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 will the swineflu ever end?
just asking im ...

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 why do you get diarrhea?
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 I was prescribed Tamiflu but now everyone is telling me not to take it - is it safe?
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 Swine flu and pregnancy?
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 How fast is swine flu spreading?
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 Is the Toddler REALLY the first US death due to Swine Flu?
"President Barack Obama mourned the first U.S. death, a Mexican toddler who had traveled with his family to Texas."

Um... doesn't that mean the child was Mexican? So, still.....


 Can you get mono from sharing a bong?
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 Do ice kill germs?

 do i just have a cold or the flu?
i have a very runny nose, and cold. i have a sore throat and cough, headache sometimes my sinuses hurt, aswell as dizzy sometimes....

 how do you know if you have kideny disease?
What are the symptoms?...

 How can I help break my daughter's fever?
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 How can i make my self get a fever or throw up ?
Okay so before you start judging im not trying to lose weight or im not crazy. I juss really cant go to school tomorrow because im supposedly suppose to get Fu**** Up & whatever. My parents wont ...

 in tattooing what do the tear drops under the eye to signify ? also what do spider webs on elbow signify?

Ok, so i had and fever last night and no other symptoms of a cold like stuffy nose or sore throat. But i do have pressure around my eyes. could it be a sinus infection?


 doctor or no doctor?
I am fifteen and I have asthma. I have had flu symptoms since friday night. I'm not in the bathroom all day I only have a fever of 101 what should I do? I stayed home from school today, should ...

Swine Flu Strikes, but is it all a cover up for something dark?
I was thinking of the Swine Flu that has hit, its hit Britain and near about everywhere, but is there a deeper, darker reason for this, maybe a distraction away from the recession or something more evil, maybe its a Hitler LIKE regime, of cover ups for a few deaths, is there something else at work here, or maybe it is just a virus that has spread, or maybe im just being paradnoid, something is not right.

thoughts please


you have one imagination there

I think you're being a bit paranoid, I don't think this is being done just as a cover up for something else or to take people's minds off of the current recession. I guess you can't really be to certain, there are some sick and twisted people in the world, but I don't think this is something that was done on purpose.

While President Obama, of Islamic heritage, is finishing his first 100 days; Swine Flu, which is ominously named, appears??? I am not paranoid. It is just that the synchronization of these events is eerie.

You are not the only one with a gut feeling right now. Let's just remain skeptical and alert.

Whoa, go easy on the paranoia there man!!

Emelie M
there have been cases out since 1979 its nothing new. keep your hands washed thought the day eat healthy. keep bleach and disinfect everything that everyone would touch. the news media hasnt had a big break just yet so they wanna make sumthing up that is so stupid to be paranoide about. people have died beacuse of the shot itself people need to chill and whatnot

Tej «3
Haha i like ur idea. To be fair maybe the government had to show that they are good at doing somthing. So they prepared for a swine disease outbrake....then dilibratly made a replica of the virus....gave it to someone in mexico...they become the heros and we fall for it like the muppets we are....=]

EDIT: Wow my first thumbs down! People can't take a joke theese days...

No, you're just being paranoid.

i think there's something that we are not being told. At first i thought nothing of it (there was a sickness going around and to be careful) but the more i think about it, i cannot understand how all of Fort Worth Texas' schools can be shut down until May 8th with a days notice? Somethings not right. I'm usually not the paranoid type, but this has got me really thinking......

no, it's not even really a big deal , like how the media is making it to be, when or if it does, it will be seen as yesterday's news

I think the end of the world is comming thats why the disease is here and the economy crisis yeah thats kinda what i think

There's more to it. Some sources say it could have been engineered in a lab or that it comes from the bird flu but it was altered in a lab and then thrown out into the public. It can't just all of a sudden come out of nowhere. When we look at history, these things happen during very important times or when the president or the government is pushing some sort of law. Nobody is aware of it because everyone is afraid to die.

I am probably as paranoid as you but i'm thinking this as well. It's far too much of a massive all-at-once press coverage. I'm just wondering what the cover up is. What story are they trying to drown out and divert attention from...hmm. Oh well. Never know

Jesus Zamora
:) is right the end of the world is coming.

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