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 Do I have the swine flu? My head is hurting help!?
A few hours ago my head was hurting. Also, little brother has an ear infection could i catch the germs from the infection?

I'm in panic mode right now, like FREAKING OUT. I dont ...

 my 12 year old has a sore swollen throat and a low grade fever 100.8. Any home remedies? ?
Her doctor is usually open on Saturdays but not today. I want to avoid the emergency room. Thanks!...

 Isn't it an interesting coincidence that Lou Gherig had Lou Gherig's disease?

 Will you have the swine flu vaccine?

 does it mean u have swine flu if u have like 1 symptom?
i'm feeling tired and dizzy these days but i don't go out much, i don't have contact with pigs or something like that, i don't have the other symptoms (fever, diarrhea, vomiting, ...

 My girlfriend had chicken pox years ago, now i have it, is she completely immune to the virus?
Ive been vaccinated for Chickenpox when i was over 6-8 years old. Im 18 now and apparently i was diagnosed with a light case of chickenpox.
My question is, my girlfriend contracted chickenpox ...

 Is Swine Flu Still Something To Be Really Worried About? Or Has It Passed? I am Still A Little Scared!!!?

 How can i actually get sick fast and skip school excused?
How can i get sick enough for a doctor to write me an excused note to the school?...

 Question about The Swine Flu Virus...?
So I went to San Antonio (The River Walk)
on Saturday, I didn't know about the Flu. Do I Have it?

I mean i have allergys now and i DID Have Sore Throat but it was over on friday. ...

 Does anyone know any cool diseases with interesting symptoms?
We have to do a project about a disease and we want to pick a disease that is really rare that no one knows and has weird symtoms and cures....

 In my son's school if you break a rule you are often made to pick chewing gum off tables!!?
The problem I have with this is surely chewing gum contains saliva which in turn "can" contain diseases such as:

Types of Diseases contagious from saliva
Types list:

 Swine Flu Are You Worried?
Well its all over the news and i think everyone knows bout it but what actually is it and should people in the uk be very worried?????
i am worried at the moment but should i be? what do you ...

 What's the best way to control the spread of influenza?
Read more:

Flu vaccination rates rise but still fall short of targets: reports

Flu shots reduce ...

 How fatal is Swine Flu!!!!?
i'm preeetttty scared.. i live on a tiny island, so basically if it gets here it will spread so so fast .. :( how fatal is it?...

 Can swine flu be passed through computers?

 Are cold sores easily spread?
I have a boy friend who i kissed who had a cold sore.it wasn't big or pussing but i kissed him.the kiss was not long and he came back for a 2nd one that was faster than the first....can i get a ...

 Swine Flu - Could I POSSIBLY have it?
high fever - got
body aches - not got
headache - got
coughing - got
sore throat - got
fatigue - 50/50*
chills - not got
diarrhoea - got

The above is all ...

 Do I have Parkensins disease?
here and there I think I have a new sickness. Lately I been thinking I have a brain problem.

I twitch in my fingers and toes and I have muscle tension.

But then all these can ...

 Swine Flu +mexicans= im scared?
ok heres the deal....
i go to a school where its population is like 90% mexican....
first of all, what exactly is the swine flu?
and im terrified of getting it...
what are all ...

 Are we all going to die from the swine flu?
There are 17 more cases today than there was this morning in the US, I live in upstate NY and i'm scared... is this going to be as bad as the Black Plague?...

Should I get the flu shot?
I'm debating if I should get the flu shot this year. I'm 13 and a girl if that's relevant. I don't really like needles and I'm a big baby and start crying when I have to get one. Still, I would knowingly torture myself to get a needed shot. I've gotten sick this year a few times and I get sick all the time so I think it might be good for me but I'm open to opinions if I should or should not get the flu shot. My mother says I don't really need one but if I want one she'll take me to get it. (I have all my needed and recommended shots except Gardisil.(My doctor, my mom, and I think it's a bad idea and not needed.) ) Right now I'm probably not going to get the shot until I hear more good outweighing the bad about getting the flu shot. Thanks!

P.S. I hate getting sick and I'd rather be in accidental pain than be in accidental sickness.

Captainsoy .
dont need it many get sick from the shot itself.

NO, all vaccines are dangerous and needless. You are better off getting sick naturally and fighting it with your immune system. If you don't like being in accidental sickness then definitely don't get it, because it can actually give you the flu.

you dont need the shot, why get any unneeded medicines in your body that you dont need...

Well, if your afraid of needles then don't get a flu shot. I never got a flue shot and I turned out fine!

No, my mother is a chiropractor and I have never gotten a shot in my life and I am almost never sick. Google chiropractors against vaccinations.

the flu shot is the actual virus so that your immunes build up a defense for it...but it only protects you from those specific flus so its up to you.....i have never gotten one but then again i rarely get sick..its up tp you..

Yes, of course you should get a flu shot. Everyone should get a flu shot unless they are allergic to something in the shot, or their doctor advises them to not get the shot due to an unusual medical condition. BTW, you can not get the flu from the flu shot.

Derick Graham

Peter R
Just my opinion but no.

First I am just dubious about the efficacy of projecting which flu strains are going to be going around this winter.

Mainly though it is indicated if you are in a vulnerable group like the elderly or sick or if you work with them (eg healthcare).

Healthy Teenaged girls are not the target demographic

InuYasha'a girl
dont get it it gives u the virus and it might get worse depeding on your imune system.

--InuYasha's girl

Helen Scott
I don't think it's really necessary. Flu shots are more for people who are directly exposed to the flu, or people who could be put into a serious health crisis if they get the flu (like young children and the elderly). Besides, it seems like they're only right in predicting the flu strain about half the time...so you could end up getting the shot,. and getting a different strain of the flu.

I wouldn't get the shot....but it's up to you. :)


dont get it.

you'll go to purgatory faster.

Future Emirates Commercial pilot


yes and no you dont need it But i would...

Paige S
unless your an infant or elderlery (or if you have a auto immune disorder) you don't need one

i hate needles too and i havent had one in years and personally im fine

Craig H
Sure if you don't wanna get sick but at your age you would bounce back faster them most people with the flu if you didnt get it but I would get it to help stop you from getting sick

P.S you dont get th flu from the shot only if you have the beginning or was around some one or some thing to get the flu before you get the shot the shot is actually the dead virus from what I hear


Its your decision, however, the flu shot can help prevent the flu. Don't get the shot when you are sick because the shot could make you more sick.

Usually, if you get the flu shot, even if you end up getting the flu, it won't be as severe or bad as it would be had you not gotten the shot.

Good luck!


It's up to you, but every year i SKIP the flu shot, and every year I don't get the flu. I have known many people who get the shot and then become sick, and many who do not.

It's a chance you have to take I guess, and there is not any evidence that if you get a flu shot that you are guaranteed to NOT get the flu, since there are so many types of viruses floating around.

It's up to you, I don't bother with it.

yes get a flu shot wait doees ur parents know though? just kidding yes it will be better than not sick

Sure. Your parents and doctor should decide for it.

I get this sick feeling and dizziness when I get shots. I felt my whole body sweat and had a feeling of vomiting.

Ben S
flu shots are good for you and are good to get. with that said, i never get one because i just don't get around to it. i don't get sick much, but everything i've read says they are good to get.


Ask your family doctor.

They have a nasal spray they use for pediatric. You may want to check to see if you are a candidate.

flu is not really that bad unless you have things like copd and asthma. Still a good idea to get it cause it gives your immune system a boost.

The benefits outweigh the detriments.

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