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 swine flu?????? im really scared?
is swine flu deadly, and is it going to be like i am legend im really scared i live in NY and there are already 8 cases will i get it is it curable is this a modern black plague? ...

 I feel sorry for the scottish, first the bird flu and now swine flu.., why does it always start of overthere?
I heard it was bought from mexico by two scottish people to the UK.....

 am i going to have the plague?
PLagues are spread by rats, and i just saw a dead rat on the sidewalkwith flys around it. but it was breathing so i dicided to study it i poked it with a stick and i never touched the rat but maybe ...

 Okay, why are they counting the death in Texas as a U.S. death (Swine flu)?
The little boy that died actually came FROM Mexico
to get treated in US because they are running out of space
in the hospitals and since he is an infant, they sent him here
to get ...

 what does contagous mean?

 Are these flu symptoms?
Symptoms -
EXTREME Body Aches
unusual tiredness
Really bad cough - (Dry i think)
Nose blocked up not runny
Fever of around 101.3
Loss of appetite
Sometimes i feel ...

 why does a bullet wound make someone feel cold after a while?
For school we are reading a book and we have to answer comprehension activities - and this is one of the questions.

Thanks a bunch!!!...

 Whats the big deal about swine flu?
Why are schools closing? Its like.. the flu....

 Should I get the flue shot this year? I never got one before. My company will pay for it.?
I haven't had the flue for over 5 years....

 im a bit worried about swine flu!?
should i be worried? because i might allready have it. all day today ive had a bad headache and stomach and and have been really hot. i felt dizzy this morning, anyone any ideas? im worried, im in ...

 I took a shot of peniciline due to my throat infection. Yet the fever keeps coming? Any tips?
My throat still hurts and I havent taken no pills since the shot. That was yesterday, about 24 hours ago. I feel concerned I might have other things? Peniciline shot was 1.2 mill....

 Can I get tested to see if I have Swine flu?
I am fed up, I have some swine flu symptoms and my GP says I have to stay in for 5-7 days till symptoms have gone and I have got Tamiflu - but I am not taking it unless I get worse. I would just ...

 Can you spread HIV through spitting/sneezing/coughing?
This hasn't happened to me but, I was wondering if it possible to contract it through these methods.
P.S Is it normal for blood to be in the saliva?...

 Symptoms of swine flu?
Does anyone know what the symptoms of swine flu are?...

 where can i buy a flu jab?
i can not get it given free, where can i buy it from and how much would it cost....

 I think I'm getting sick.........???
Ok my mom has 2 ear infections and broncideous. But i think im getting broncideous also. my throat is hurting and stuff. but i cant get sick. this weekend i have 3 birthday partys and my friends will ...

 I am terrified with the swine flu! I'm going to travel to Europe is it dangerous?
what can I do to protect my self in the plane and airports?...

 Is the swine flu because of pigs?
i know it is because of pigs as it is swine flu.
but i am not satisfied with this answer!
plzzz help me!...

 True or False? Antibiotics are bad for you, so it's best to stop taking them as soon as you feel better?
Please explain your answer

Thanks! ♥...

 Swine Flu , what are youre thoughts?
Okay I read about the swine flu and from the media, etc., i was extremely scared at first. But the swine flu looks JUST LIKE the normal flu. I had a sickness in January and it was just like all the ...

What do you do if someone appears to be dehydrated?
aside from an ER

John D.
whatever you do, do not give them water. coffee or some type of alcoholic drink would suffice, however

if someone is truely dehydrated, they have lost a lot of salt as well as water. in order for them to be rehydrated, they must be given water as well as salt. this is why a lot of sports drinks contain sodium.

Scorpios scoff at astrology
Fluids (no caffeine), keep them away from wind, heat... give them juicy fruits, vegetables...

Though if it's bad, they may need to be hydrated via IV... I don't know how you do that, & I don't recommend you try it at home, but if you know how, then I guess you don't need an ER.


Big Al
throw them in a lake

Yes, give them water, **but use luke warm water, and give lots of it in small proportions**

I'm guessing giving them water!

Drink water or any kind of liquid haha

Get as much fluid in them as you can. If they're not any better by the next day. . . take them to the ER. You can mess up your kidneys and/or die from dehydration. Good Luck!

manny b
Give them water..

Hydrate them with luke warm water.

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