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Jamie S
Swine Flu - Could I POSSIBLY have it?
high fever - got
body aches - not got
headache - got
coughing - got
sore throat - got
fatigue - 50/50*
chills - not got
diarrhoea - got

The above is all of the symptoms I saw on BBC News with my answers. Do you think I could POSSIBLY have the Swine Flu?

If I have my temperature (which was 38 C this evening) tomorrow morning I wont be going to school. Is Swine Flu any sort of possibility? These symptoms have been with me since Sunday.

I'm from London, UK, if that makes any difference.


converse ‚ô•
yes its definately possible
but go to the doc ASAP to get your treatments and to find out if you have the swine flu!

Queen E
Well you do show some symptoms, if you're really worried call a doctor or head to your local hospital. The UK has been hit with this flu, or so I've heard.. but don't panic, seasonal allergies/flu and colds have been going around as well, so don't be fearful and just hope for the best. Positivity is the key to all success.

Janet W
are you a male? if so then yes...definitely if youre a female then its a cold.

Sounds like a regular virus, but theres no way to be sure. Go to a clinic or whatever you have in the UK for quick service and get your throat swabbed. In a couple minutes, they will know if its flu.

Jamie... You dont have the swine flu. Hey tust me.. But i can telya kno lot who you fink have, as from symtoms.
Swine flu.. Its a anotha label that reads "handle wit care".
Am not in london..UK.

i have some of those symptoms too. i have everything except headache, coughing, sore throat, and fatigue.

i took two tylenol though and feel better!

OMG what are you a hypercondriact (i think i spelt it right) did you worry when bird flu was about aswell if your that worrid see your gp

Well, i don't think so...
As Body Aches is the main symptom, and all the rest are ones that only a FEW of the people had, you probably don't. Just to be safe, go get your throat swabbed. We certainly don't want it to manifest in London too...

I had similar symptoms but I went to the doctor. He prescribed some regular meds and I'm doing a lot better today. Still icky but nonetheless better. I'd say go to the doc just in case, but I doubt you have it.

PS don't go to school while you're sick.

Yasmine 15
The syptoms are almost EXACTLY the same as regular flu ! The only difference is that , if you have swine flu , then your syptoms will get worse rather than better within 24hrs!

L.Randy<3's her Pony!
I have all of the symptoms except diarehea. I've been sneezing so bad its ridiculous. I hope I don't have it because my niece and 5yr old nephew live with us and I wouldn't want them getting sick. I live in california but about 6 hours away from the cities that have it.

If you've been to Mexico within the last few days, then yes. If not, then no.

Stay home, drink plenty of fluids and call your doctor just in case.

dont take the chance, call your doctor and tell her your symptoms, she'll know best, if it sounds close she'll take a test from the back of your throat or the inside of your nose. try not to go out or to work or school, be careful about sneezing, coughing etc. we all need to work together to keep this under control. and don't freak out if you think you might have it, it's just like the normal flu, and most people just recover from it like they would with the normal flu. the sooner you find out the sooner you can get better.
if we can all be super careful about spreading our sickness, then we can maybe keep it under control. no one should be at work or school if they have a fever.
feel better :)

The advice in the UK is to phone NHS Direct(0845 46 47)if you suspect swine flu. They will question you about your recent travel & contacts to assess your risk. If swine flu is suspected, they will ensure you get appropriate treatment, this would include Tamiflu tablets. At this point in time, your risk is small as long as you haven't just returned from Mexico.

French Fries with mayonnaise
Go and see a doctor!!!

Stay off school 'till you feel better. See a doctor if you still feel unwell after a few days. I'm confident you don't have swine flu, so stop worrying.

Omg chill out. People are worrying about this bloody pig thing way 2 much. Its so annoying.

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