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 I was prescribed Tamiflu but now everyone is telling me not to take it - is it safe?
After calling NHS Pandemic Line they diagnosed probable swine flu and I now have a pack of Tamiflu. Everyone I speak to is warning me not to take it. (When I say everyone, I mean friends and family,...

sweet lordy wit da corn bread!
how can you get swine flu?
some kid got it in my class and i was wondering how contagious it is and what are the symptoms of it? also please speak in english not "smart talk" lol thanks!

Small But Mighty
Someone came to school with swine flu?
(more properly known as H1N1)
The first thing i would do is talk to your teacher so he/she can explain to the child's parent that the disease is contagious by touch.
(and i am not sure about it being airborne or waterborne, but i wouldn't take my chances)
So basically, just keep your distance if you know its H1N1 and not a cold.

Same way you catch a cold.

u breathe

if the kid sits next to u and cough's or sneezes and u breathe that are u can get the * plays dramatic music * SWIIIIIIIIINE!!!

"smart talk"?

Earth ◊³ Dee
When people infected with the flu cough (mouth open or not covered) or sneeze, the virus escapes in little tiny droplets of water (snot, phlegm... whatever) and get into the air, and on surfaces around them.

Someone else comes along and touches things that were infected this way, and then touches their own nose, eyes or mouth and they can catch the flu.

This is the same way that any kind of flu passes from person to person, or even just a cold.

Swine flu is no more contagious or dangerous than the regular flu people have been trying to avoid for years. Symptoms include body aches, headache, cough, fever and chills.

I expect that protection against it will be included in the flu vaccinations available this year.

Its bacteria thats in the air, & you can get it as easily as breathing the same air.

by making out with a Pig!

Baby D
its the same way u get any other kind of flu - ur around some1 who has it & they cough, sneeze, etc. if ur standing near them u can catch it.

if someone with swine flu sneezes then the germs from the sneezes is released into the air and you will breathe in that air and you will most likely catch it.
if you know someone with swine flu and they sneeze RUN!!!!!!

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