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Swine Flu Over-Exaggerated?
I know that Swine Flu is a Deadly Pandemic, but is it being that deadly??? I head from several doctors, that if you stay home, proper otc medications, and proper car can not kill it, but help lessen the strength the Swine Flu. Hospitals are receiving more people that just have regular flu, but is this something that we should stay in out homes for awhile?

12000 people die from the regular flu every year. Only about 200 people (mostly in Mexico mind you) have died so far.

I personally think it is overexerted.

it's not a pandemic. and not all pandemics are deadly.
it's also said that the swine flu is pretty much like the seasonal flu (about 36,000 people die from the seasonal flu every flu season, but you don't see people freaking out about that). and you should take the same precautions you take against the seasonal flu because they are spread the same way.

keep in mind that most cases of the swine flu have been mild and most people have recovered without hospitalization.

okayy. first 36,000 people die of the flu every year. its not anything diff. it is juss they juss dont have a vaccine yet.

yes the chance of dying of the flu in a developed country are low,
heres more info

You're right: panic and hype have far worse than the actual disease, just now. By the time the virus mutates and re-emerges in the regular flu season (and may have mutated to a more severe threat), there's a reasonable chance that there will be a vaccine developed that will kick its teeth out. Regular flu shots do not help for this disease (that we know of); careful hygiene is the best preventative. Casual contacts (crowds, handshakes, etc.) have NOT been shown to be a large factor in the spread of this particular flu, but avoiding those settings is part of the "abundance of caution" that is being advised. I'm certainly not staying home, but I'm not going to horse races on the Mexican border, either (I live in Tucson, AZ).

Regular seasonal flu has killed 13,000 people in the US since January this year. There has been 1 death in the US due to this new flu, of a baby exposed to the virus in Mexico (didn't "catch it" in US).

H1N1 Influenza, the new name for swine flu, has killed 11 people on a planet with BILLIONS of people. There are 160 confirmed cases in the US, with a population of over 300,000,000.

If you think you have the flu (ANY flu), stay home, drink fluids and rest. See your MD if you have symptoms that seem to require treatment, and stay informed, in case the virus mutates and the disease symptoms intensify. Right now, that potential is the real concern--the rest is hype and borderline panic.

Nene C
alot of confusion right now. know one knows what is going on. the president doesnt seem too worried. so i wouldnt panic

I live in Zacatecas Mexico, and i have to say Mexico has not seen a such a number die and become hospitalized in such a short period of two weeks for a really long time.

It could be dangerous for some, but the majority can recover swiftly if treated. Until we have a vaccine, and extra drugs available we will walk in fear.

We are not immune to this strain, so we all could cough it, it depends on our bodies defenses and medial supply availability. IN some counties the medical supply is not available in all areas, or is running shorts, so some country should take this seriously. But if you live in the US, you should be well taken care of if sickened by this.

It is controlled well at this time, we will not see another epidemic like in 1918. It is just in the cities mostly. The majority in Mexico city. All cities could be like this, but if pinpointed quickly it can be controlled.

Right now i have two little girls that are sick, but i know it is just the regular flu, because they have no fever. The regular flu is going around my town, making every one panic. The swine flu has more intense symptoms that could have to in the hospital in less then a week. And for some, death in a short time.

i wasw told the regular flu is more deadly. but there has just been an out break of the swine flu. seems like we have a random strand of the flu run wild for about 3 months every 3 years or so. remember the bird flu and SARS from a few years ago

Yorkie Kisses
at this point you have a better chance of dieing from the regular flu so wash your hands often and stay away from sick people.

I think they were just playing it safe. But have you heard today that now they're saying swine flue is not as widespread as they thought.

Sooooooo over exaggerated! But it does make for really funny questions on here, some people are so misinformed and paranoid! I can't believe someone asked if they should be worried about swine flu because their child sneezed off an on for an hour, this stuff is gold!

its sooo over-exagerated!

i read that just about all the people in the US are either close to being fully recovered or are ALREADY better!

people are dumb.
but the medicine companies are making bank..

Z: The Old Bigot
ha, swine flu is just the media trying to sell, and it is working good, you see EVERYONE on Yahoo!Answers is asking "OMG DO I HAVE SWINE FLU?" and crap like that. It sells it's in the papers.

swine flu is definetely over-exaggerated

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