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Swine flu and pregnancy?
I've read about swine flu and heard about it on the news.. However the information given is limited other than the fact that you should wash your hands often. How do you avoid getting it and does anyone know how it affects a woman who is pregnant as well as her child..

you guys are just insane im just about 6 months pregnant and not worried at all about this. every ones overacting about it and your more likely to catch any other kind of flu than this one. im leaving for mexico on friday and im am excited as hell. like im gonna let some mexican slobber all over me and that's pretty much how you catch it. the more you worry about it the more your gonna think you have it and go to the doctor and that's where people get sick the most from. so get over it!

Jennifer M
I am 30 weeks pregnant and I am not worried. My baby boy is kicking and turning. There is nothing to worry about. Just keep everything around you clean!! If anything just pray that is what we are doing and besides the only way you can catch it is if someone is sick. If anything ask do get off and stay home and work. It wont effect the baby if you don't catch it. Don't worry be happy!! I heard on the radio this morning they have tested as many pigs as they can and non of them are caring the swine influenza.

Just make sure you follow what they are telling everyone...wash you hand etc. I was pregnant last year when we had a listeria scare and of course I was stressed but I just followed how not to get it and I was ok. Good luck!

During my pregnancy two years ago, I washed my hands constantly and there was no threat of swine flu. I got plenty of rest, ate lots of organic fruits and vegetables, took my prenatal vitamin, and stayed away from large crowds. I suggest you do all of this to protect yourself (and your unborn baby) and keep your immune system as strong as possible. If I were pregnant again now, I would not go out in public (grocery store, etc.) without wearing a protective mask. Even if you have heard of any cases in your area, I would not go out without a mask just in case. And after your baby is born, be sure to breastfeed for at least one year to give your baby the strongest immune system possible.

Paula M
Hi all...
I was also very terrified, but I found this link. Check it out...http://www.bettyconfidential.com/ar/ld/a/Swine_Flu_and_Pregnancy_Q_A.html
Good luck with your lovely babies !!!

I am 10 weeks pregnant and very worried about this flu...I live in DE in the US and they keep suspecting more and more people to have it...i guess the only thing we can do is wash our hands frequently stay away from really large group activities, do anything to boost out immune systems and pray that this winds up being a temporary thing...The news does make everything seem much worse than it is sometimes...if you dwell on the situation too much your just gonna stress yourself out...anyway have a happy and healthy pregnancy!

Louise J
i am 4 months pregnant and was probably as worried as you when i heard we may have another flu pandemic on our hands so i have read into the symptoms,causes and cures for swine flu and a brief description is that it can be passed from human to human by coughs and sneezes, it is a respiratory disease which origionates from pigs, if there is a pandemic, it is likely to affect 4 in 10 brittons. the uk has enough antiviral drugs to treat 50% of the population, the drug that would be given is known as a class c in pregnancy which means it has been tested either on animals or there is no recorded testing on pregnant women, therefor may not be entirely safe and there is no certainty that foetal safety is secured, however good hygiene avoiding crowded places and being relatively stress free can help to avoid the disease if a pandemic is to occur, my first pregnancy fell during the bird flu period and i have a very healthy daughter despite the scare mongering media filling my head with worries and am remembering that we all survived that! i hope this info helped, and i wish you a safe and happy pregnancy.

I don't know. I tried so long to get pregnant and a week after I find out I am, this flu happens. I am so scared we will both die. Going to the doctor all the time then being in a nasty hospital for the birth is the opposite of what I should be doing. I wish to god this would stop. Read this, it will give you a little information but not really make you feel better. I'm sorry. http://www.birdflumanual.com/articles/ObstetricCareDuringPandemic%20copy.asp

I'm also pregnant and watching the news very carefully at the moment. I also work in a hospital so know I am at a higher risk. This is what I have found out so far... swine flu is likely to cause a pandemic... it should not, however, cause too many deaths in developed countries due to the high standard of treatments available. If/when cases are confirmed in or around your area you may want to avoid crowded places, GP's/hospitals (unless absolutely necessary) , wear a face mask if going into a crowded area (eg on a train). Keep an eye on your health, don't stress (it lowers your immune system) do exercise and eat healthily.
The flu vaccine that will protect you from swine flu will take about 5 months to get. It is safe to take in pregnancy as the vaccine is not live (dead viruses can not infect you or baby and the immune response is also harmless) having the vaccine will also help pretect your child after birth if you breast feed.
If you get flu or suspect you have it don't go immediately to hospital or your GP... phone the advice line or your GP, they have a protocol. The antiviral drugs have only been tested on animals in pregnancy, however tamiflu has not had any negative outcomes... it could be used with caution.
Hope that helps, remember the best thing you can do is be as healthy as possible.
Good luck


Just google the cdc. It has information on there regarding pregnancy and the swine flu. To the person who made the remark about not letting a mexicans slobber all over you....very tasteless. This disease can be spread through a sneeze or a cough. Did you know that a sneeze travels out of your nose at about 100 mph? Also, the water droplets from your sneeze can spread the distance of a football field. Not to mention linger there in the air for quite some time. Have fun in Mexico!

Emma Middleton
I am 10 and a half weeks pregnant and very worried about swine flu. I am monitoring the news constantly praying it does not start to spread in the UK. My main concern is if a vaccination is required what damage that will do for the baby. Currently I am trying not to worry due to stress is also bad for the baby especially in early pregnancy. I dont think the government has much information on what they will do if it spreads - I think we will have to hope and pray; however, on the positive size the cases seem to be declining and the fatal cases are localised to Mexico so far.

Like yourselves, I have some concern regarding the outbreak of swine flu, however I I really don't think that there is any particular cause for concern regarding my health or the health of my unborn child yet. You really need to put things into perspective. There is a population of 70,000,000 people in the U.K and there has been to date, 2 confirmed cases, who have been in isolation.
Happy06... The article you refer to makes several references to the 1918 flu pandemic and the deaths of many pregnant women and their unborn children, that was nearly a hundred years ago, you can't really make a comparison. Medical science has moved on somewhat since then. Currently we have a much bigger chance of contracting another strain of flu which CAN be equally as damaging as swine flu, and I highlight CAN as I am sure many pregnant women have caught flu and they and their babies been fine.
I hope you all have happy healthy pregnancies.

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