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 Is the Toddler REALLY the first US death due to Swine Flu?
"President Barack Obama mourned the first U.S. death, a Mexican toddler who had traveled with his family to Texas."

Um... doesn't that mean the child was Mexican? So, still.....


 Can you get mono from sharing a bong?
ok... now... i just found out that my friends ex has mono and he has been kissing her and stuff. I dont know if he has it but she just stated getting signs that she does on friday . I have been ...

 can i go to a hospital for...?
can i go to a hospital emergency room for an std screening? planned parenthoods around here only do it on wednesdays....and i dont wanna wait that ...

 Do ice kill germs?

 do i just have a cold or the flu?
i have a very runny nose, and cold. i have a sore throat and cough, headache sometimes my sinuses hurt, aswell as dizzy sometimes....

 how do you know if you have kideny disease?
What are the symptoms?...

 How can I help break my daughter's fever?
My six year-old daughter has a fever caused by a virus. The pediatrician said it would have to break itself. Are there ways I can help break it? It has gone up to 101 and I have given her children&...

 How can i make my self get a fever or throw up ?
Okay so before you start judging im not trying to lose weight or im not crazy. I juss really cant go to school tomorrow because im supposedly suppose to get Fu**** Up & whatever. My parents wont ...

 in tattooing what do the tear drops under the eye to signify ? also what do spider webs on elbow signify?

Ok, so i had and fever last night and no other symptoms of a cold like stuffy nose or sore throat. But i do have pressure around my eyes. could it be a sinus infection?


 doctor or no doctor?
I am fifteen and I have asthma. I have had flu symptoms since friday night. I'm not in the bathroom all day I only have a fever of 101 what should I do? I stayed home from school today, should ...

 Single Dad at home alone with no medicine trying to bring down a fever?
I have my one year old son right now and as much as i'd like to leave to the store and get medicine i cant. its almost 5 in the morning. and i woke up with a fever of 101.5. What should i do? ...

 If we start feeling sick, are we supposed to go to the hospital to get checked to see if we have Swine Flu?

 When was the last Pandemic... and what was it?

 what are the symptoms of swine flu?

 Why do we only get the chicken pox once?
this is really improtant for a project ...

 Do I have a cold or a fever?
I feel cold, my throat is sore, when i turn quickly i get like a zap kinda thing through my body (happens when im sick) and my eyes feel strained and i feel sluggish and ...

 Why can't antibiotics cure people who have Malaria?

 Swallowing a little bit of hand sanitizer?
Ok, well I was eating chips on the desk, and I used the hand sanitizer. I didn't know that a glob of it was dropped on the table, and I'm not sure if the chip I swallowed may have swiped on ...

Why do some people believe that AIDS doesn't exist?

who are the people who don't think aids does not exist? never heard anyone say it doesn't exist. i mean gee in school we learned all about it in health class. it does exist

cause they are retarded

I think everyone really does believe in AIDS, i think its just that they are so scared of it that they act as its not there.

I believe it exists because I lost someone I loved to AIDS (My Uncle)

The reference provides an overview...

You are kidding right? They are either stupid or in denial.

Uneducated is the word. They can understand that it can happen to them & this is why the disease is spreading. Young people who do not get the message are dying so young. Wake up dudes & live long lives. Life is truly good.

who ever said aids didint exist

Just like there are numbskulls that believe the holocost never existed either, there are those that believe AIDS doesn't either. Maybe we should load them in a bus and take them to a hospital and show them the patients with AIDS, that might help. But, I doubt it.

Sounds like denial to me. It's here and it's here to stay.

Can I Be Your Pet?
that's so prevalent in parts of africa where perversely it's more prevalent than in many other parts of the world - and the carribean as well...

i think it's just ignorance & lack of education & natural cultural stubborness

One word "uneducated"!

For the same reason a racoon will stand in the middle of the road and "hiss" at a speeding oncoming car thinking it will go away.

They're ignorance places them in denial until it hits them.

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