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What's the best kind of medicine for a sore throat?
Or any home remedy for that matter, and what can I do to keep it from getting any worse?

It's only a head cold, but my glands are swollen and my throat is really bothering me.

Are you ready?

Cayenne pepper!! Yep! Be sure to follow it up with something that will help the initial burn dissipate.

I'll get you a link in a sec...

ps - it works, I've used it!

>>> I hope you feel better quickly! (((gayboy)))

2 spoon fulls of hot salsa works for me. I use either tapatio sauce or valentina.

The Notorious Cap'n Sinjari
Gargle salt water?

I had a father-in-law who was an M.D. and he said to always try drinking a lot of water first, because there are some types of germs that cause sore throats that can actually be washed away by water.
He said it wasn't all of the germs that can be responsible, but it was worth the try to see if it was one of the ones that couldn't withstand water.

Troy C
either u have sore throat or ur snot is dripping and irritating ur throat and remedy wise blow ur nose and drink sumthing warm it helps releive the irritation

Morshu the MMMMM!!!
ohhh!! Try icecream!!! =D


Chloraseptic works really good too Gayboy.

Hope you feel better soon..

Tomb Raider
I suggest that you use the old tried and true method,get a glass of warm water and use a teaspoon of salt.Gargle with it ,use it morning,noon and night.Salt is very healing.Try it you'll see!

*******Mel******* of DOOM
This works for me when I have a sore throat, and i'm a voice major...
You want to get a decaf tea with chamomile in it, and drink it with honey and a little bit of lemon.
get a licorice supplement at the drug store- licorice root- it helps with sore throats
Take an anti-inflamatory like advil to help with the pain

steam clean your sinuses... will help A LOT. Run a hot, HOT shower, sit in the bathroom with the door closed and inhale the steam for at least 10 mins. this will help your sinuses drain and will, in turn, relieve the load on your throat glands as far as bodily "clean up" goes.

hope this helps

the right answer and the best cure is to drink hot tea ,with honey and lemon in it.sip it often through out the day and drink it as warm as you can.this will take your sore throat away.

First gargle with some warm salt water... it's nasty, it works.
Make yourself a nice cup of SleepyTime tea ( 0r some tea that contains chamomile and put a spoonful ( or two) of honey in it. Take a couple Ibuprofen or Tylenol and 500 mg of Vit C and get thee into bed.

If you have any Hall throat lozenges for if you wake up during the night, those will work fine. Hope you feel better in the am!

dartagnon p
Go to the health food store and get slippery elm bark for the throat ... swear to God it works.

Get some Echinacea to knock out the fever and the cold bugs. Also, Golden Seal (it will raise your blood pressure so don;t do it if you take high blood pressure meds or have Hi BP).

Vitamin A no more than 40,000 units unless you take it as Beta Carotene and then you can take more (no limit I believe but check with a nutritionist at Whole Foods or some big store).

There's also a throat spray you can get to help soothe and numb your throat. You need to get that under control. Not to scare but think of what happens if your throat swells shut.

From here on take 2,000 mg / day of Vitamin D as well to guard against the N1 flu virus and get at least 15 minutes of sun direct to your face each day, since Vitamin D is absorbed by glands below the eyes. I put an article in the Source section that talks about Dr Cannell at Atascadero Hospital keeping his patients from getting the flu. It should also help a bit with your cold as well.

It's not cheap ($15-30 per small bottle) but you only need about 7 drops per 4 hours. Get ATLANTIC BRAND (only) of Oregano Oil. It may sting a tad at first but it will clear your throat mega quick. It's great for knocking out viruses. If you can get ALL of this you will be over this thing by mid-week or next Friday latest.

There's more too but this should knock it out. Email if you need to go totally ape on it and I'll give you the rest but the above should make it beg for mercy and run from you super fast.



Listerine, hun. Gargle with it, until you can not stand it. It works! Oh yeah, use the old fashioned one that tastes like crap- not the minty one. Good luck!

Eat/drink lots of Honey for a antibotic reaction in the body since honey has been shown to fight illnesses and kill many bacterium

Drink lemon juice every 1-2 hours the lemons contain acids that make your body more alkaline thus making it more reactive to the oxeygen in the air thus improving your resperitory system and improves immune system.

Bed rest to regenerate the fight inside you.

And gurgle with mouthwash or a simple combination of a H202 and a equal amount of water mixed (h2o2 is hydrogen perixoide)

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