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 can you get swine flu from pepperoni pizza?

 Do I have the swine flu? My head is hurting help!?
A few hours ago my head was hurting. Also, little brother has an ear infection could i catch the germs from the infection?

I'm in panic mode right now, like FREAKING OUT. I dont ...

 my 12 year old has a sore swollen throat and a low grade fever 100.8. Any home remedies? ?
Her doctor is usually open on Saturdays but not today. I want to avoid the emergency room. Thanks!...

 Isn't it an interesting coincidence that Lou Gherig had Lou Gherig's disease?

 Will you have the swine flu vaccine?

 does it mean u have swine flu if u have like 1 symptom?
i'm feeling tired and dizzy these days but i don't go out much, i don't have contact with pigs or something like that, i don't have the other symptoms (fever, diarrhea, vomiting, ...

 My girlfriend had chicken pox years ago, now i have it, is she completely immune to the virus?
Ive been vaccinated for Chickenpox when i was over 6-8 years old. Im 18 now and apparently i was diagnosed with a light case of chickenpox.
My question is, my girlfriend contracted chickenpox ...

 Is Swine Flu Still Something To Be Really Worried About? Or Has It Passed? I am Still A Little Scared!!!?

 How can i actually get sick fast and skip school excused?
How can i get sick enough for a doctor to write me an excused note to the school?...

 Question about The Swine Flu Virus...?
So I went to San Antonio (The River Walk)
on Saturday, I didn't know about the Flu. Do I Have it?

I mean i have allergys now and i DID Have Sore Throat but it was over on friday. ...

 Does anyone know any cool diseases with interesting symptoms?
We have to do a project about a disease and we want to pick a disease that is really rare that no one knows and has weird symtoms and cures....

 In my son's school if you break a rule you are often made to pick chewing gum off tables!!?
The problem I have with this is surely chewing gum contains saliva which in turn "can" contain diseases such as:

Types of Diseases contagious from saliva
Types list:

 Swine Flu Are You Worried?
Well its all over the news and i think everyone knows bout it but what actually is it and should people in the uk be very worried?????
i am worried at the moment but should i be? what do you ...

 What's the best way to control the spread of influenza?
Read more:

Flu vaccination rates rise but still fall short of targets: reports

Flu shots reduce ...

 How fatal is Swine Flu!!!!?
i'm preeetttty scared.. i live on a tiny island, so basically if it gets here it will spread so so fast .. :( how fatal is it?...

 Can swine flu be passed through computers?

 Are cold sores easily spread?
I have a boy friend who i kissed who had a cold sore.it wasn't big or pussing but i kissed him.the kiss was not long and he came back for a 2nd one that was faster than the first....can i get a ...

 Swine Flu - Could I POSSIBLY have it?
high fever - got
body aches - not got
headache - got
coughing - got
sore throat - got
fatigue - 50/50*
chills - not got
diarrhoea - got

The above is all ...

 Do I have Parkensins disease?
here and there I think I have a new sickness. Lately I been thinking I have a brain problem.

I twitch in my fingers and toes and I have muscle tension.

But then all these can ...

 Swine Flu +mexicans= im scared?
ok heres the deal....
i go to a school where its population is like 90% mexican....
first of all, what exactly is the swine flu?
and im terrified of getting it...
what are all ...

Bob Dylan ♪
What bug, bugs you the most?
Spiders, roaches, ants etc.

Potato bugs

Spiders - fast little f*ckers crawling around the floor, scares the sh*t out of me (Arachnophobia)

The fruit fly, its constant desire to be near the bananas, the peaches, the pears, the plumbs that I so dearly adore. Specially when I take time to wash the fruits. It bugs me to see them flying around like humming birds and to land on the sweet smell and aroma of my expensive fruits that I buy for my consumption. lol

tigers say RAWR
butterflies and ladybugs... also camels... they are the worst :(

Dennis Cavagnaro
Definitely roaches! Ugh! Especially the ones that fly. Luckily I haven't seen one lately LOL

Crickets - I have no idea why but they just do =/

pretty much any bug!

rules of human nature
Mosquitos and Flies

Try to eat outside in the summer time and then you'll see why

ByYour Bedside.
Roaches and flies!



Tonight, YOU
praying mantis', with their bug eyes watching while they rub their hands, frkn perv bugs is what they are

I had an invasion of "dancing" "crazy ants" once in my house in Florida. They are tiny and fast moving beasts and come in hordes, regiments of thousands. They don't stop from anything, everywhere, on you, in your bed, in your food stuff. It took me some time to finally kill the "scouts" and then the invasion stopped. Was quite a relief.

Flies, ants.....!!

Vivian Fox
I love spiders and ants. Roaches i hate.

Flynn ♥ *aka* Princess Warrior
Those Lady bugs that look like Lady bugs..but aren't. In the Summer they are crawling everywhere.

bodacious baby
A fly......I hate them! Just the thought of what they do when the land.....if a fly lands on my drink, plate anything...I am not drinking or eating it...makes me sick. Remember the newer The Fly movie....OMG! It made me so sick!!!!!!!

I hate when a fly is buzzing around you and it just won't f*ck off lol

This Would Be Mosquitoes, I Have Very Bad Allergic Reactions Whenever I Get Bitten By Them, When I Go Abroad For My Holidays I Have To Take Antihistamines Or I Would Be Very I'll.

SPIDERS! Their the creepiest to me. When I see one I run, I can't kill one cause I'm so scared, I'm also scared if it's already dead. But I hate about all bugs, I stepped on one barefoot just a few minutes ago :( I almost cried I didn't know I thought it was leaf of something. But then I looked down, it was dark so I didn't know..then I turned on the light. Oh my god I screamed! You should of seen what it looked like! I'm so scared now I feel like theirs bugs around me now

All of them

Sarah Abat
Those tiny little flying Nat things that randomly fly in peoples faces. Those are very annoying aha

mosquito and moths

Bugs in program files.... LOL

Gnats! They just want to fly up your nose! They have no flight trajectory whatsoever!

Maria Evripidou
All the rest, I like

No Clue
Being the bugaphobe that I am it's hard to pick one completely nasty bug. Spiders are second on my list especially those jumping ones but the number one nasty bug on my list are earwigs.
I caught one of those abominations crawling up my leg and I almost needed therapy.
They make me do a bug dance, I don't like to bug dance.

a fly....spiders....roaches.....flies bug me the most cause when they land on you they throw up on ya..thats so gross

Mosquitos, absolutely no doubt.

I can't say I'd feel to bad at all if they all dropped dead..

SPIDERS. I have anacraphobia.. I spelt that wrong. :P

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