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 what drink is best to avoid vomiting, ginger ale, Sprite or water?
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how can you stop the diseases from ...

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 will the swineflu ever end?
just asking im ...

 Sever strep throat!!?
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 what causes swine flu?
how did it outbreak?...

 why do you get diarrhea?
i got diarrhea and i was woneering how u get it???...

 I was prescribed Tamiflu but now everyone is telling me not to take it - is it safe?
After calling NHS Pandemic Line they diagnosed probable swine flu and I now have a pack of Tamiflu. Everyone I speak to is warning me not to take it. (When I say everyone, I mean friends and family,...

 Swine flu and pregnancy?
I've read about swine flu and heard about it on the news.. However the information given is limited other than the fact that you should wash your hands often. How do you avoid getting it and ...

 How fast is swine flu spreading?
I'm scared that i'm going to get it. Symptoms/Signs? And whats the chances of me gettinn it?...

 Is the Toddler REALLY the first US death due to Swine Flu?
"President Barack Obama mourned the first U.S. death, a Mexican toddler who had traveled with his family to Texas."

Um... doesn't that mean the child was Mexican? So, still.....


 Can you get mono from sharing a bong?
ok... now... i just found out that my friends ex has mono and he has been kissing her and stuff. I dont know if he has it but she just stated getting signs that she does on friday . I have been ...

 can i go to a hospital for...?
can i go to a hospital emergency room for an std screening? planned parenthoods around here only do it on wednesdays....and i dont wanna wait that ...

 Do ice kill germs?

Um I don't really know if i should ask but...(adult question)?
I recently found my bf um...."playing" with our dog. Could he have contracted some disease or something? We've been talking about marriage and children, but i'm nervous that he might have AIDS or something gross that came from our dog. I really don't know how to talk to him and it really grosses me out.

Maybe you should ask at what rate the plant grows and possibly find a new hybrid for so.
Good look with all your planting and may the force be with you.

kelly c
I rightly don't think You can recieve aids from any animals. unless the dog was bleeding and mistakingly Your boy friend got in contact with Your dog's blood. But I rightly don't think he would be a vampire so You and Your boyfriend don't have to worry. You both can get married and live happy ever after. "and yes with mans best friend also."

wow.......... thats deep

stephen z
DUMP the A*se hole pronto,he is one sick puppy (pardon the pun) & have yr dog checked to see if it caught anything from this weirdo,animal luver !
I hope yr dogs alright,maybe a couple of therapy sessions wouldn't be bad.

If you don't know how to talk to him about this, can you really see yourself getting marfried to this man?!

Get a blood test and TALK to him about this behavior. You are uncomfortable with this situation, you can't continue on with the relationship as if nothing is wrong. What's the alternative? Stay with him, get married, have kids, then worry about what kind of "playing" he's doing with your children?

I'm sure you care about this guy, but you have got to love yourself more. Seriously, go back and read your question as if it was not you that asked it. Remove yourself from it and really look at what you typed up there. He's not the only man on Earth, honey.

Wutz it worth 2 ya?
and the $50 million dollar question ISSSSSS, you still wanting to marry this dog breeder? Are you NUTS? Honestly, really, you want to marry him? WHYYYYY? Dump his azz hunny, good god! shame your dog didn't bite him in the [email protected]!!z. Get away from him, like YESTERDAY!! Poof---be gone! Tell him! ewwwwww
I also agree with DeeJay. If he'd screw a dog, he'd screw a snake, a rat, a cow, an ape, whatever was available. Keep him away from all farms and zoos. I don't even wanna see that breed on MSNBC next month! **twitches...ewww**

Yikes. I don't think dogs have STDs, but that doesn't make it OK that he was "playing" with your dog. I'm pretty sure it's animal abuse. Sick.

It's sickening.

It's illegal. It is called bestiality and he can be criminally charged and spend some prison time.

He is sick - sick - sick!

Get away from him.

If you condone that, then you are sick too.

I don't mean to be unkind but it is the truth.

uhhh when you say playing do you mean like touching him or "poking" him??
Anyway i wouldnt marry or date a guy who "plays" with animals because of diseases and that could also lead him into "playing" with the children!!
But i dont believe he can get AIDs from your dog(although animals do have AIDs) GOOD LUCK WITH HIM=)

Run real fast and scream real loud,don't even look back.

OKEY!!! if I were you, I would get out of this while you can, because how long has he had this "hobby" and not telling you...how unfair of him Its not in your best interest to stay in this just for health reasons.
If I were you, go to your OBY, talk to him privately, they have to remain confidential,but I would check into it.

I don't think you would get AIDS or any other STD's from a dog, but that's kind of messed up. If I caught my boyfriend doing that, I'd be more than a little disturbed. So I wouldn't worry about getting some weird disease, but I would be a little concerned as to why he did it..

Just get out. If he will screw the pooch, then what else is his sick *** capable of?!?

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