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Jay Jay
child, age 7, 103 temperature over 72 hrs?
my child has been sick with high fever, cough, vomiting a few times, chills, sore throat. She is on antibiotics but obviously are not helping. This has lasted over 72 hrs. She has an appt today... any ideas??

Michael K
"very" cool or an ice bath will help bring it down....good luck

I'm not sure why you haven't contacted her pediatrician somewhere along the way? She needs to see a doctor!

doctor now

sounds like pneumonia and that the meds the dr. gave weren't for that---which means your child may get the next step which is like scarlet fever or something like that

i would try packing the child in ice in the bathtub to lower the fever---they did this to my childhood pal who had a fever of 105-107 for like a few days

i am glad you are taking him/her back to see the dr.

check with your doctor first...

everything will be fine...trust me

Definitely Hospital time, besides death you need to avoid ear canal damage. Yes go now....

I wouldn't have waited this long with that high of a temperature....I'd be at the hospital

Do not hesitate to go to the doctors immediatley! this could be very serious! The sooner the better! Oh, when you made your appt, did the doctor know the conditions of this illness? Or do they think it is a typical fever? Tell your child not to worry, stress can often make they way she physically is feeling even worse. Good luck, I hope your child feels better as soon as possible.

jeffrey m

Control the temperature within the hour. Internal temperature must be brought to around 98 degrees Fahrenheit; adjust the recorded temperature depending on the site at which it is measured (if I remember right: under tongue is right on, under armpit is 1 degree less than internal temperature).

Bathe the child in cool (not cold) water and monitor the temperature as it falls back to normal ranges. Another option (for less severe cases) is to put a cool, damp cloth on the forehead and face (and other skin) with minimal clothing (expose the skin) and monitor the internal temperature as it drops to about 98 degrees Fahrenheit.

Use Tylenol, and hydrate the child with one cup of water ever 15-30 minutes (depending on the size of the cup).

The temperature must fall slowly (over about one hour to the correct temperature), else the body will go into shock if it cools too quickly.

Make the child rest and play music which the child likes to help maintain a positive morale. Get well soon, and regardless of how the child feels or how good the temperature is later on, go to the doctor's appointment, of course.

BTW, if you are not successful at bringing or keeping the temperature down, then take the child to the Emergency Room immediately. If the temperature exceeds 105-6 degrees Fahrenheit, call an Ambulance immediately for delivery of the child to the Emergency room. If the heart beat becomes weak, or your child loses consciousness (even going to sleep) before the temperature is resolved, you should be attempting to keep/bring the child conscious on your way to the hospital, ER. 103 degrees Fahrenheit is high, but you don't need the Emergency Room at the hospital if you can resolve the temperature issue within the hour.

run to the doctor's off now.

screw the doctors, you should take her to the emergency room!

If the antibiotic has not helped, it means either that the organism is resistant to that antibiotic, or it is a viral infection. I think the second one is more likely. If she is not toxic and feels better when the temperature falls, it is probably a viral infection. Give her more fluids including water and juices. If she does not want to eat, give small, frequent meals. When the temperature rises to 100 degrees Fahrenheit or more, give Tylenol or ibuprofen. When it goes above 102, sponge with lukewarm water. Good luck!

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