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Should you stay home from work if you have a cold?

Jessica W
Duh! or unless your job has no other people there.

[email protected]

David P
That depends completely on your position and how bad you feel. In my position, I do not miss work unless I'm in the hospital, but If I worked at the local deli and was going to spread germs to all my co-workers and customers all day, maybe I'd stay home.

Depend on how bad it is, if you are constantly sneezing or vommiting or even coughing stay away from work so u dont spread it

no go make your money but please cover your mouth thanks

Cabana C

If you can make it through the day without passing out, vomitting or uncontrollable diarrhea, go. Save your sick days for a longer vacation!

Definitely, if not you're spreading your germs to other people who may then get sick and spread them to their families and friends.

In the day it used to be a badge of honour , more like workaholism, to come to work even if you were ill.

We know better now. There are public health announcements trying to re-educate people to stay home and keep their kids home when they're ill.

And make sure you wash your hands thoroughly when you have a cold with hot water and soap. You don't necessarily need that antibacterial stuff.

And when you sneeze , sneeze into your elbow or at least a disposal kleenex and throw it away once you 've sneezed into it.

no, everyone gets colds .... something like that is minor just make sure to wash ur hands a lot so u dont spread it to others

yes cuz u can get the other people at work if it's contagious n u need to rest to get better for a good performance at work.Hope u get better soon.

If you can afford to stay home, stay home. If not take some dayquil and hit the road

if you are supposed to work in a sanitary enviroment...ya

That_ blue_ eyed_ Irish_ lass
It would be a nice gesture to make for your co-workers!


They just sent a report stating that it cost Billions of dollars for companies that have employees go to work sick....it gets others sick, and so forth. STAY HOME!!

Depends on how bad it is. If you can barely breathe and are coughing all the time, YES.

However if you just got the sniffles, go to work and cover up your coughing so others don't get it from you.

An interesting point to this is that to cover up your cough, you should use your forearm. If you use your hands, anything you touch is contaminated.

No way. I dont think a cold is reason enough to miss work or school. If u are worried about spreading your cold in the office, I am sorry, they will still get it from somewhere else anyway.

yes because you never know if it will turn into something worse and infect everybody else.
You should also keep your children home because you never know when one of the other kids might be immnosuppressed and their cold might actually cause another to be put in the hospital.

Colds are most contagious during the first 2 to 4 days after symptoms appear. So if you are within those days or you are feeling ill to the point that you cannot do your job then you should stay home.

If it is just a mild cold, no. If you are running fever, even a low grade fever, yes.

If you stay home you will recover in a day or two whereas if you go to work it will likely get worse with air-con and you'll end up in a doctors office and needing antibiotics and a week off work... so I suppose do you want a few days off work or a whole week???

This is debatable, believe it or not. If you have a "weather" cold caused by the season and you feel you can do the job, I would suggest you go to work and see how you feel because that sort of cold is everywhere anyway. Even George Bush must get them. However, if you suspect it to be influenza, no way. It is advisable not to attend work and share it with your colleagues as this is a virus. A cold is actually good once in a while because it builds up an immunity.However, as my friend just informed me, "If you loathe your colleagues, share it." Bit over the top I think.

Denise S
Yes, but I don't because I have a temporary job, meaning if I miss one day, I no longer have a job.

well, it really depends on how sick you are. if you're feeling really weak and shouldn't go into work, then you should lay down and get a lot of rest, and also, drink a lot of orange juice, it makes you feel better and helps you get better.

That's a "Catch 22" really. They say you should so you don't infect anyone else in the office or work environment. But then penalize you for missing work. So, it's a personal choice based on your employer. For example, my husband's place of employment takes points away for missing work, being tardy, etc., because they are an "At Will Policy Company". And it doesn't matter the reason you need to take time off, you still get points taken away. You get so many in one year and you get fired.

Holiday Magic
If a fever, heavy coughing and sneezing, etc. are involved--most places of business (and schools, for that matter) would rather have you take care of yourself at home--and not spread it to more workers/students.


See this recent news story about the losses companies suffer due to employees coming to work sick.


Get well soon!

Yes you should. But if your boss can't run the business without you, take precautions to prevent sharing your cold:
- Control your symptoms. Use medicines to dry a runny nose, stop coughing, etc. There are lots of effective meds available.
- Carry sanitizing gel with you everywhere. Use it on your hands especially.
- Cover coughs and sneezes with Kleenex (carry a box of that around with you) and throw away the Kleenex immediately. (Immediately dispose of Kleenex after blowing your nose too.) If you have to carry around a plastic bag for that purpose, do so. Follow up with sanitizing gel on your hands.

If you can I would do it because you're going to spread it all over the place.

Generally, if you are contagious, the answer is yes. After the initial body ache/sore throat stage has gone away, you are no longer contagious.

yes if it is more than the sniffles

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