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 Should I take the Swine Flu Vaccine?
I'm really scared about the swine flu vaccine. I'm also not very sure I should take it. My mom got a piece of paper indicating about the Swine Flu Vaccine and it was said I should go to ...

 Very sick.. Please what are my symptoms showing?
Im sooo cold, im shivering but I have a fever of 101. I have a very soar throat, and bad cough. My chest is killing me from choughing so much. I ache so badly ever where and me head hurts very badly. ...

 i think i have the swine flu i got back from mexico a couple of days ago, am i going to die :( ?

 Did I get Swine Flu While I was in Washington, DC?!?!?!?
I just came back from my trip to Washington DC and unfortunately my friends and I had to walk in the rain without any warm jackets. The next day I got a runny nose and a slight cough/sore throat. I ...

 I'm so sick what is wrong with me?
I have a fever,headache, bodyaches,runny nose, cough, my throat feels bruised, having hard time talking,vomiting bile and have diahrrea....

 what do u think of swine flu ?
and did u know that in Ireland they plan to vaccinate every one by Autumn ?...

 can anything stop you getting the flu bug,thats going around?
especially when you have been around people that have it....

 Do anyone know if you can get hiv through saliva?
can you get hiv from smoking (cigarettes) after someone?...

 Other than, HIV,hep b, & hep c what othe illnesses caan be caused through drug abuse?

do you think that there will be loads of deaths?
what do you think?...

 what are the symptoms of swine flu?

 Ok, now that it's that time of year.... Why do we get sick more easily in the winter?
I know that one reason is because we're inside more, and therefore around people more so some diseases spread more easily. However, it seems being out in the cold leads to me being sick as well....

 Can you go back to school after having the flu for 4 days?
I feel all better, and tomorrow it would be 48 hours from having my fever. DO you think thats ok? Will I still be contagious even if I'm not coughing to sneezing or don't have any symptoms? ...

 is by donation of blood hiv not spread?

 could it be the flu or just really bad cold pleasee answer !?
A few days ago I was really stuffed up but I felt fine otherwise but then yesterday morning when I got up I felt really achy and when I got up dizzy and stuffed up throughout the whole day until ...

 bladder infection?[i am a girl]?
ik that my picture shows a guy, but i am indeed a girl, who happens to love the name Jimmy.[notice the name to go with my guy pic] anyway, about two days ago, i recently began noticing that it hurt ...

 PLEASE HELP ME !!!!!!!!!!!! I MIGHT DIE/GET SWINE FLU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
I went to the gas station, I touched the handle to open the door and went out. When i got home i just splashed my hands in some water and wiped it on a towel. Then i walked away then an hour later i ...

 What are the Swine Flu symptoms?
I have felt horrid the past couple of days, I think its just pollen making me like this, but I cant be sure. I mean, usually I can go to class when I'm sick, but so far me going to summer ...

 is there any alternative medicine for strep throat? i literally can not handle the idea of medicine?
i absolutely refuse to take medicine. and don't tell me get over it because that's not the answer i'm looking for. does anyone have any home remedies for killing the bacteria from ...

 Who has a cold / flu ?

What is the real Threat for us in UK: a Taliban who lives thousands of miles away, or the Swine Flue?
It is true Taliban killed a lot of our soldiers, but they killed them there, in Afghanistan- Not British Colony - not on our land! While Swine Flue is attacking us in our homes and killing us in our bedrooms! We need to put our priorities right!

Mark W
You're asking the question, then answering it yourself!

So what do you want to do? To make a statement, or ask a question?

We have our priorities right! Stockpiling antivirals, producing a vaccine as we speak. How would soldiers be able to produce antivirals or produce a vaccine?

The resources of the UK immunologists and Biomedical Sciences are working on this issue, the soldiers are working on the insurgent issue.

Contingencies have already been put in place for the eventuality of an epidemic and the framework is believed to be quite effective.

Derke N
So withdraw the troops and put them on the front line against the virus!
The two issues bear little or no relevance on each other. There will be an antiviral by the end of august. It is being tackled. And the offensive against the Taliban is a UN initiative.
Taliban controlled Afghanistan is a home for Islamic Fundamentalist training camps where terrorists are trained. Like the ones who bombed London and Madrid and who destroyed the World Trade centre. So leaving the Taliban alone to control Afghanistan is a very unsafe thing to do.

The real threat is this corrupted government of ours who spew total crap to panic the masses.

Taliban threat will be taken care of byBritish Government. Right now you take care and precaution not to get infected with Swine Flue which is more dangerous.

taliban usually have uk passports and live in the uk

only a fraction of a percent of swine-flu victims die. You are panicking. The threat is the immigration of jihadists who wait. They have clearly stated their agenda to kill or violently oppress any and all non-muslims. The reason why people are off fighting and dying there- is so YOU do not have to die.

The war has been going on for a LONG time. Radical muslims have been fighting against the modern western world since America gained independence. We used to pay tribute to the muslims- millions of dollars, until Jefferson said millions for defense, not one cent more for tribute. The Marines were sent in (this is where "to the shores of Tripoli" comes from).

The reason why your country is involved is because they have, and would love to continue to attack you as well, and there are treaties that pledge us to aid one another.

Check out Gates of Vienna on blogspot and read some of the references there. We're just in a newer phase of the old war.

Rammit Uppenzearsen
When the towel heads pull off another terrorist attack over here, it'll be with higher casualties.
We've already been infested with them - all they need to do is plan a bit more and get lucky.

Matt Mckerroll
H1N1 (swine flu) kills 0.4% of people that are infected, more people die of heart disease. its really not that big of a problem.

The Taliban, without a doubt. Radicalised theism is a threat to all secular civilisation, and does not respond to vaccination!

Rhianna does Medicine Year 1
Over time, the Taliban and any other extremist groups working in the name of Islam. They are more of a threat simply because we have the enemy within. They are no longer far away in middle eastern countries hiding in some cave, they are here, in the UK amongst us all and we have the Labour government to thank for that.

But well done for putting things into perspective.

that's right lets give swine flu to the taliban

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