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Urinary Track Infection. I'm going crazy. help?
Ok so....right when I got to work today, at like 5p.m I went to the bathroom and i had a UTI. It's the worst I've had so far. I'm actually bleeding.
I've been drinking water and cranberry like crazy but it doesn't seem to get any less painful.
Is taking penicillin ok for it?
I get them frequently but this is the worst it's been and I'm in a lot of pain.
What can I do?

I've heard putting plain yogurt on a tampon helps.. I know that sounds horrible but the active culture in yogurt helps.. and yep keep drinking cranberryyyy juice.. I would go to the doctor to make sure it's a UTI.

If there is blood that's your clue to go see a doctor. It's more than a UTI. It could possibly be kidney stones or something else and all the cranberry juice and water in the world will not help that. See a doctor as soon as you can.

I had the same thing. Go to an OBGyn tell them what's up, you'll get antibiotics. No big deal. Also, there is this really good topical medicine for it, forgot what it's called, but I'm sure it's easy to find. It works great and makes your pee look like easter egg dye (the pills are dark orange).

Oh man - its the worst pain ever. Try some Ural or uricleanse tablets in water and drink as much cranberry juice and water as possible...you poor thing I know how it feels - its just terrible...

When its that bad the only way to get rid of it is to get antibiotics. Tell your work you are not feeling well and go see your doctor ASAP. If you dont get antibiotics it will keep getting worse.

Iggy's Dogs Rock N Rule
you need to call your doctor, before it hits the kidneys hard
and you will be in the hospital.

edit, remembered the name of the medicine
OH ITS BACTRIM.......call your doctor, it will give you so relief.

I cant remember the name of the medicine, but it turns your pee to orange and coats the urinary tract and gives you relief..

and you need to be on Amoxicillian 875 mg for this infection 2 times a day.

penicillin sometimes does not work for some with Uti

and since your bleeding, you may need to get up and go to the er room.....

Samara H
If in the US, there's something called Uristat, it's AWESOME!!! or azocran<sub for cranberry juice> but if it's bleeding.....then i would definatly talk to your doctor. I've never expericance bleeding, even in my worst situations. Go and get the Uristat and make an appointment with your doctor on the way.

If you have visible blood in the urine, it might not be a typical UTI. Go see your doc for a culture and to find out if it could be something more serious like kidney stones or an infection in the kidneys, not the bladder.

Autumn Storm
Go to the Doctor!!

have you been to a doctor.?if not you can purchase ural
makes a fizzy drink and drink also plenty of water.

cranberry capsules or tablets are generally the other that has been used.douching
too which is socking in salt water.
good luck if nothing helps i advise you to see specialist.

First of all Cranberry juice is O.K. but, it takes about four months and the reaction is to help ward off, not cure.

If you've been having all this trouble, why haven't you seen a doctor. It takes three little pills to take care of this problem. I would see the doctor before this turns into something worse.

go to the dr silly

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