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 does it mean u have swine flu if u have like 1 symptom?
i'm feeling tired and dizzy these days but i don't go out much, i don't have contact with pigs or something like that, i don't have the other symptoms (fever, diarrhea, vomiting, ...

 My girlfriend had chicken pox years ago, now i have it, is she completely immune to the virus?
Ive been vaccinated for Chickenpox when i was over 6-8 years old. Im 18 now and apparently i was diagnosed with a light case of chickenpox.
My question is, my girlfriend contracted chickenpox ...

 Is Swine Flu Still Something To Be Really Worried About? Or Has It Passed? I am Still A Little Scared!!!?

 How can i actually get sick fast and skip school excused?
How can i get sick enough for a doctor to write me an excused note to the school?...

 Question about The Swine Flu Virus...?
So I went to San Antonio (The River Walk)
on Saturday, I didn't know about the Flu. Do I Have it?

I mean i have allergys now and i DID Have Sore Throat but it was over on friday. ...

 Does anyone know any cool diseases with interesting symptoms?
We have to do a project about a disease and we want to pick a disease that is really rare that no one knows and has weird symtoms and cures....

 In my son's school if you break a rule you are often made to pick chewing gum off tables!!?
The problem I have with this is surely chewing gum contains saliva which in turn "can" contain diseases such as:

Types of Diseases contagious from saliva
Types list:

 Swine Flu Are You Worried?
Well its all over the news and i think everyone knows bout it but what actually is it and should people in the uk be very worried?????
i am worried at the moment but should i be? what do you ...

 What's the best way to control the spread of influenza?
Read more:

Flu vaccination rates rise but still fall short of targets: reports

Flu shots reduce ...

 How fatal is Swine Flu!!!!?
i'm preeetttty scared.. i live on a tiny island, so basically if it gets here it will spread so so fast .. :( how fatal is it?...

 Can swine flu be passed through computers?

 Are cold sores easily spread?
I have a boy friend who i kissed who had a cold sore.it wasn't big or pussing but i kissed him.the kiss was not long and he came back for a 2nd one that was faster than the first....can i get a ...

 Swine Flu - Could I POSSIBLY have it?
high fever - got
body aches - not got
headache - got
coughing - got
sore throat - got
fatigue - 50/50*
chills - not got
diarrhoea - got

The above is all ...

 Do I have Parkensins disease?
here and there I think I have a new sickness. Lately I been thinking I have a brain problem.

I twitch in my fingers and toes and I have muscle tension.

But then all these can ...

 Swine Flu +mexicans= im scared?
ok heres the deal....
i go to a school where its population is like 90% mexican....
first of all, what exactly is the swine flu?
and im terrified of getting it...
what are all ...

 Are we all going to die from the swine flu?
There are 17 more cases today than there was this morning in the US, I live in upstate NY and i'm scared... is this going to be as bad as the Black Plague?...

 would you get sick if???
if you drinked pee?? i mean it's made of waste....so if you drink it will you pee again???.........im weird..........

 do i have the swine flu?
i have a cough and runny nose.. nothing else..

could i have swine flu?...

 do you agree that the swine fever endemic is overblown like bird flu was?

 swine flu??????? should i freak out????
should i freak out......... i live 3 hours away from mexico city and i was woundering if i should freak out and if it is possible that i get it........

What can I do to prevent getting Mad Cow Disease?

Stay happy :)

Dr Dee
Don't eat beef.

Don't eat beef. McDonalds beef doesn't count though since its not real beef :P

by the look of you avatar....you already have it....lol....
no seriously...stay away from meat...

Queenie Peavey
don't eat mad cows

ask me ?
Stay away from all Beef.

ryan j
not eating beef

eat more cows!

starve yourself

Don't eat any mad cows. As there are very nearly none, you don't really have to worry about it.

stay away from cows ?

they think you get it by eating beef, but very few people who eat beef do get it

Eat American organic beef. You won't get mad cow from that. I have to tell you though, fearing mad cow disease is about as rational as fearing death from lightning. Actually you are more likely to get whacked by lightning than mad cow disease. Maybe you shouldn't go outside anymore. Mad Cow disease was a huge media ploy to make you scared and watch the news. Us americans are too worried about the bird flu now, mad cow is sooooo last week!

i'm not sure. i just got hit by lightening after eating a mad cow......................i'll have to get back with you.

Stay away from crazy cows.

What you can do is:

(1)Know where your meat comes from:use this guide to find

(2)Ask these questions:

The best way for a consumer to stop the spread of mad cow disease is to start buying sustainably-raised, grass-fed meat and dairy products. Sustainable farms which allow cows to graze naturally on grass avoid the murky waters of feed bans and accidental contamination. And, a diet of fresh grass leads to healthier cows as well as meat and dairy products higher in beneficial fatty acids like Omega-3s.

don't eat beef.. haha

[email protected]
well, one way would be, Stop eating Meat... besides, pork is tastier...

Happy New YEAR !!

Cook the meat thoroughly well!

MIKE 35543
i have a couple ideas just eat tube steak.

Magic 8-Ball
Outlook not so good.

stop moooo... ing.

Not much since you can not kill the "prion" by cooking it.
Just eat lettuce and die by colibacillocis...

Don't piss off any cows

stick with tube stake

You can't prevent it, when you got you got. And girl, you've GOT IT!

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