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head ache
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hot/cold sensations
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something new
i've got shingles?
my girlfriend has never had chicken pox but she says she has immunity to it as all her sisters and cousins had it but she never caught it. does this mean she wont get it now or should i keep clear of her till its gone?

Ouch, i hear its so painful.... she wont get it more than likely... just keep it clean and dry.. damn dude, sorry i know that hurts....my boyfriend had it we slept together every night i touched it putting meds on it..... i never got it...

Sally Anne
I agree with nuttygirl. But I don't know about your girlfriend. Maybe she is immune. I should think if she is going to get it she will have been exposed to you long enough by now. Anyway I hope she doesn't and I hope you feel well again soon. It's worse to have it when you are older I understand. More painful. Best of luck

Frankie S
If she has been exposed, you are safe to be close to her.

Ali A
You can't catch chicken pox from shingles as it's a virus that lays dormant inside your body from when you had chicken pox and is not contagious. Unless you have actually had chicken pox you are not immune to it.

kellie r
stay clear it is very infectious i worked in a nursing home for many years and Ive seen many cases they have to be isolated and you have to mask glove and gown trust me she does not want it and tell her to get the vaccine for chicken pox i thought i was immune to it to and when i turned 27 i got chicken pox and almost died they got inside my lungs and caused pneumonia and my veins started to collapse because i couldn't eat or drink due to the sores in my mouth and throat please tell her to get the shot it for her own good

Paula B
I got shingles and my mum thought I hadn't had chicken pox. The doctor said that I maybe had just one or two pox (spots) in my hair, but that I definitely had had chicken pox. Since then other people have told me the same.

Em x
She may have a bit of a natural immunity to it, she may infact have already had it but missed it because it was mild - especiall so if everyone around her had it when she was a child. If she is going to get chicken pox from you she will already have been exposed so it probably wont make a difference if you stay away now! I have had it and didnt pass Chicken Pox to anyone!

Dr. Obvious
The short of it is: Stay away from her. If someone has never had chicken pox, then they can still get chicken pox. Shingles is a manifestation of the same virus that causes chicken pox.

But don't just go by strangers with bits of info that may or may not be correct. Check webmd. See below

From BUPA at:


"Shingles is not infectious in the same way as chickenpox, where the virus can be passed on in coughs and sneezes. However, shingles is contagious. This means it can be passed on by direct contact. Fluid from shingles blisters can cause chickenpox in people who are not already immune. People with shingles should avoid those with a lowered immunity."

The fact that your girlfriend didn't catch chicken pox when people she lived with had it does not mean she has any immunity, she was probably just lucky. So, the best course would probably be to avoid any direct contact while your shingles is active. I know from personal experience that chicken pox is not a pleasant illness for adults.

Anna J
people say that all the time... ohh i can't get it.... unless she had the vaccine ....which i doubt she did... she could still get chicken pox... i would stear clear until its gone... or at least no physical contact... good luck

Nutty Girl
A person with a shingles rash can pass the virus to someone, usually a child, who has never had chickenpox, but the child will develop chickenpox, not shingles. A person with chickenpox cannot communicate shingles to someone else. Shingles comes from the virus hiding inside the person's body, not from an outside source.

with chickenpox when the spots appear the infection will have already have spread I can't find information on whether you are still infectious with the spots you have if your g/f doesn't want to get chicken pox you probably should avoid her for a while

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