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 Daughter has cough, swine flu?
i have a dr appointment for her tomorrow...maybe im just being paranoid but shes 5 years old, in prek, has had this raspy cough for a few days now...but no other syptoms. i guess i'll find out ...

 what,is hepatitis? how dose one get this dose it have anything to do with the liver?
how can a person get hepatitis ?dose this have anything to do with the liver is it contagious what measure dose one have to take to keep from getting it....

 Did you know there is an AIDS cure?
It's US patent #5676977 if you don't believe me, look it, up; it's on our US government's patent website so it's not some conspiracy......

 how could i tell if I'm even a little bit dehydrated / and how do i rehydrate my self?

 I have swine flu.....it doesn't feel THAT bad.?
Is swine flu still scary?...

 could i have the swine flu?
i don't want to over react but i feel sick..i have a runny noise and the chills nothing else..but i am still a bit concerned do you think there's a chance??? i have a doctor's ...

 Sore throat after vomiting?
I vomited all day yesterday. At first I thought it was a hangover because I had done a bit of drinking the night before, but it felt different and lasted way too long. (Almost all day) I also ate ...

 ugh my computer keeps saying i have infections..how do i fix this wihout paying?
i need help and fast before my computer crashes....what do i do~!!!!!...

 Help Do i have the swine flu?
Yesterday i cleaned the bathtub with clorox & dish washing soap.
When i finished cleaning it i filled it up with water & bubbles & took a bath that was around 2pm by 9pm my throat ...

 how can you get swine flu?
some kid got it in my class and i was wondering how contagious it is and what are the symptoms of it? also please speak in english not "smart talk" lol thanks!...

 Can an ear infection be painless?
I've been having dizziness and vertigo for the past 3 weeks. And I was wondering if an ear infection be causing the dizziness? I've had an ear infection 5 years ago but don't remember ...

 What is the best thing for a sore/raw throat?

 swine flu a little ridiculous?
is it me or is this swine flu a little ridiculous? its a flu. people get the flu all the time. i dont get what the big deal is.. people in mexico are dying, well look at there health care system .. i ...

 Does anyone know where I can buy swine-flu vaccine, please?

 Question for medics preferably : Is it normal to bleed from nose and throat whilst suffering from flu?
Our family has the worst flu I've ever experienced. It has totalled uis for nearly a week now. We have VERY sore throats, and some congestion, splitting headaches, fatigue and really sore backs ...

 how can i help reduce risk of swine flu?
im flying from australia to dubai to the uk this week (and then to dubai, then thailand and then back to australia after 2weeks) and im thinking with all this flying im rather exposed to swine flu.<...

 Um I don't really know if i should ask but...(adult question)?
I recently found my bf um...."playing" with our dog. Could he have contracted some disease or something? We've been talking about marriage and children, but i'm nervous that he ...

 Swine Flu Over-Exaggerated?
I know that Swine Flu is a Deadly Pandemic, but is it being that deadly??? I head from several doctors, that if you stay home, proper otc medications, and proper car can not kill it, but help lessen ...

 Do blokes get Bird Flu or is it just women?

 oh hi my dad says that everybody is getting swine flu because i got a D on my math test is this true?
i feel so ...

paige wilson
Yes or No to H1N1 Vaccination?
So Monday I am supposed to go in for my H1N1 vaccination. Well it's not manditory. There are a number of ppl who aren't planning on getting the vaccination because they don't believe in that sort of thing. We work in a nursing home. Ok so is there any reason i should be hesitant to get the shot? Has it been tested and is it safe? I want to be educated before i decide if i'm gonna get vaccinated or not.

EWA's Redrum (Hardcore Champ
A definate no because it either cures or kills D=

Jason Bates

H1N1 Vaccine available at Kaiser Baldwin Park CA

Tom G
you should be hesitant to get any kind of medication from any source But the swine flu vaccinations have been fast tracked into use and they still use mercury in the shot . I don't care what the FDA says about mercury since the director of the FDA holds stock in mercury producing companies . It is one of the worst chemicals to come into contact with the body let alone be shot into the body . What are they thinking or trying to accomplish with all this poisoning of mankind ?

yes and no

My Healthy Dr. had gotten BOTH vaccines, my other Dr. w/chronic medical conditions is waiting for his H1N1 vaccine and is getting it...so far all the medical pros who took it didn't have any side effects....If you've taken the seasonal flu vaccine already as I have you'll least likely to have any side effects from the H1N1...however if you've NEVER taken or haven't taken a reg,seasonal vaccine in like 6 years or more you're at greater risk of having complications/death from the new vaccine. If you're healthy/young 25 and under you're guaranteed to die from Swine Flu since you have an air tight immune system...
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cytokine_storm ....KEEP IN MIND it's the YOUNG and HEALTHY that are big chunks that have died already.Back then during the Spanish Flu in 1918...read the 3rd paragraph...
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Spanish_flu ...so for a young and healthy person to dodge the Swine Flu vaccine knowing that the young+ healthy are dropping like flies is a BIG GAMBLE . It's a gamble either way...so far many health pros have taken it and I know one Dr. w/health conditions who's waiting to take his Swine Flu vaccine (shot that contains dead virus)since he couldn't take the live one.
One scientist confided in me that they are SAFE and some has already injected themselves w/the new H1N1 and I have seen the contents and it has the same contents as the current reg.flu shot vaccine that I have been taking for the past 7 years :)
....I just have to add ppl w/ strong immune systems were the ones who died (young+healthy w/NO medical conditions) and ppl w/ chronic medical conditions (diabetes,astmha etc/weakened immune symptoms etc.) haven't had real high death rates...BUT the ones w/strong immune systems (young/healthy) were the ones who dropped like flies from the Swine Flu but NO SENIORS have died or even gotten sick from the Swine Flu ....go figure !!!. DO your research and gamble wisely ;)
....Personally, I WILL get the H1N1 vaccine...I would hate to be hooked up to a machine and look back w/regret upon deaths door "I should have taken the H1N1 vaccine"....after all Dr.'s/nurses had took it/taken it first and I still see them alive and well and walking around and they're not taking any chances of dying from this Swine Flu so most gambled already by taking their Swine Flu vaccine (that contained live virus) and they're in the front lines of this flu mess.
PPL born before 1950 are least likely to die from Swine Flu since they already have a strain of it in their body, PPL born after 1950 is fair game from dying from Swine Flu.
I'm taking the H1N1 vaccine...HELL YEAH, since I've already witnessed that Dr./nurses have already taken it the live version of it already and is still walking around!

DO your research and IGNORE "conspiracy theories"

Salami and Orange Juice
Why does the govt. want you to get a shot so badly for something that is no more dangerous than the flu?

Sure more people get it, but it is no more dangerous.

Its safe. talk to the doctor before you get it. hopefully you have a good doctor. It really depends. If you wanna be extra safe, get the shot. Its like a 1/3 chance you will get the flu but that was when everyone had it.. i dont think it matters what you do

Yes. I'd much rather get it than suffer swine flu. My brother had it and it was not pleasant at all.

Im not getting it.
My parents or sister aren't either.
We don't trust it. Rather take my chances with the Flu!
Bring it on!!!

Think about it
I already had the swine flu last month and it was not fun, if i had the opportunity I would've taken the vaccine but it wasn't available yet.

I believe the vaccine is perfectly safe. It's made in the same way the flu vaccine has been made since the 70s. With your job it'd be a bad deal to infect an oldie who doesn't have a great immune system.

Just this weekend the death count from this flu has gone over 1000 in the US. And it's among young people and pregnant women. That's a huge difference from the normal flu mortality demographic.

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