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Sore throat after vomiting?
I vomited all day yesterday. At first I thought it was a hangover because I had done a bit of drinking the night before, but it felt different and lasted way too long. (Almost all day) I also ate some oysters the night before so it could of been food poisoning or a bug of some sort. My throat hurt pretty bad afterwards but I figured it was because I had thrown up so much. I just woke up from sleeping and now my throat hurts even worse and is pretty red. What could this be? (Vomiting has stopped and I feel much better in that aspect)

it "might" be the swine flu but i said "might" dont think anything now

The hydrochloric acid in you rstomach is quite strong. When you throw up this can make the throat sore. If you throw up drink straight after to stop burning.

You got food poisoning for sure...It's normal to have a sore red throat after throwing up...In a few days your ribs and back will also hurt from throwing up...I've had a few bouts of food poisoning and know the side affects..

I'm no doctor but from what you've said, it sounds as though your throat is sore from all that vomiting & the acidity that was in your stomach. You may have picked up a bug. (seasonal flu) In order to soothe your throat, you can do a couple of things. Buy a bag of Natural Zinc throat lozenges & take as directed. You can also drink "warm" tea often with honey & lemon in it. My mom used to make the tea for me when I was a little girl & had a sore throat. It does soothe the throat nicely. Try the tea & give it a chance to work. In a day or two, if your throat doesn't feel better, then maybe you should see a doctor. Don't gargle with salt water, as it will burn your throat! The object now, is to soothe your throat so as to heal it. Stay away from eating spicy, salty, foods for a while so your throat can heal. Eat a diet of soft foods, so as not to irritate your throat any further. When you can get to a store, try the Natural Zinc throat lozenges, as they will cure the sore throat. They do help! If you'd have had food poisoning, you'd have had diarrhea, severe stomach pains, & vomiting. I had food poisoning once, & was hospitalized for two days. Trust me, I know what I'm talking about. Feel better soon! :)

Thy D
Your sore throat is from the stomach acid that filled your throat as you were throwing up.

Drink water and you should be fine.

If it continues try to gargle warm salt water, this will kill all the bacteria in your throat!


I dont know, you may have a viral throat infection as well. or maybe ur throat is really irritated due to all of the vomiting. drink plenty of water, and rest.

it's normal.

Jhonny F
well when you vomit there is stomach acid and when you vomit it all goes ing your throut and as it may have gone away for a while you throut is still chemicaly burn and the next day it will hurt like a mofo

Donovan Mathers
Likely from the high concentration of acids in your stomach at the time. Alcohol depletes the lining of your throat, and thus makes it easier to bruise when something acts on it. In this case, the acid in your vomit pushed it over the edge.

You'll be fine. Just don't do anything stupid and drink plenty of (non-alcoholic) liquids.

flower over pain
the sore throat is probably from the continuous vomiting. you probably had food poisoning from the oysters. and with the combination of alcohol.....just drink plenty of fluids and if you get really worried go see a doctor. get better! :)

maybe your stomach acid hurt your throat, just rest for some weeks, avoid alcohol and any other food/drink that may damage your throat. If the damage persists, go visit a doctor immediately.

If you were really vomiting all day, then I would imagine your throat would be sore for awhile. Puking is a really violent process. I would say drink plenty of fluids, and give it another day or so.

Influenza sometimes has sore throat with vomiting and possible fever

it's jax.
The redness is probably from the acid that comes up when you vommit. I think you probably had food poisoning as you said hang overs usually dont include vomitting all day unless you drank heavily. I highly doubt swine flu. HIGHLY. Regular flu maybe. I would go to the doctor and just get checked out. =]

sera p
Sounds like the alcohol and oysters......it was a combo....hope you feel bettter....

Stomach acid caught in your throat; worst part about throwing up imo.

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