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 How could I get sick?!?
Ok well I'l 15 right now^^. I want to get sick by tmr or sunday. If you think it's because of school, it's not lol. I want to get sick because the last time I was sick was like... last ...

 Urinary Track Infection. I'm going crazy. help?
Ok so....right when I got to work today, at like 5p.m I went to the bathroom and i had a UTI. It's the worst I've had so far. I'm actually bleeding.
I've been drinking water ...

 i have a chip stuck in my throat what should i do?
i have drank water and ate bread also ate big ...

 How come theres no more Swine Flu in the news?

 does everyone carry the cold sore virus?

 How many of you are scared to get the swine flu?
Serious question so no smart or rude remarks!! =] thanks!...

 If swine flu isn't as bad,,why is everyone so concerned like there are scanners in the airport!!!!!?

im really freaked out cuz they were saying that the swine flu is in the bay area now, and i live in the bay area!! if u dont know where the bay area is its in california near the coast.
should i ...

 Should I take the Swine Flu Vaccine?
I'm really scared about the swine flu vaccine. I'm also not very sure I should take it. My mom got a piece of paper indicating about the Swine Flu Vaccine and it was said I should go to ...

 Very sick.. Please what are my symptoms showing?
Im sooo cold, im shivering but I have a fever of 101. I have a very soar throat, and bad cough. My chest is killing me from choughing so much. I ache so badly ever where and me head hurts very badly. ...

 i think i have the swine flu i got back from mexico a couple of days ago, am i going to die :( ?

 Did I get Swine Flu While I was in Washington, DC?!?!?!?
I just came back from my trip to Washington DC and unfortunately my friends and I had to walk in the rain without any warm jackets. The next day I got a runny nose and a slight cough/sore throat. I ...

 I'm so sick what is wrong with me?
I have a fever,headache, bodyaches,runny nose, cough, my throat feels bruised, having hard time talking,vomiting bile and have diahrrea....

 what do u think of swine flu ?
and did u know that in Ireland they plan to vaccinate every one by Autumn ?...

 can anything stop you getting the flu bug,thats going around?
especially when you have been around people that have it....

 Do anyone know if you can get hiv through saliva?
can you get hiv from smoking (cigarettes) after someone?...

 Other than, HIV,hep b, & hep c what othe illnesses caan be caused through drug abuse?

do you think that there will be loads of deaths?
what do you think?...

 what are the symptoms of swine flu?

 Ok, now that it's that time of year.... Why do we get sick more easily in the winter?
I know that one reason is because we're inside more, and therefore around people more so some diseases spread more easily. However, it seems being out in the cold leads to me being sick as well....

Swine Flu Shot?!??!?!?
So, are u getting it? What are the risks? What's with that nose thing that replaces a shot? Why can people under 18 take the real shots? Will I get sick after? Should you do it yourself or go to a doctor? ( Sorry there's a lot of questions, u don't have to answer all of them) -thanks

[email protected]%$ those shots, this flu is fake

LISTEN TO THIS..............


AND THIS HAS HAPPENED BEFORE....................AFTER LIKE 4 YEARS OR SOMETHING LIKE THAT THERE IS GONNA BE A REACTION AND THERE GONNA SAY ..............''OH IM SO SORRY WE DIDNT KNOW THE SWINE FLU SHOT WAS BAD''..............................''not ecxacly this has happened but it has with other stuff''


''IM NOT''


DONT GET IT...it has mercury(that is poisonous)The nose thing is a nasal spray that has the vaccine. People under 18 are more prone to infection area site, allergic reaction, it is easier. Some poeple have gotten sick over the regular flu shot some have gotten permanent brain damage(but i dont know about this one) Dont do it urself or with a doctor. DONT DO IT! WASH UR HANDS FREQUENTLY, EAT HEALTHY WITH PLENTY OF VITAMIS AND ANTIOXIDANTS,DONT BE AROUND TOO MUCH PEOPLE IF U CAN HELP IT.

McDonalds Girl
All I know is that I dont trust it

John R
I am not a doctor, so I can't give medical advice, but I can give you my opinion. I would never get a vaccine and I am not letting my children get the vaccines.

If you do searches on the net you will find that vaccines are not what they are touted to be.

The vaccines that are being pushed onto the general public have Thimerosal and Squalene.
Thimerosal is mercury and it is extremely hazardous to people. Squalene has been known to cause rheumatoid arthritis in all lab rats it has been injected into.

In 1976 there was a swine flu "outbreak". I was in high school at the time. There was one confirmed death from the swine flu. A vaccine was mixed up and given out. Three people died after getting vaccinated and over 500 got Gillain-Barre Syndrome which paralyzed them.

I know of three people that have gotten the recent swine flu shot and one of them now has swine flu.

The other things you can do to boost your immune system:
1. Use honey instead of sugar in coffee and tea. Honey is a natural anti-biotic and will boost your immune system.
2. Supplement with vitamins. Besides a good multivitamin makes sure you are taking extra B complex, C and D in the winter time.
3. The most important thing you can do is do not touch your nose or eyes when you are out in public. Almost all infections get into our bodies through our nose or eyes. Keep your hands off of your face when in public or wash your hands before you touch your face.
4. Get plenty of sleep. Loss of sleep causes your immune system to drop. You need at least 7.5 hours of sleep a night.

So, should you get the Swine Flu vaccine? NO.

here to help :)
im not taking it. ill take the chances with the flu. They came up with the shot in just a week.They never tested it for poison or never hired a physician to go over the chemicals in it so they no for sure a human body will have no reactionn to it.

Lilly T
I'm not getting it... i find there is a risk of being more sick. If you take it go to a doctor. just eat healthy, exercise, stay away from sick people, ect.

don't shop...ADOPT
i already got it like 2 weeks ago i am fine..anyway don't get then nasal thing it has alive things of the virus the vaccine it's so much better and safer and it doesn't hurt

I got the vaccine last week, had absolutely no side effects, everyone reacts differently.
Yes the vaccine is 100% safe or it would not be administered.
Do not administer the drug yourself! Go to a doctor or a clinic.
The vaccine cannot give you the virus as it contains only dead specimens of the virus.

blackbird _fly
The nasal mist is a live virus, the shot is better and less risky.
You can't "do it yourself," you have to go get it done somewhere.
People under 18 can take the shots because their more susceptible to the virus.

No, I'm not getting either.
That's not to say that it doesn't work. But I've never gotten a flu shot and I've never gotten the flu. I feel that vaccinations weaken the immune system.

How is the vaccine administered?
The vaccine comes in two forms: nasal mist and injection. Nasal mist is reserved for healthy individuals between the ages of 2 and 49; it is not recommended for pregnant women or anyone diagnosed with a chronic health condition. Injections come in two forms – single-dose preloaded syringes and multidose vials – and can be given to anyone. Due to its popularity among children and their parents, the department plans to administer the bulk of nasal mist to healthy children during its school-based clinics.

gσσ∂вує ѕυммє?
1) I got both the flu and swine flu vaccination in one sitting on Wednesday morning

2) I have never heard that people under 18 couldn't get the shot O_o I'm 13 and my mom check the box for the shot, not the mist

3) Naw just common side effects

4) Go to a doctor, you really know how to vaccinate yourself?

Get the shot. The flu can KILL YOU, especially if you are under 18.

You won't get sick after, but your arm can be sore for a day or two.

Don't fall for the myths.

Mercury: There's more mercury in a tunafish sandwich than in a dose of flu vaccine. And there's only mercury in the multi-dose vials, not single-dose ones.

Vaccines weaken you: There’s no science behind it. Millions of vaccines administered every year, and a handful of allergic reactions do happen. But severe cases are so rare that the CDC cannot calculate a statistical risk for the population.

Scientists are divided about the safety of vaccines: By any measure of scientific consensus, there is total agreement: Vaccines are safe, effective, and necessary.

Low risk: H1N1 is widespread in all states in US except Hawaii, Nebraska, and Texas, where it's regional. There's over 40,000 confirmed cases.

John Accardi
There really aren't any significant risks. It's a good idea to get the shot. There's literally a 1/1,000,000 chance something goes seriously wrong. You run a greater risk by not getting the shot, since you could catch a serious case of the swine flu.

The nasal spray is a live version of the virus and the shot is a dead version.

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