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 what is swine flu...?
i keep hearing about it.
what are the symptoms?...

 can you get swine flu from pepperoni pizza?

 Do I have the swine flu? My head is hurting help!?
A few hours ago my head was hurting. Also, little brother has an ear infection could i catch the germs from the infection?

I'm in panic mode right now, like FREAKING OUT. I dont ...

 my 12 year old has a sore swollen throat and a low grade fever 100.8. Any home remedies? ?
Her doctor is usually open on Saturdays but not today. I want to avoid the emergency room. Thanks!...

 Isn't it an interesting coincidence that Lou Gherig had Lou Gherig's disease?

 Will you have the swine flu vaccine?

 does it mean u have swine flu if u have like 1 symptom?
i'm feeling tired and dizzy these days but i don't go out much, i don't have contact with pigs or something like that, i don't have the other symptoms (fever, diarrhea, vomiting, ...

 My girlfriend had chicken pox years ago, now i have it, is she completely immune to the virus?
Ive been vaccinated for Chickenpox when i was over 6-8 years old. Im 18 now and apparently i was diagnosed with a light case of chickenpox.
My question is, my girlfriend contracted chickenpox ...

 Is Swine Flu Still Something To Be Really Worried About? Or Has It Passed? I am Still A Little Scared!!!?

 How can i actually get sick fast and skip school excused?
How can i get sick enough for a doctor to write me an excused note to the school?...

 Question about The Swine Flu Virus...?
So I went to San Antonio (The River Walk)
on Saturday, I didn't know about the Flu. Do I Have it?

I mean i have allergys now and i DID Have Sore Throat but it was over on friday. ...

 Does anyone know any cool diseases with interesting symptoms?
We have to do a project about a disease and we want to pick a disease that is really rare that no one knows and has weird symtoms and cures....

 In my son's school if you break a rule you are often made to pick chewing gum off tables!!?
The problem I have with this is surely chewing gum contains saliva which in turn "can" contain diseases such as:

Types of Diseases contagious from saliva
Types list:

 Swine Flu Are You Worried?
Well its all over the news and i think everyone knows bout it but what actually is it and should people in the uk be very worried?????
i am worried at the moment but should i be? what do you ...

 What's the best way to control the spread of influenza?
Read more:

Flu vaccination rates rise but still fall short of targets: reports

Flu shots reduce ...

 How fatal is Swine Flu!!!!?
i'm preeetttty scared.. i live on a tiny island, so basically if it gets here it will spread so so fast .. :( how fatal is it?...

 Can swine flu be passed through computers?

 Are cold sores easily spread?
I have a boy friend who i kissed who had a cold sore.it wasn't big or pussing but i kissed him.the kiss was not long and he came back for a 2nd one that was faster than the first....can i get a ...

 Swine Flu - Could I POSSIBLY have it?
high fever - got
body aches - not got
headache - got
coughing - got
sore throat - got
fatigue - 50/50*
chills - not got
diarrhoea - got

The above is all ...

 Do I have Parkensins disease?
here and there I think I have a new sickness. Lately I been thinking I have a brain problem.

I twitch in my fingers and toes and I have muscle tension.

But then all these can ...

Connor W
What can I do to increase my chance of getting swine flu?
Dont ask why, I placed a bet. Dont just give me a list of what now to do and say "LOL JUST DONT DO THIS LULZ I AM MAKING HUMUR"

just kill yourself

‡ Bay Of Plenty ‡
Wtf! You must be crazy to be wanting Swine Flu, get sick and die. That is unless you are trying to hide

hang out at a drug store..especially one that gives flu shots.....see people will go there to get supplies for their sick family . They have been exposed..and now you will be

-Don't wash your hands before eating etc..
-hang out in public places a lot
-don't eat healthy.
-if you hear someone has it, go hang out with them.
-Lick a shopping cart

Go and sleep with a swine . You will get something more . Happy ?

dont wash ur hands.

Get yourself to Wal Mart and mingle with all the people who haven't taken a shower in the past 2 months.

By the way, natural selection will do its course.. so best of look if you catch it.

Cancun with no hand sanitizer.

Be near farm animals or anyone who got the flu and still have it.

Julie Wurm
Lick a hobo

Be in crowded areas as often as possible. If someone exhibits cold symptoms, get closer to them. Don't wash your hands unless absolutely necessary. Basically just take all the rules that are given to avoid the swine flu and do the exact opposite.

have a contact with the infected person

touch every thing in public places like mall, library, etc

Makeout with someone who has swine flu

go to mexico. go to a hospital and sit in the waiting room and keep asking everyone if they think they have the swine flu and then sit next to them and when they cough just stick your head by them and breathe it all in. lol. or you can put an ad in the paper or on craigslist looking for people who have the swine flu to respond and then you can go hang out with them for a bit. lol.

come sit in my english 101 class.
everyone is hacking away and sniffling in there.

drink alot of water and try to eat healthy

Go through Wal-Mart and lick the handles on a few shopping carts. You can almost get e-bola from those slimy things, so mere swine flu should be a lock. The place is one giant petri dish whose virulence is greatly amplified by the sticky fingers of a million children. You know how germ-conscious THOSE little nits are. If that's a real bet and you are taking it, I greatly encourage you to follow through. To paraphrase Bill Hicks, every time we lose a moron, the world gets a little lighter. Happy licking!

===Your Name Here===

1) Lick the floor of a bathroom. Particularly A middle school, high school.

2) Break into a hospital lab or where ever blood is being tested for H1N1 and drink some

3) Whenever you see a person cough, sneeze-have them cough on you.

4) Hang out in the waiting room at a hospital

All of that should have a good chance of getting you infected

don't ever wash your hands.

Never make stupid bets

northwestern grad
go to walmart

not wash your hands, go into a hospital, find people who are sick and stay around them. you could look on google.com and it may give you more reasons than i can give you. good luck on your bet......

never wash your hands ,

NEVER take a shower.
touch every dirt surface, and every piece of ABC gum you see.
NEVER wash your hands
ALWAYS put your hands in your mouth every 20 seconds
but your fingers in your ears and nose every little while.
make sure you go to WALMART alot and try to find sick people and follow them around, touching everything they touch.

European Prince
dont get enough sleep.. dont exercise, dont eat fruit and vegetables dont wash ur hands... and go hang out and be around peopel who already have the swine flu... make out withthem and ur set !!

dont wash your hands, dont use hand sanitizer, get up really close to people, shake hands with a lot of people, dont get the vaccine

however, there have been some case of h1n1 where people have to be hospitalized cuz it got too serious. so think twice about doing this

♫Musical Mama♫
Go lick any public handrails you can find. (Subways would be a great place to start) LOL

mother of a beautiful girl
Make out with someone that has a confirmed case.

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