they should be getting in that situation. One sick pig slips through because the people who process our meat really don't care about our health, but our money. One pig gets through and starts a world wide epidemic. It's a reason for everyone to rethink how we get our food.

Chairman Maobama
The current virus has a 1/10% chance of occurring naturally, combining elements from swine flu, avian flu, human influenza type A and B and the 1918 Spanish flu virus. It is most likely either a bio-attack by a foreign government, or more likely by our own government to create mass panic and further the march towards socialized health care and ultimately communism. This is the most likely situation due to the 10% fatality rating, our own government would only want to scare people, not wipe out the country. A foreign government seeking to do maximum damage would have a virus that was much more effective.

Ad We
swine flu is the government's codeword for zombie epidemic

Laaaauren *
wtf is that . .

i'M KiNDA SCARED N0W ? ! : (

David M
Someone at another site said "No it is a mutation of a respiratory disease found in pigs."

That's like saying Obama's stimulus package will save a few jobs and leaving out the part about the earmarks, his friends who get money, and the debt he's creating with his spending.

It is actually a lot more than that, and very likely man made. (The previous answer failed to address that's it also combines the bird flu, which wasn't able to pass from human to human while this one does. This is the "new and improved" bird flu, which is VERY unlikely natural.)

If this were really something they wanted to stop, knowing that Mexico is ground zero, the borders would be shut down just like the schools are. That would be the first step (like when air traffic was shut down during 9/11--no I'm not pro-Bush, I'm about basic principles, common sense). Are they doing anything to stop the spread into the US? Is this the "test" Biden promised us Obama would receive within 6 months of Obama being sworn in?

It's like the economy. When you are running out of money, do you slow spending and get control of your finances or increase spending and create debt, thereby increasing the problem? This is common sense that people, in an attempt to defend a person, set aside those basic common sense principles for!

Now people set aside those common sense principles (they are doing NOTHING at the border to prevent this disease from entering the US) and saying that we are safe. It's in the US now and still nothing is being done!

Oh, but now, because I'm commenting on common sense principles that go against the President and what he's doing, according to the media I'm a terrorist and racist.

Welcome to the Obama States of America!

of course it is but all you have to do is not take the vaccine they will try and give you and your all good because just like aids this is man made and they probably want to thin america's population... they probably gave it to mexico because to many immigrants were coming to america so the ones closest to the border they killed with this virus now the people who went to mexico probably had to take a vaccine b4 going to mexico the vaccine was infected with the virus and it took a certain amount of weeks to kick in so that when they got back to america the panic would spread making everyone run to get these EXPENSIVE vaccines only a certain amount of vaccines are infected (only my Guess though) so yeah im guessing the government did this so they can get more money back in there pockets kill of some of the population because small population stimulates the economy and this country is getting packed with immigrants so they kill some of them off because there taking cash out of their pockets

MAN-MADE , "Biological warfare "

It's actually common knowledge that it's man made and any microbiologist will tell you it's impossible for it not to have been.

A kiss for you <3
yeah I have my suspicions too. I mean it just started out of nowhere. and its a combination out of three distinct species.

We as a whole know don't all there is to know about the history of diseases, after all modern medicine hasn't been around that long. I can see how this virus can be natural. A sick bird came into contact with a pig either though direct means or though it's feed or water the pig got sick it already had the gene for the swine flu and they shook hands and then a person with the flu came into contact with the pig or it's food or water and there you go a new flu, every year we get a new flu because they mutate. Just because something is new to us doesn't mean it's never happened before, remember as things go we as an intelligent species aren't exactly old in the grand scheme of things.

It is almost 110% a man made disease.
Like AIDS. Created by the evil elite rulers to achieve their evil plans.
Go to website like www.rense.com
Reveals what the illuminati are doing to this planet

Swine Influenza (swine flu) is a respiratory disease of pigs caused by type A influenza virus that regularly causes outbreaks of influenza in pigs. Swine flu viruses cause high levels of illness and low death rates in pigs. Swine influenza viruses may circulate among swine throughout the year, but most outbreaks occur during the late fall and winter months similar to outbreaks in humans. The classical swine flu virus (an influenza type A H1N1 virus) was first isolated from a pig in 1930.

they is NOW A man made swine flu with as they said “genetic material from pigs, birds and humans in a way researchers have not seen before”

Love of Truth
I'm not a virologist but it two things seem very odd about these latest events. First of all this virus is a combination of 3 different flu strains (i.e. human, Pig, and Bird). It seems this would be highly unlikely to occur naturally in nature.

The second very suspicious thing is the news organizations has said zippo about the possibility of this being man made. I mean with all these people asking what seems to be a perfectly obvious question why are they themselves not only asking these questions themselves but actually doing there jobs and investigating.

It is a well known fact that the vast majority of media outlets are owned by a very few corporate interests and they rest of the minor media outlets get their news mostly from these more powerful interests.

Keep this in mind as you also ponder this perfectly reasonable correlation. The number one industry in all the world is fossil fuels, except... in America where it is second to low and behold the medical industry.

If you haven't noticed this fact in life money is very important to most people and a few have little to no scruples about harming others to get even more of it for themselves. Now the more money you have the more power you have to influence people and the governments than are suppose to look out after them.

Industries have since the end of several prominent theocracies have been the major power players in the world. In fact of the 100 top hundred economies 51 of them are corporations. These corporations become even more rich via bilking the taxpayer via subsidies, tax breaks, earmarks, no bid contracts, descoping, bailouts, etc. This is a well known fact. And though watch dog groups have pointed the finger for years still nothing has been done but in fact such practices have gotten even worse.

You might be asking yourself what my point is. Well simply if they have this much power over governments and have no trouble hurting other via there greed what makes you think a pharmaceutical company hasn't been working on hybridizing virus' all in the name of profit?

With each new virus released creates fear and a perceived need for new vaccines and drug treatments which low and behold the said companies are already offering to "help" by creating these products for the newest outbreak of "Swine" Flu. Welllll, Isn't that convenient, hmmmmm?

Very long story short, I don't have all the answers but I do know human nature in regards to the most powerful interests in the world and it would not surprise me one bit if indeed this virus was man made.

YES. :(

It is possible that Swine Flu was a virus created by man and that it either escaped the facility that created it, or was deliberately released by some country to experiment with biological weapons.

The US said that they had proof that SARS was linked to China and their biological release on the public in Taiwan as punishment for Taiwan breaking away from China.

The chance that its Swine Flue is man-made is 95% because:
1. It appeared suddenly this month.
2. It is a genetic mix of swine-bird-human
3. It is spreading on a non-flu time of the year
4. It is spreading rapidly, more so than regular flu

End of world...probably not, but always a possiblity. This disease was probably released as a statement to America from Russia (Georgia Conflict) or Korea....most likely Korea...for Americas recent protest of their missile launch. They do alot of genetic manipulation with DNA and such....famous for it.

Sure sounds like it. The timing is suspicious as is the instant crisis situation and frankly, I don't buy it, I think many of these so called crises are contrived.

No Respect
i think the swine flu is man made. how does all these different types of flu's come together all of a sudden and become one huge virus.. hummhumdrum strange...... The end times are coming....

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