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 Question for medics preferably : Is it normal to bleed from nose and throat whilst suffering from flu?
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Anthony V
how could i tell if I'm even a little bit dehydrated / and how do i rehydrate my self?

Matt B
lol drink water

You feel like you need water and then you drink it.

drink water

If you are thirsty, you are already well on your way to dehydration. When you are dehydrated there are a number of symptoms. Usually the first one is dry mouth or thirst. Later can come constipation, dizziness, upset stomach, fatigue. The best thing to do is drink lots of water! Other sports drinks are ok to rehydrate you but they also have calories and sugar. Of course try and drink the 8 glasses a day. In the summer its best to drink more, especially if you are in the sun alot or if you are very active.

Bonnie S
When was the last time you urinated? If it was several hours ago this is a sure sign. If you pinch your skin and it doesn't go back to it's original shape right away but takes a few seconds this also is a sign, if you feel sick to your stomach also it may be a sign. Either way drink water. If it is a mild case this will help. Gatorade is good since it has electrolytes to help with dehydration. If you think it is more severe such as you haven't urinated in over 10 hours go to the emergency room because it can be serious and they need to get an IV and rehydrate you ASAP.

The Kelster
YELLOW PEE, no kidding.
You always know if you're not getting enough water if your pee's not clear.
Also, headaches or overall feelings of lightheadedness.

Canuck Guy
Some people get headaches when dehydrated. Drink water and I agree with the bananna. You may also add some salt.

drink water slowly, and eat a banana

the total package
If you're already a little bit thirsty... your already slightly dehydrated.

Everyone should sip on water all day long. Drink larger amounts PRIOR to working out or doing yard work, sports, etc.

When you're done, drink some more.

Anthony M
Your urine will be darker in color if you're a bit dehydrated.

I know this sounds totally obvious, but drink a glass or two of water to rehydrate yourself....

drink lots of fluid and you (might sond grose) your pee might be more yellow and cleer if hidrated hope it helps

how to tell is honestly, to look at your pee.. i am not joking, if it is really dark then you don't have enough water in your system.. drink water slowly and eat something with potassiumin it such as a bannana or watermellon


Dry lips parched mouth and thirsty. Drink lots of water all through the day

You can tell if your dehydrated if A white, coated tongue and dry mouth. your urine is dark yellow and has a that smells strong, You develop a headache

Also try Pulling the skin on the back of your hand. If it takes a long time to snap back your dehydrated.

Tia T
First sign is you are getting less energetic and need some slow down. This is the good time to have a sip in a short break.

You can over hydrate yourself without too much harm until it is too excessive, you will start to deplete your electrolytes such as sodium and potassium.

When that happen, you may feel dizzy, nausea and even pass out.

Here's a field test for dehydration: Straighten the fingers of one hand. With the other, pinch the skin of your straightened knuckle perpendicular to the natural skin folds. If the flesh stays peaked where you pinched it up, it is likely that you are dehydrated.

As for the second part of your question, I think the answer is fairly simple: Drink some water, dude.

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